Get The Pierced Look Without The Pain By Getting One Specific Ear Piercing

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Piercings are excellent for people who want to express themselves, and there are many options. Some of the many piercings to consider are edgy nose piercings, sexy belly button piercings, bold eyebrow piercings, wild tongue piercings, and dauntless hip piercings. But we can't forget about good old ear piercings! If you're new to piercings, your ears are a great place to start, as piercings in this area aren't as intense as in some other places. Plus, many places on your ear look great with piercings, such as a conch piercing, a stylish cartilage piercing, and a traditional earlobe piercing.


Before getting your ears pierced, remember that, like any other piercings, getting your ears pierced anywhere can hurt, and you should do everything the piercer tells you to avoid an infected piercing. While some pain is inevitable, the least painful option is usually the earlobe. So if you don't do well with pain or you've never gotten a piercing before and feel nervous, an earlobe piercing is a good option.

A classic earlobe piercing is your best bet

A traditional earlobe piercing will typically look cute without any brutal pain. Sure, it probably won't be 100% painless, but it won't hurt nearly as much as other piercings in more sensitive or bony areas. "The earlobe, also called the lobule, is primarily fleshy and full of blood and nerve endings ... The large blood supply helps with wound healing and can, in turn, decrease the amount of pain felt with an earlobe piercing," Leah Mortenson, a registered nurse for a piercing studio, tells Bustle. Therefore, your soft, fleshy, blood-filled earlobe is an excellent place to get a first piercing or a relatively low-pain piercing.


Earlobe piercings are so low-pain that many parents let their children get their lobes pierced, so this is a fun piercing option for people of all ages. You might even like the piercing so much that you'll decide to get another one! Double earlobe piercings are popular for an edgier, stylish look. Many jewelry enthusiasts find it exciting to mix and match earrings in their double earlobe piercings for bold contrast (via TikTok).

Clip-in piercings are another option

If you like the look of earrings (or other piercings) but don't want to commit to getting pierced, you should consider using clip-ins instead. By wearing clip-on earrings, you'll be able to rock the look without having to experience the pain of getting a real piercing. Furthermore, you can clip them on and take them off whenever you feel like it without having to worry about holes closing. A TikTok post by @sanstrou with the words, "Not being able to wear earrings for a decade but then discovering clip-ons," shows someone flaunting many clip-ons in one ear, demonstrating that these earring alternatives are gorgeous and fun to wear.


While you'll have to get used to wearing clip-on piercings at first, as they might not be completely comfortable on everyone right away, these pieces are great for helping people get an idea of what real piercings will look like on them. Or you can just wear them instead of piercings and never feel the pain of a genuine piercing. Anyone who wants to experiment with clip-on earrings should look into the 6 Pairs Clip-On Hoop Earrings Non-Piercing Earrings Set for Women and Girls, 6 Sizes, available for less than $10 on Amazon. This Amazon's Choice set features realistic-looking clip-on hoops and has four out of five stars.