How To Pull Off A Hand Full Of Rings

Accessorizing is a balancing act and an art. It can also run a bit deeper than just aesthetic appeal. Wearing rings is a powerful statement of expression, individuality, symbolism, and even spiritual significance (via Awakening State). From gems, crystals, and metals to hand size, cultural history, and birth month, there's a lot to dive into when it comes to rings, and you likely have some questions. What does it mean to wear rings on different fingers? Can you mix dainty rings with bold ones? What about stacking rings?

Or maybe you've inherited the most stunning vintage ring. Can you wear it with your modern pieces, or should you save it to wear solo on a special occasion? There's (surprisingly) a lot to consider when it comes to such a tiny piece of jewelry. So, if you're loving the ring-heavy trend, here are a few points to consider.

Use varying widths and mix simple with bold

In order to avoid bombarding your fingers, choose to pair your thicker rings with some delicate, thin bands (via NicoleHD Jewelry). Multiple thick bands will look busy. You can wear these spread between a few fingers or opt to stack them on a single finger. You can also do this with midi-rings, which sit in the middle of your finger. 

You'll also want to aim for just one statement ring paired with several accent rings (via Lexie Jordan Fine Jewelry). Too many statement rings, like wearing a large crystal, a giant moon ring, and a serpent-style ring, will result in some pretty overpowering energy. If you have larger hands, you may be able to pull off multiple big rings -– just use your eye to keep it all in balance. If you have a vintage ring you'd like to incorporate into your daily style but wonder if it'll look out of place, try wearing thin modern bands on either side of it (via Calla Gold Jewelry).

Another important element to consider: choose a metal that complements your skin tone. If you have cool skin, read: you can see your veins, and you'll want to opt for sterling silver. If you have warm skin and cannot really see your veins, go with gold or rose gold (via Lexie Jordan Jewelry). And if you're wondering which fingers to wear your rings on, here's what you should consider.

What a ring on each finger symbolizes

Wearing rings on certain fingers can help you emit a particular energy. Some say each finger correlates with a different chakra (via Awakening State), and wearing a ring on that finger could assist you in balancing the chakra. There's a lot to the mythology behind this idea, and it can be as complex as palmistry. Here's what it means to wear a ring on each finger.

A ring on your index finger is associated with power and optimism (via Awakening State). The index finger symbolizes Jupiter, and wearing a ring on this finger will help you embody your leadership skills and gain confidence. The pointer finger is also correlated with the heart chakra (via Cosmic Crystals). The middle finger represents wisdom and responsibility. Wearing a ring on this finger will help you remember right from wrong (via Lexie Jordan Fine Jewelry). The middle finger corresponds with the throat chakra and the importance of speaking your truth (via Cosmic Crystals).

The ring finger, of course, represents love and romance. The Roman god Apollo symbolizes this finger, and as he was the god of poetry and music, wearing a ring on this finger can also aid in creativity (via Lexie Jordan Fine jewelry). The ring finger is associated with the pleasure and the sacral chakra (via Cosmic Crystals). The pinky is correlated with the root chakra and our sense of safety (via Cosmic Crystals), while the thumb pertains to the crown chakra and our higher consciousness.