The Full Pink Moon Is Coming On April 6 - Here's What It Means Astrologically

On April 5, the first full moon of spring will be here! Otherwise known as the Paschal Moon, this lunar display marks the first fully illuminated moon after the spring equinox, which took place March 20, according to Lunar Abundance. In other words, the Pink Moon is a reminder that winter is behind us (see you next year!) and spring is in full swing. Even if you aren't typically interested in astronomy, we still recommend you take the opportunity to witness this incredible moment. Almanac states the best time to see the moon is around 12:37 am EST on April 6, when it's fully visible.


For those interested in astrology, you can expect great change during this new full moon period (don't worry, it's a good change!). As you know, as the moon and the planets change positions in the sky, it has an astrological energy effect, and April's Pink Moon is no exception. No matter your astrological sign, you will start to feel a shift in your life as the Paschal Moon rises on the night of April 5. Let's take a look at what that means astrologically.

You'll find peace of mind

Every time the moon takes a new position in the sky, it falls within one of the twelve zodiac signs, and this year, the Pink Moon happens to lie within Libra, ABC News states. In astrology, Libra is represented by the scales to demonstrate its balanced nature, which is why many people born under the astrological sign are known for their fairness and level-headedness. Because April's full moon has positioned itself within this air sign, don't be surprised if things in your life start falling into place.


Perhaps your relationship has been a bit rocky lately or you're no longer satisfied with your job. Fortunately, the arrival of the Pink Moon should offer you some clarity, allowing you to make decisions that will serve your highest good. Maybe you and your partner have found a way to work through the issues in your relationship, or you realize you're in the exact job position you're meant to be in. The point is, whatever storm you're weathering, it is about to pass.

Your relationships will grow stronger

Because the Pink Moon is in Libra, it's worth taking advantage of this placement to improve your relationships. Not only will this full moon strengthen your bond with others, but it can have a positive effect on your self-worth as well, according to ABC News. The key to obtaining this elevated form of love is manifestation. It might sound complicated, but it's actually very easy. Simply pick a mantra to write down in your journal every day. As you write, be sure you're setting your intention in order to make your manifestations a reality.


For example, you could say, "I am ready to build a healthy relationship with myself," or "My heart is open to receiving love." Whatever type of love it is you're seeking (with yourself or someone else), use April's full moon to guide it into your life. Don't be discouraged if you don't see results overnight. It's going to take some time — just be patient.

It's time to forgive and forget

The April full moon is all about forgiving, whether we are offering forgiveness to those who have wronged us, or asking it of others. As we previously mentioned, Libra is the zodiac sign dedicated to balance and serenity, so it only makes sense the Pink Moon in Libra will help us to mend relationships. If you've been having difficulty trying to forgive someone who has hurt you, take this time to reflect on the situation. With the help of the full moon, you'll find the path to forgiveness is much clearer. 


On the other hand, maybe you did something to hurt someone close to you and haven't made any attempts to reconcile. Take this Pink Moon as a sign to step up and accept responsibility for your actions. If you have been waiting for the right moment to make your apologies, that moment is almost here. Bury the hatchet, accept closure, and learn from the experience.