Going On A Work Trip? Here's The Workwear Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

Days spent at the office and on work trips are back in full swing. Gone are the days of working in pajamas and only needing business-casual tops for a Zoom meeting or two a week. Whether you like it or not, we've officially transitioned back to pre-pandemic habits, and your work wardrobe needs to reflect that change.

Curating a good work wardrobe can be difficult. It's not easy to find appropriate pieces that reflect your personal style, let alone enough to wear day after day to the office. Luckily for you, we're here to help. We've laid out 14 style tips to help you amass and pair pieces that'll keep your workwear feeling fresh. From choosing articles that push your aesthetic boundaries to repurposing pieces you wouldn't have thought to be work-appropriate, we've got style tricks for every working girl. Whether you're traveling abroad or staying close to home, here's the workwear wardrobe of your dreams.

Pack all the fun blazers

Nothing says business like a blazer. And, luckily for all of us, blazers have become infinitely more fun to wear in recent times, thanks to the various colors, shapes, and sizes now available. Make your next work trip more exciting by bringing along an epic blazer. Whether you're opting for a bold pattern or sticking to a subdued tone with unique structural features, a fun blazer will instantly make your outfit that much more appealing.

Say yes to bold colors

Business casual is notoriously drab, but corporate fashion killers are out to change that narrative. Join the movement by ditching some of your neutrals for bolder choices, such as a green striped button-down and a pair of hot pink trousers. If you're still not comfortable with a color-on-color look, try trading one neutral article — either a top or a bottom — for a colored piece, or stick with neutral base layers and add one small pop of color to your outfit. Even a little color can make a huge difference in the overall impact of your look.

Rock two-piece sets

It's never been easier to find two-piece sets than it is now, so there's no excuse not to incorporate one or two into your work wardrobe. They're sleek and stylish and make dressing in the morning significantly easier. Even if you're not sold on sets, purchasing one is still worthwhile because you can easily wear the pieces separately. Patterns, solids, neutrals, colors — all types of two-piece sets are perfect for your work wardrobe. Dress them up with heels and full glam, or dress them down with sneakers and a slick low bun. The versatility of a two-piece suit is unmatched.

A little slouchy is totally in

While a totally tailored look screams workwear, slouchy looks just as good. For your more casual work events, loosen up a bit with a slouchy pair of pants or an oversized blazer. Go totally laid-back with a graphic tee, or throw on a pair of heels to look a little more put together. Workwear doesn't have to be uncomfortable, and slouchy pieces prove it.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Whether you're traveling for work or just have to spend a day in the office, elevate your outfit with the right accessories. Invest in some staple items, such as a high-quality watch or a piece made with genuine stones to wear time and again to save time in the morning. The right accessories can make even the most casual pieces work-appropriate.

Plan for casual Friday

When you're on a work trip, there's likely at least one event that allows for more casual dress, and you need to be prepared. Pack for a casual Friday look (even if you're not gone on a Friday) by mixing and matching relaxed pieces with dressier ones. For example, pair jeans with a blazer and sneakers, or tuck a graphic tee into your favorite pair of trousers. The juxtaposition makes for an effortless look that's even appropriate to wear to events you're paid to attend.

Opt for monochromatic

The next time you need to feel powerful at work, slip into something monochromatic. Monochromatic looks are easy to put together and endlessly chic. Wear a matching set, pair a blouse with slacks, or throw a cardigan over a dress. You can also rock a jumpsuit and break up the piece with a belt. Monochromatic looks will always be fashionable, and they're simple to style when you're in a rush.

Let your shoes shine

If you're tired of all your standby outfits, break up the monotony by giving your shoes a chance to shine. A basic outfit can be infinitely more intriguing with a stellar pair of heels. On the mornings when your 'fits just aren't giving what you want them to give, go back to basics and spice things up with your footwear. Just make sure you can stand to wear the pair all day — nothing's worse than being stuck at work in uncomfortable shoes.

Wear some chic shorts

Good news: Shorts are officially work-appropriate. Well, certain pairs are, at least. We don't suggest you wear a pair of Daisy Dukes to the office, but something with a couple more inches of fabric can definitely be worn in the warmer months. Style your shorts as you would a skirt, bearing in mind that since you're showing off your legs, most other skin should be covered when in a business setting. If you're feeling a little uncomfortable, throw on a pair of tights, but don't be afraid to toss shorts into your workwear mix.

When in doubt, wear all black

Still unsure of what to pack for your next business trip? No matter the season, venue, or event, you can't go wrong with an all-black outfit. An all-black look is sleek and chic, and it's laughably easy to style. Feel free to mix shades of black, and mix fabrics and structures to add interest. Pair with bold accessories, including big hoops, large-faced watches, and metallic pendants if you're missing color, or keep it minimalistic if you'd prefer. Black can stand on its own.

Wear some structured pieces

If you're feeling overwhelmed at work, trick your brain into thinking you have things together by donning some structured pieces. (We can't guarantee this method will work, but it's worth a shot.) Look for ultra-tailored blazers and slacks with major definition. Toss on a collared shirt or a vest, too, for even more frame. It's a stylish look that'll make a great first impression on even the toughest of critics. Even if you don't feel put together, you'll look the part. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Make the coat the outfit

Like accessories and a great pair of shoes, a coat can be used as a fantastic styling piece. For your next work trip, make sure you're packing only the best coats to be used not as part of your outfit, but as the outfit itself. Bring along basics to go underneath and let your most coveted piece of outerwear play the leading role. Find vests or lightweight jackets to wear when it's warmer so you can utilize this styling hack year-round.

Pull out color-blocking pieces

When starting to mix more color into your work wardrobe, try color blocking. This tried-and-true technique requires less thought than you might think. Pair a two-piece set with a top and pair of shoes that match, or simply mix and match by choosing two colors and finding multiple pieces of said colors that you can wear at once. It can be done with clothing, shoes, or accessories and makes for the perfect look for a multitude of work events.

Don't forget your fun blouses

It's fun to purchase a unique piece of clothing so you don't get bored wearing the same thing to the office day after day. A work trip is the perfect time to pull out your most exciting blouses, jackets, and pants. You're in a new environment and want to feel confident in what you're wearing, so wear the best you have to offer. If you're in the market for something new, look for pieces with eye-catching collars and unique sleeves or striking patterns and appropriate adornment.