Dreams About Your Hair Falling Out Are Common, But What Do They Mean?

Hair is a symbol of beauty, virility, good health, and power. The thought of losing it can be painful for most people. And if one dreams about hair falling out, especially in large clumps, it can be very disturbing.


Dreams about losing your hair are more common than you would imagine. They are right up there with other exceptionally vivid anxiety dreams like failing an exam, missing a flight or train, or falling down an abyss. But, if you are wondering what a dream of hair falling out actually means, it could be more than some sort of anxiety in your life.

Dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells Romper that "hair to the dreaming mind represents thoughts, ideas, beliefs and/or that which is on our mind" because these things "sprout from the head."

She also points out that other factors in the dream could determine the meaning of the dream. So, for example, if the dream hair color is lighter than its normal color, it may indicate a lightening of your mindset or the fact that you recently had a bright idea. However, there are a range of diverse interpretations when it comes to hair falling out in a dream. Other explanations include major life transitions, such as moving houses, jobs, or becoming a parent, as well as an increase in stress for any reason.


Your response to the dream might matter

A scholarly review by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley published in 2020 opined that a person's response to a dream is more important in determining the underlying cause for it than what actually happens in that dream. Some people may feel terrified about the loss of their hair in a dream, while others may feel lighter or more carefree than before. These differing reactions indicate different things.


Negative reactions may indicate the fear of aging or the approach of death as one grows older. It may also mean you are concerned about losing control in some aspect of life. A loss of libido or a deep-felt worry about being less physically attractive could also be tied to this visual. Health concerns, especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy or treatment for some other major illness, as well as if you have recently been diagnosed with pattern baldness, are other causes of these dreams and negative reactions. 

Additionally, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sleep Research in 2013 linked the suppression of negative thoughts just before going to bed with an increased chance of dreaming about that subject. So if you are concerned about a serious health issue that is directly causing hair loss but not acknowledging it, it is likely to turn up in your dreams.


Types of hair loss dreams and how to deal with them

Dreams about hair falling out are not standardized. There are variations to these dreams which can indicate different things. Brushing or pulling your hair out could mean that you are stuck in a toxic relationship, as it signifies hair loss as a result of poisoning. It could also mean increased stress in your life. You should attempt to recognize and resolve these issues if they persist.


Hair falling out because it is damaged has been linked to one's self-destructive behaviors, per Alica Forneret. If the hair breaks off in large clumps at once in your dream, it means that you unsure of why you feel worried. If this is the case, look inwards to figure out what might be bothering you.

Ultimately, dreams about your hair falling out are very common, especially if you are facing some trouble in life or are feeling stressed. The best solution is to assess your situation once you wake up. You could keep a dream journal to analyse the situation better. Don't be afraid to seek professional help if needed.