Why Covering Your Hands After A Gel Manicure Is Important For Healthy Nails

Getting a gel manicure is the best way to have long-lasting nails that won't chip or peel after a few days. Although a gel manicure can be a pain to take off, it's the easiest way to ensure your nail designs remain intact for several weeks. This long-lasting characteristic is perfect for those unique designs you want to preserve for more time. However, gel manicures aren't protected against all factors. There are various lifestyle factors like cleaning and organizing that can ruin gel manicures and your nail health. Keeping your nails healthy after a gel manicure can help you not only save your designs but prevent you from returning to the nail salon often.


There are various ways you can keep your nails after a gel manicure, many of which include nurturing your hands with lotion and oils. Moisturized hands are least susceptible to the breakage or chipping of nails. However, one of the most significant ways you can protect your hands is by covering them up. Whether it's with gloves or mitts, covering up your hands can prove to be the best prevention for damaged nails. Like the rest of your body, protecting your nails is a matter of coverage and prevention. Just like wearing a hat is key for protecting your face against UV rays, your gloves can protect your gel manicures.

Why you need to cover your nails

Not only can outside factors like chemicals contribute to a fast-peeling gel manicure but they can also cause damage to your nails. As Rush suggests, something as simple as a pair of gloves can protect your hands against the harshness of chemicals. If you tend to clean using sprays and other products containing chemicals, using your bare hands could dull your gel manicure quickly. Even if you don't have a gel manicure, these chemicals can be damaging to your nail health. Poor nail health can lead to dull nail beds, impeded nail growth, and other nail issues. Using gloves during cleaning or when handling other chemicals can help keep your gel nails shiny longer and will keep your nails healthy in the long term.


Even when you are not handling chemicals, there are other moments when gloves can be a resourceful tool. When washing dishes, hot water can strip the hands of valuable oils and nutrients. Having dry and dehydrated skin and nails can also dull the shine of your gel manicure and lead to poor nail health. Whenever you are dealing with hot water, ensure to use gloves to protect your hands. When showering, be sure to use lukewarm water to avoid stripping your skin from its natural oils and nutrients.

Other ways to protect your gel manicure

Besides protecting your nails with gloves, there are other small ways you can improve your nail health. BlueSky Cosmetics recommends using cuticle oil regularly to ensure that your nails continue to grow stronger and healthier. The healthier your nails are, the better your gel manicures will work. Creating a good base with your nails will ensure that all of your gel manicures last longer. Whenever you are using your hands, be sure you aren't exposing them to any activity that can cause them to chip or peel beforehand. Simple activities like opening jars and cans can result in chipping, meaning it's best to be careful and use tools to help maintain your gel manicures intact.


When caring for your nails, always ensure to use the best techniques and tools when handling them. Filing your nails correctly could be the difference between damaging the nails and trimming them down. When unsure, it's best to book a nail appointment with a professional to keep the nails in top shape for longer. Any gel manicure created on weak nails will not last as long as it could on healthier nails. As hard as it may seem, the easiest way to prevent gel manicures from breaking is by not picking or chipping them even as they are falling off. Chipping away at your gel nails will only break off your healthy nails, making them even more fragile.