The Reason Quality Time Is Essential In Budding Relationships (Even If It's Only A Few Minutes)

Dating can sometimes be complicated, especially if you have other obligations. It might be challenging to prioritize your relationship when your schedule is bursting at the seams. But what if we told you that the secret to a better and happier relationship was as simple as adding just a few minutes of quality time to your hectic schedule? Enter the micro-date. Micro-dates are quick and easy ways to spend quality time with your partner that may make all the difference in the world for your growing romance.


In this article, we'll discuss why new couples must fit in frequent 10-minute micro-dates — busy schedules or not. Incorporating micro-dates into your routine will help you build a deeper and healthier relationship with your partner, whether you're just starting a relationship or have been together for years. Time spent together is important, so grab your calendar and mark some special dates. It's time to make time!

Nurtures the connection in your relationship

Micro-dates are only 10 or 15 minutes. But how might these mini-dates strengthen your bond? For starters, they allow you to touch base with each other. You've probably reached this point at least once, perhaps due to long days at the office or school or a general lack of communication, where you're out of the loop. A micro-date might be helpful to get on the same page and feel more connected.


Moreover, they can subtly develop trust and closeness. Your partner will know they are important to you if you make time for them, even if it's just a few minutes. According to relationship expert Louise Rumball, "It's a sure fire way to feel connected, cared for and tuned in with the one you love, no matter the distance or number of notifications on your phone," via Glamour. Micro-dates provide a chance to enjoy some lighthearted fun. They may be a fun way to spend time with someone, whether that time is spent playing a game, going for a stroll, or simply chatting over coffee.

Showing you care with micro-dates

Affection is a huge part of happy and healthy relationships, but squeezing in that extra activity may be challenging when you have a full agenda. One approach is to make preparations in advance. Consider what your partner might want to do, and then surprise them with a mini-date. This might be as simple as heading to your local food truck or listening to a couple of songs together. No matter what you decide to do, the fact that you gave them some consideration and made preparations will demonstrate your affection.


A few minutes of quality time is also a fun way to show your partner how much you care about what they are up to. Ask about their week or their weekend plans. Don't pretend to be interested in what they're saying — listen actively. And if you can squeeze a quick date into their plans, it'll be a pleasant surprise. Micro-dates can also be a means to express physical love for each other. When time is short, but you still want to show your significant other how much they mean to you, all it takes is a quick embrace, kiss, or hand-holding. By taking these steps, you will naturally build a stronger, more loving connection with your partner.

The excitement of anticipation

Looking forward to what the future holds and the enthusiasm that comes with it is such a beautiful thing in budding relationships. Even if your micro-dates only last a few minutes, they can increase excitement levels. In fact, if you are creative enough, micro dates can improve how you romance your partner. You can build up your date's enthusiasm by scheduling many short outings in advance. Let's say you want to have a romantic anniversary celebration — you can go on a couple of micro-dates retracing memorable events and places in your relationship. It's bound to take you both on a trip down memory lane.


Another version of this is using mini-dates to plan the actual dates together. You might take a short stroll to talk about your forthcoming trip or use your micro-date to plot out a great date night for later on. Planning future events with the use of micro-dates builds anticipation, too. If you fall into a rut, consider organizing a spontaneous micro-date. It might be anything from exploring a new eatery to popping into a yoga studio for a brief session. Both you and your lover can benefit from the anticipation and thrill of this dating technique.

You learn how to embrace flexibility

At the beginning of any relationship, when schedules and priorities are still being established, flexibility is as important as affection. Including micro-dates into your routine will help you with this, and you can modify them to fit into your day, whether a walk during lunch or a smoothie after a workout. Micro-dating ensures that you and your partner maintain your connection and interest in one another despite life's inevitable interruptions.


Micro-dating requires you to be adaptable, too, and one way to do that is to have a few strategies under your sleeve for when you find yourself with some spare time. Perhaps you and your date want to do something cultural, like visit a museum or art gallery, have a picnic or go for a short trek in a nearby nature preserve. A small arsenal of tried-and-true micro-date ideas will allow you to adjust to new circumstances and time constraints quickly.

You can maintain your adaptability in micro-dating by being willing to try new things. If you typically meet for coffee, go to a teahouse instead. Perhaps you normally like a stroll in the park; switch up the vibe with bike riding. By being receptive to new ideas, you may spice up your relationship and your micro-dating routine.


Helps boost intimacy

If you think a micro-date is not enough time to boost intimacy, you'll be pleased to hear that it's not necessarily true. Intimacy can be as simple as holding hands, exchanging brief hugs or kisses, or touching each other on the arm while talking. Don't underestimate the impact of a brief, thoughtful touch on your micro-date. Kinsey Institute Research shows that couples with more physical contact are generally happier and more satisfied.


It's not all about physical touch, though. What about verbal displays of affection? Spend some time expressing your feelings for your significant other, whether you're thankful to have them in your life, that you find them beautiful, or some combination of the two. The use of shared experiences is another way to increase closeness on micro-dates. Sharing experiences, like trying a new restaurant, visiting a new section of town, or even just spending a few minutes dancing, can bring people closer together. 

Improves communication in the relationship

Micro-dates are a fun and easy method to strengthen communication in an early relationship, an essential ingredient for any lasting bond. Interestingly, they can be used to develop active listening skills. Listen to your companion without interrupting or formulating a response while they speak — take turns talking. Showing your partner that you value their opinions and emotions via attentive listening almost happens naturally in a micro-date since time is used purposefully.


Micro-dates might also benefit from asking open-ended questions to encourage conversation. Instead of asking your significant other yes or no questions, consider those that prompt them to provide added detail. In addition to helping you learn more about your partner, this will show that you value and care about what they say.

These dates can be a technique to improve communication in your relationship by providing an opportunity to practice peaceful problem-solving, too. Take the chance to talk things out with your love interest if any problems crop up throughout the date. Think of it as preparing yourselves for future arguments in your developing relationship by using micro-dates as a chance to practice good conflict resolution.