Tips For Making Your Eyeliner Last When You Struggle With Oily Eyelids

Oily eyelids are just the worst when it comes to eyeliner. After a careful, intricate application of eyeliner and getting just the look you wanted for your eyes, oily eyelids will be the bane of your existence. You might be all too familiar with the sinking feeling of looking in the mirror on a warm summer's day and seeing your smudged eyeliner botching up your whole aesthetic.


So it's only natural that you try to find products that are smudge-proof and resistant to water. But as it turns out, splashing the cash on pricey waterproof eyeliner might not be the only solution to your eye makeup smudging in just a couple of hours since the problem is not with your eyeliner but the skin in the area. Addressing the oiliness can help just as much as or maybe even more than changing your makeup products. We will help you explore five tips and tricks to make your eyeliner last longer and work better even if you struggle with oily eyelids.

Prepare with primer

Primers create a less porous surface for makeup and smooth the skin by filling in lines and wrinkles. By playing the middleman between the skin and your beauty product, primer prevents the makeup from being completely absorbed into your skin, which makes for an easier and longer-lasting application of makeup. Putting on primer before drawing on your eyeliner creates a canvas on your skin for it. However, it can also help your eyeliner stay undisturbed by ensuring that the product doesn't seep into your pores and wrinkles.


All you have to do is drop a small amount of primer onto your fingers or your eyeshadow brush and gently dab it on your eyelash line after your moisturizing routine, ensuring you avoid getting it on your eyes. Let the primer rest on your skin for about a minute before going ahead with the eyeliner for the best results.

Powder it up

Grab your favorite face powder and slap some on your eyelids. It might seem unconventional, but it will set a precedent for immovable eye makeup. Face powder is used to battle oily skin and absorb excess moisture. You use face powder to mattify your skin, that is, in other words, to reduce the shine and oiliness of your complexion. It can help you avoid greasy-looking skin and make you feel great too. Fortunately, it works the same way if you use it on your eyelids.


Not only will it help counter the oiliness, but it will also act as an excellent base for your eye makeup, helping you avoid creasing your eyeliner and making sure it stays intact for longer without smudging or disappearing. You can also use your eyeshadow to further the purpose of the face powder since eyeshadow also soaks up the excess oil on your eyelids, giving you the perfect surface for your eyeliner and leaving little room for the oiliness to interfere with it.

Keep away from the outer edge of your eyes

Throughout your regular work day, dust specks, wind, or even something as simple as yawning can cause your eyes to water and blink. This can and will wreak havoc on your eye makeup since once you blink, the edges of your eyes will become wet. More specifically, the outer edge of your eyes becoming moist means a disaster for your eyeliner. There's a relatively easy and simple fix for this. 


All you have to do is draw your eyeliner on your lash line as normal. But instead of going downwards along with it like you usually do, move your eyeliner away from the outer edge of your eye and then upwards to give your eyes "wings," so to speak. This will let your eyeliner bypass the oily surface and the water-inducing outer corner of your eyes. This way, you won't have to worry about the corner of your eyes looking smudged, messy, and blotted. Not only that, the winged design of your eyeliner will create an illusion of longer and wider eyes that'll make you look positively fabulous.

Look for a durable eyeliner

A good eyeliner formula can be your best friend in an oily eyelid situation. Never skimp out on your makeup because low-quality products will betray you in an instant. A durable, moisture-resistant eyeliner won't budge after an application, so better to be safe than sorry and always invest in a reliable eyeliner product.


But you shouldn't feel the need to break the bank and purchase the most expensive brands there are when we say get a good one. There are a pretty large number of affordable smudge-proof eyeliners out there that you can get the best out of. So make sure you look for a product that says "waterproof" because that can be a key factor that makes or breaks the effects of everything else you do to make your eyeliner last. A good quality waterproof eyeliner would always be more than a match for your oily eyelids.

Switch up your skincare routine

Dive into the root cause of all your problems and adjust your skincare routine to address your oily eyelid issues. It can make all the difference in your battle against smudged eyeliner. Permanent prevention of oily eyelids might be unrealistic, but this method will still help reduce excess oil production in your skin and make your eyeliner last longer. Switching to a mild cleanser or soap is one of the best things you can do for your eyelids. If you have oily eyelids, there's a chance that your current face-washing routine is too harsh for you. 


According to Healthline, a harsh soap or a cleanser can strip your skin of its essential oils, causing it to overproduce oil and worsen your skin. So start using a more gentle and milder cleanser on your eyelids, but no more than twice a day. This will reduce the oiliness of your eyelids and ensure the longevity of your eyeliner. Moisturizing your eyelids will also help your eyeliner last. Using products that do not clog pores in the skin or oil-free moisturizing ones on your eyelids will be instrumental in preventing excess oil in your eyelids.

And there you go, five tips to make your eyeliner last despite your oily eyelids. You'll give yourself the best chance of keeping your eyes looking gorgeous throughout the day.