Revenge Photos Can Make Your Ex Regret His Whole Life

Revenge can feel oh-so sweet, especially when your ex is the victim. When you think of sticking it to the person who broke your heart, you might consider changing your Netflix password right before the finale of his favorite show, or becoming best friends with his mom. But let's be real, he deserves way worse than that. If you really want him to regret his whole life, it's time for a boudoir photoshoot. There's nothing like showing your ex what he's missing than revenge photos, which will have him kicking himself for the day he broke up with you.


A photoshoot doesn't require hiring a boudoir photographer (although it doesn't hurt); all you need is your phone, your sexiest lingerie, and your best you'll-never-do-better-than-this face. Post the results all over social media to really rub it in, and don't be surprised if you get a text begging you to take him back.

Remind him of what's he's missing

Typically, boudoir poses include showing some cleavage or flashing your booty. Aren't comfortable showing off your assets? Choose another pose! When it comes to taking revenge photos, there are no rules ... except to make your ex cry. If he loved your legs, show those babies off! Strap on your highest heels to make your legs look miles long. Maybe he was really into your lips, so pucker up and show him that pout he'll never get to kiss again. Whatever his vice, show it off and make him regret every decision he's made. Ever.


Remember, the key to taking an amazing revenge photo is exuding confidence. This means embracing all of you, flaws included. There's nothing sexier than a woman who feels at home in her own skin, so show off what makes you, you. If you can display your confidence and make your ex cry because he's missing you, it's a win-win.

It's not all about revenge

Of course, you want to get revenge on your ex, but don't forget, these photos are for you too. If you're having a rough day or going through a period where you don't feel that confident, use these to remind yourself of what a total babe you are, and that you don't need a guy to make you feel sexy. When you look and feel beautiful on the outside, you're going to feel a lot better on the inside. Seriously, you're a bada** — and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


Yes, you can look at them on your phone, but why not be your own muse and hang them all over your house? Print some out and keep them in your wallet or your bag in case you need a quick reminder. Don't be bashful! By posting your revenge photos for everyone to see, you're telling them you are your biggest fan, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.