'Career Showers' Are A Thing - Because We Shouldn't Only Celebrate Marriage And Kids

Unfortunately, society has always had specific expectations for women. Those expectations tend to favor some women's lifestyles and aspirations over others.

Let's say we have a trio of three friends. One of those friends is ecstatic because the person of her dreams proposed to her. Everyone she knows is beyond happy for her, and her exciting — and expensive — bachelorette party is coming soon. The second friend has always dreamed of being a mom and revealed to the friend group that she's pregnant for the first time. Everyone is giddy with happiness and planning her baby shower. The third friend has no interest in getting married or having babies but always wanted to be the best boss babe possible. Her dream came true, as she was promoted to a top position at the company she works for, and she worked her butt off for years to achieve that promotion. Her friends and family all sent "congrats, girly" texts — but why doesn't she get a party like the other two women?

Of course, there's nothing wrong with going the traditional route, as getting married and having children are beautiful achievements that deserve celebration. But career-related achievements are just as exciting and should receive the same level of celebration. That's why we need more "career showers."

Women deserve more recognition for their professional success

The specific events that society chooses to celebrate in a woman's life are an example of double standards between men and women. We've seen countless movies where men go out in their finest suits to celebrate their success at work, enjoying food, praise, and alcohol. And what do women get for working hard to succeed in the office? "So, are you seeing anyone?" and "Who's watching your kids?" type questions. Why not go against those outdated double standards and plan a party for the next woman in your life who gets a new job? It'll likely mean a lot.

Everyone knows that women didn't always have as many opportunities in the workforce, and many women still have to fight to be treated as equals to men at work. According to the International Labour Organization, there's a difference of 25% between men and women in the global labour force participation rate. 

Chances are, the woman you know who just moved up at her job had to work twice as hard as the man who went out with friends to celebrate his promotion last weekend. This is not the 1950s, so it's time to celebrate your friend who started her own company just as much as you celebrate your friend who had a baby. Something as easy as getting a loved one's friends together to celebrate her career-related success can go a long way.

How to have a career shower

If you're planning a career shower, focus on making the party fun for whoever is being celebrated. Don't overthink it; the person will appreciate the effort and recognition. If the career woman loves tea, have a tea party. If she's a foodie, take her and some loved ones to her favorite restaurant, or if she likes playing games, plan a day of board games. "You can make it a potluck, you can keep it simple and provide croissants and tea, or you can pop Champagne," relationship expert/founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp Amy Chan told Bustle.

One fun way for a group of friends who love to party to celebrate a friend's career success is to provide drinks inspired by their job. A TikTok user with the username @katieputtick45 posted a video where she and a bunch of other people had a "career cocktail night" where everyone brought drinks that represent their careers. For instance, a kids' nurse brought red drinks in "blood bags," and a dental marketer brought drinks in cups with toothbrushes. So, if you're throwing a career shower for someone who enjoys alcohol, consider making cocktails inspired by their work. The future is female, and it's time to start acting like it by celebrating women's professional success just like we celebrate their marriages and pregnancies.