12 Of The Best Makeup Trends Of 2023 So You Can Put Your Best Face Forward

People have been using makeup since 6000 BC when the Egyptians first started experimenting with its allure. Makeup has seen its fair share of ever-changing trends through the passing of time. As people have evolved, makeup has continually evolved as well. Within the last few years, we've seen different makeup trends come and go, and we've seen some that have been able to stand the test of time. 

In terms of outdated makeup trends in 2023, you'll probably want to forget about defining your eyebrow shape too much, applying nude shades of lipstick, or going overboard with an excessive amount of bronzer. Overly dark lip liner, skinny eyebrows, and fake freckles are also thought of as out of style these days. The good news is that whenever certain trends fade away, other options come to the surface for makeup lovers to have loads of fun with. If you're ready to keep expressing yourself with your makeup in 2023, these are the most desirable trends to grow accustomed to.

Exaggerated lashes

Exaggerated lashes are definitely on trend in 2023. This means you'll want to do more than just apply a bit of mascara. Faux lashes will take you very far when it comes to opening up your eyes. Strip lashes are available wherever cosmetics are sold and lash extensions can be professionally applied at many salons. 

Grunge aesthetic

Even if you don't typically lean into the grunge style, you might consider expressing yourself with makeup that honors the grunge aesthetic in 2023. When pulling this look off, you'll want to choose colors on the darker side such as blacks, browns, and royal blues. The grunge aesthetic is especially ideal for people who already have facial piercings on their lips, noses, and eyebrows.

Clean girl aesthetic

The clean girl aesthetic is simple enough to pull off if you already prefer wearing a minimal amount of makeup. When going for the clean girl look, don't go overboard with too many layers of foundation, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, or other cosmetic products. Simply be sure you're looking as fresh and as glowing as possible.

Underpainted contour

The art of contouring your face has been made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Now, underpainting your contour is the new way to approach this method. Simply start with your contour, highlighter, and blush before applying your layer of foundation. Underpainting takes a lot of the stress out of the contour process for those who feel intimidated by it.

Statement red lip

Just about everyone can pull off a statement red lip. Red lipstick will always be considered classy and timeless, no matter what era you're living in. This means that if you're snapped by photographers wearing red lipstick today, those pictures will still be admirable several years into the future. Taylor Swift is a prime example of someone who knows how to use statement red lips to her advantage. 

Cheek highlighter

For the longest time, people were obsessing over adding a heavy amount of highlighter to the tips of their noses. Now, it's time for cheeks to get the same attention. Adding highlighter to your cheeks is the 2023 trend that will have you looking beautiful, chic, and glowing.

Pastel eyeshadow

Pastel colors shouldn't be reserved for the spring season every year. Get comfortable wearing pastel shades of makeup all year long in 2023. Pastel colors that are trending lately include lavender, blue, pink, yellow, and green. If your makeup matches any of the gorgeous flowers in bloom in your backyard, then you're on track.

Concealer eyebrows

If you're feeling a bit curious about what you would look like without eyebrows, now is your chance to experiment with that look. You don't have to fully bleach your eyebrows or shave them off as some celebrities have. Instead, simply cover your eyebrows with concealer to achieve that same eye-catching appearance.

Gemstone eyeliner

Adding gemstones to your eyeliner is a fabulous way to give your overall appearance some extra sparkle. The trick here is that you must have a handy pair of tweezers on deck to apply the gemstones in an organized and clean-cut way. You'll also need makeup glue that can safely be used near your eyes. Gemstone eyeliner gives major "Euphoria" vibes!

Cool-toned eyeshadow

Smoky eyeshadow in dark colors like black and brown have been all the rage for long enough. Now, it's time to shift focus to gorgeous cool-toned eyeshadow colors like white, silver, and light blue. Cool-toned eyeshadow colors are perfect for trips to the mountains where you'll be surrounded by snowy terrain.

Neon eyeshadow

Make a bold statement with your makeup by opting for neon shades of eyeshadow. Neon colors are fun to play around with since they're brighter than every other option in comparison. Take things a step further by matching your neon eyeshadow with neon pieces of clothing before leaving the house for a social night out.

Laminated eyebrows

After all the drama that unfolded between Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber on social media about laminated eyebrows, it's no surprise at all that laminated eyebrows are a hot topic of conversation in 2023. Make sure that all the hairs of your eyebrows are being pushed up and back in a clean-cut direction to pull off this look.