Air Conditioning Is Non-Negotiable For Many, But Your Skin May Suffer For It

Is your skin feeling dry and irritated? Your air conditioner may be to blame. They feel almost necessary during the hot summer months, but you shouldn't leave them running all day, every day. While you may feel relief from the sweaty temperatures outside, spending too much time indoors with the cool air blasting is terrible for your skin. 


When you turn your air conditioner on, it sucks air into the unit and pulls it over coils that cool it down. However, the metal can make it cold because they remove moisture from the air and remove some of the humidity, according to E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning. Then the cool breeze is pushed into your home, and the stream of water goes out the back of your unit. This is why you often see liquid leaking out of window air conditioners. While these machines don't work to the extremes of an actual dehumidifier, they are adequate enough to make a difference to your skin if you're constantly using them. You may notice dry patches appearing on your face and even premature wrinkles.

Dry skin and wrinkles

When air conditioners remove moisture from a room, they don't just stop at the air; even your skin is affected. You may notice your face feeling tight as the outer layer dry out. But it'll only worsen if you continue to expose yourself to the dry air. Not only will your air conditioner remove moisture from your body, but it will also reduce oil production. This may seem like a good thing to people with an oily skin type, but you still need that natural oil for a healthy complexion.


After you notice the initial signs of dryness, the inner layers of your skin will also begin to dehydrate, and this is when you can start to age prematurely. First, your skin becomes flaky and itchy. Then it will look like it's shriveling up. Wrinkles will appear, and you'll lose the elastic properties that keep you looking youthful. The longer you let this go on, the worse it will get. Luckily, there are ways to remedy this problem without turning off your air conditioner.

How you can stay cool while keeping your skin healthy

Turning your air conditioner off is the most effective way to prevent your skin from suffering. However, that's not a step most people are willing to take during extreme heat. As a compromise, you can lower your dependence on air conditioners by turning them off when the weather isn't too hot. Another way to keep your skin looking healthy and plump is to make sure you're well-hydrated. Be Beautiful recommends drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.


Moisturizer is your best friend when you spend lots of time indoors with air conditioners running. They'll replace the moisture you're losing, so always keep a good one on hand. If your skin is really suffering, use a cream since they are thicker than other moisturizers. You should also avoid formulas that contain a lot of fragrance because they can cause irritation. You can also try using a face mist to give your complexion the hydration it needs immediately. If your body is suffering too much from the lack of moisture in the air, you can even place a humidifier in your room to counteract the effects of the air conditioner.