The Old-Money Aesthetic Is The Classic Fashion Trend Getting A Modern Comeback

If you enjoy the chic, wealth-inspired Plazacore aesthetic that's been everywhere in fashion, you'll love the old-money trend. Somewhat similar to Plazacore in that it's luxurious and, dare we say, "bougie," the old-money style is about appearing expensive and upscale but with a more sophisticated flair. While using the term "old money" to describe the luxury-inspired aesthetic — all about fancy homes filled with exquisite furniture, lavish clothing and accessories, and enchanting views — has been gaining traction on TikTok, the desire to live a luxurious life is nothing new. However, now that there's an intriguing name for it, the "old money" aesthetic is arguably more desirable than ever, as there are over 119,000 posts devoted to #oldmoneyaesthetic on Instagram at the time of writing.

We have a helpful secret for anyone who wants to channel old-money energy into their wardrobe without paying real old-money prices. You don't have to be wealthy to rock this style. For instance, a TikToker with the username @thebubblediaries posted a video in a fancy-looking outfit with the text, "Me dressing like I'm old money when really I'm no money." We have some tips for looking bougie on a budget if you want to flaunt a modern spin on the old-money aesthetic.

Stick to neutrals

You can never go wrong with wearing black, white, brown, gray, and beige garments for old-money-inspired outfits, as these neutrals are timeless. Sticking with them will help you exude classic elegance. While brighter colors are cute and trendy, they can appear more youthful than sophisticated, so they're not typically for the old-money aesthetic.

Wear more long skirts and dresses

There's no denying that long and medium-length skirts and dresses exude class. Although there are many ways to dress up jeans, leggings, and other pants, long or even mid-length skirts and dresses almost always appear fancier than pants with less effort. So flaunting long skirts and dresses is an easy way to look classier.

Wear a stylish long coat or jacket

Long coats and jackets almost always look expensive, but they aren't usually as pricey as they appear, and they don't have to be costly if you're a savvy shopper. So search all the thrift shops or budget-friendly department stores near you to find affordable trench coats or other long jackets to add more old-money flair to your ensembles.

Don't over-accessorize your outfits

One frequent mistake people make when attempting to achieve the old-money style is wearing too many accessories. While a delicate gold necklace or chic scarf will add subtle pizazz to your outfit, overdoing it with the jewelry can make your ensemble look tacky. Thus, it's better to be tasteful. Remember that less is more, and it's a good idea to go dainty rather than bold.

It's all about the details

While you shouldn't go overboard with accessories, you should still think about every aspect of your look and figure out how elevating specific details can make your ensemble seem more luxurious. For example, black heels will always appear more expensive than sneakers. Moreover, you can instantly make a minimalistic look seem more upscale by embracing the dramatic opera glove trend or adding a dainty ribbon to your hair. Wearing sophisticated glasses or purses can also help you channel old-money energy.

Try not to show too much skin

Showing some skin is never something to be ashamed of, as you should always wear what makes you feel most beautiful and confident. However, the old-money aesthetic is about looking classy and sophisticated, not sexy. Therefore, styling old-money-inspired outfits isn't the time to break out your crop tops, mini-skirts, or strapless tops, even if they're super trendy. This isn't the appropriate aesthetic for those garments.