The Zodiac Signs That Fall Head Over Heels Easier Than The Others

Falling in love is arguably one of the most exciting feelings anyone can experience. When you develop such intense feelings for someone, that happiness and passion can seem magical or even euphoric. Thus, it's no surprise that countless people enjoy romance novels and movies — it can be fun to watch or read about people falling in love, too. Many people crave romance, so they can't help but wonder how long it really takes to fall in love.


We don't expect everyone to fall in love after the same amount of time passes; every person, situation, and relationship is different. For instance, if two people are longtime friends who eventually develop romantic feelings for each other, it can take years for them to realize or admit that they've fallen for one another. On the other hand, someone might fall in love at first sight when they believe they see their dream person. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can also contribute to how fast or slow you fall head over heels — these four signs are known to fall faster than others.

Lovely Libras

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libras are famously sweet, peaceful, and beautiful. They also often have a strong desire to find someone to share their beauty and kindness with, since Libras love spending quality time with their crush and falling in love. Therefore, Libras typically will fall head over heels faster than most other zodiac signs. "Libras are eager to find a partner who can match their intellectual, social, and emotional needs," astrologer Brilla Samay told Bustle. So don't expect a Libra to look for one-night stands on Tinder or at local bars; instead, you'll probably find them searching nonstop for their true love at speed dating events or on apps and websites for serious relationships only.


As arguably one of the friendliest, most social zodiac signs, people belonging to this air sign would typically much rather have company and companionship than just do their own thing or live by themselves. That need for togetherness can cause them to fall for someone quickly and want to be around that person 24/7, even if the Libra still doesn't know that person super well. So if you're currently talking to or going out with a Libra, expect them to catch feelings — and they'll probably catch those feelings fast.

Traditional, reliable Taurus

People of the Taurus zodiac sign typically love to feel good and happy, causing them to look for romantic love and commitment. "Once committed they are generally solid and will go the distance," astrologer Rebecca Schmidt told Best Life. Thus, a Taurus typically won't be the type to "play the field" or keep their options open, as they'd usually rather just settle down and be in a sweet, comfortable relationship with one person. If the Taurus can imagine an enjoyable, cozy future with that individual, they will often be all in very soon.


Furthermore, people belonging to this earth sign will often put a lot of effort into a romantic relationship, as they'll enjoy every second of falling and being in love, and they won't ever want to let that lovely feeling go. As soon as a Taurus feels secure with someone they're dating, that Taurus won't have eyes for anyone else and will want to spend time with that one special someone only. Even if they haven't said it out loud yet, a Taurus is probably already catching feelings for the person they're seeing, which can quickly escalate to love.

Pisces the daydreamer

Of course, Pisces is on this list — how could they not be one of the signs to fall in love the fastest and easiest? "Pisces are often described as hopeless romantics, as they tend to fall in love the quickest and deepest ... They are attracted to people who are kind, understanding, and open-minded. Because of this known potential, Pisces are eager to find a soulmate who can share their dreams and passions," Brilla Samay told Bustle. So as soon as a Pisces meets someone who seems nice and enjoyable to be around, don't be surprised if they also start obsessing over them and are ready to fall in love with them in an instant.


We all know that Pisces are dreamers, famous for enjoying their thoughts, fantasies, and daydreams. When a Pisces likes someone, they'll often daydream about that person even more than someone thinks about their innocent first crush, mentally planning such involved dates in their love-hungry Pisces head that they forget those moments didn't even happen in real life. Those romantic, dramatic thoughts and feelings can lead a Pisces to fall in love faster than you can blink an eye.

Intense Aries

Unlike with Pisces, you're probably somewhat surprised to see Aries on here. Known for wild, unstoppable aggression and competitive attitudes, Aries isn't usually the first sign to pop into our heads when talking about romantics. But believe it or not, people with this dauntless sign can fall in love ultra-fast. In a YouTube video, Zodiac Talks explained that people belonging to this fire sign are often emotional people, super determined to get what they want — or who they want — so when they like someone, that can quickly turn into love.


Aries will typically stop at nothing to be with someone they're falling in love with, even if they've only known that person for a short period. Moreover, this daring sign is notoriously impulsive and intense, so these are the type of people who might suddenly decide they're falling in love with someone after an excellent first date or steaming hot hookup. And since they're one of the most fearless zodiac signs, Aries won't usually be shy about telling you how they feel, as they'd rather risk rejection than always wonder what if.