The Viral Styling Formula That Will Result In A Perfectly Balanced Outfit Every Time

Scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok, and you'll quickly see stylishly put-together outfits. Fashion girlies effortlessly choose pieces that seem like they wouldn't go together but somehow create a stylish ensemble. Yet, when followers try to recreate the look, it doesn't have the same feel as the original. You're not alone if you've tried making your own version of a look and didn't love the outcome. The secret is knowing the elements of a good outfit.

It's less about whether the outfit has pants versus a skirt or a t-shirt versus a button-down and more about how all the details come together. TikTok account The Unfiltered Bride gave advice for creating a formula that creates an elevated wedding design scheme. According to the video, a color, neutral, metallic, and texture are the must-have elements.  While this video may be specifically talking about creating a wedding palette, this is advice you can use to create a balanced outfit.

Start by selecting colors

When you see a perfectly styled outfit, there's a good chance it incorporates all the elements of this viral formula, even if each one wasn't explicitly thought of. Start by choosing a color. In many outfits, this will be the main color or the statement piece. However, it doesn't always have to be a color if, for example, you want your main statement to be something like a little black dress.

The next step is adding your neutral. A color like black, white, or beige will help tone down or soften the look. You can also treat your neutral as a secondary color. If your main color or statement piece is already a neutral or you just prefer a bright color-on-color look, your secondary shade can be a complimentary color. Think a black dress with a red jacket or a pink blouse paired with an orange skirt.

If you're having trouble pairing colors, using the color wheel is a great way to figure out which shades complement each other. You can also get inspired to try new color combinations by playing around with color palette generators. While they might mostly be used by artists and designers, they're great for visualizing how colors look next to each other and can give you new ideas for pairings you may not have considered.

Add the accents

Metallic is a great place to add accenting elements to your look. Consider your jewelry, purse, belt, shoes, and hair accessories as places to infuse a little bit of shine into the outfit. As the video emphasizes, glass can also count as a metallic. Step outside the typical gold, rose gold, and silver, and try incorporating glass jewelry or acrylic that mimics the look of glass as well as gemstones for the metallic element. Metallic can be a small touch like a buckle on a shoe, or it could be more of a statement like metallic boots.

Texture may be last on the list, but it's one of the most important elements. Texture often communicates the mood of the look and might be one of the reasons an outfit just feels off. Consider what you want the outfit to evoke and choose the material accordingly. Casual outfits might have cotton, denim, or linen. Materials that are more feminine or romantic are silk or lace. Leather has connotations of being edgier. Of course, an outfit doesn't have to be all one vibe. Mixing textures to create unique and interesting outfits is encouraged. Try classic combinations like leather and lace, and then start experimenting to find out what you like and what you think looks best.