Forget All The Jewelry Rules You Think You Know - Mixing Metals Is In

Fashion rules are an ever-evolving set of standards that help guide the most popular looks of each season, year, decade, and era. You may have heard of some of the classic resulting faux paus that have now become perfectly acceptable, like wearing white after Labor Day. From clothes to shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup, no aspect of fashion is considered exempt from these guiding principles; not even jewelry. Historically, precious metals have been closely associated with social class, with gold typically representing royalty (via University of Florida). This may be why it became considered classless (or tacky) to mix metals.

Today, mixing jewelry metals is one of those fashion rules that seem to have been made to be broken. Combining silver or white gold with yellow gold, rose gold, or copper is one of the most effortless ways to add a little edge to your aesthetic. Here are a few looks to provide you with the inspiration you need to start combining metals to create the perfect customized jewelry look for your personal style. 

Bold necklaces

If you're the type who just jumps right into a new style, reach for your statement necklaces. Combine as many as you'd like to create the perfect balance for the aesthetic. If your skin tone leans warmer, you might go heavier on the yellow-gold or copper pieces. If you're a cool-toned babe, mix a couple of these warmer necklaces in with a few made of white gold or silver. 

Bracelet stacks

Stacking bracelets is another way you can go bold, if you so choose. However, not all bracelet stacks have to be big or flashy. Pairing a simple, delicate chain in yellow or rose gold with another one in white gold or silver is a sophisticated, understated way of mixing your metals. 

Dueling rings

Rings are a classic way to add a small amount of flare without going overboard. Start by stacking two simple bands, one in silver or white gold and one in yellow gold or copper. As time goes on, you can go bolder by adding chunkier statement rings, more stacked bands, or even other metals like rose gold or dark titanium. 

Earring groupings

Over the past decade, elaborately planned and stylized groupings of ear piercings have risen to a place of massive popularity. These piercings offer the perfect opportunity for mixing metals. Simply mix in golds, silvers, and coppers — with or without coordinating gemstones — throughout the grouping for a slightly edgier look. 

Facial piercings

If you're interested in pushing the envelope on the look of earring groupings, consider branching out to the rest of your face. Nothing says flawless alternative style like mixing metals between your nose, eyebrow, lip, and facial dermal piercings. Bonus points if you combine this jewelry look with a bold hair color

Mixed metal pieces

If you feel a little intimidated by the idea of custom mixing your own varied metal jewelry, you can still participate in the trend. Look for jewelry that features multiple metals combined in one piece. Mixed metal pieces provide an excellent transition into creating your own stacks and pairings — when you feel ready.