Upgrade Your LBD Style With Our Best Accessorizing Tips

No matter who you are or what you do, you need to have a little black dress in your closet. Whether you like slinky bodycon silhouettes or flowy, loose shapes, the right LBD can be a major confidence booster. A truly versatile wardrobe staple, the LBD — one of the 14 types of dresses everyone should own — can stand on its own or be the perfect blank slate for you to express your style. What's even better is that an LBD never goes out of style, so, as trends change, you can be sure that your black dress is still looking amazing.

Also, if you're someone who's thinking about kicking fast fashion to the curb, having quality basics such as an LBD (or a few LBDs) can be a great way to simplify your wardrobe. This way, you'll need less clothing and can instead focus on accessorizing to keep your outfits interesting (which can also be great if you frequently feel overwhelmed trying to pick out outfits in general). Whether classic elegance is your aim or your look is more edgy and dramatic, an LBD can be styled in an endless number of ways. In fact, a few simple style swaps can transform a work-appropriate LBD into a rocking party dress. So, for new ways to get the most out of your little black dress, here are some accessorizing tips to try.

Go bold with gold

Black and gold are gorgeous together, whether you layer on a gold patterned jacket or try out other gold details, such as bracelets or a belt. Gold can look super regal, and, combined with an LBD, it can create a look that's truly luxurious. To take this look even further, try mixing your metals to bring more interest to your accessories. Pairing a bronze belt with gold jewelry or mixing silver and gold layering necklaces are great ways to achieve a more complex and polished look.

Balance it out with brown

There's always been a lively debate about whether black and brown clash or go together. As mixing and matching your neutrals becomes increasingly popular, it's safe to say that black and brown are a winning combo. Brown shoes or a brown purse can add dimension to your outfit in a way that's elegant and understated. It can also be a great way to add dimension to your look while still keeping a low profile. Depending on your accessories, your outfit can look classic and polished, or you can easily cultivate an earthy and bohemian vibe.

Shine with silver

Like gold, silver screams luxury. Pairing your LBD with a touch of silver can bring a new level of sophistication to your outfit, whether you do it with a sleek pair of silver pumps, a glitzy silver purse, or both. This look can be great any time of year, whether you're heading to a New Year's Eve party or want to look cool on a hot summer night. Opting for silver jewelry can add subtle appeal, especially for those who want to play up cool skin tones. 

Wear standout earrings

Pairing your LBD with a bold pair of earrings can be a fun and interesting style statement. Angelina Jolie's 2009 Oscars look (massive emerald green earrings and a black dress) is a memorable fashion moment for a reason. Pairing big or bright earrings with a black dress can be a great way to make both pop. Oversized gem-tone earrings (a la Jolie) can bring a modern edge to a classically glam look. Bold geometric jewelry can look great any time of year, as can a set of huge silver or gold hoops.

Carry a bright purse

A black dress provides the perfect background for vivid accessories. Whether you opt for Elle Woods pink or bold neon hues, a brightly colored purse can bring an element of fun and youthfulness to a simple LBD, which can be great during spring and summer months. Other kinds of statement purses can pair well with an LBD, too. Do you have a bag that's shaped like a donut? One with tons of tassels? Baubles? Glitter? While it may be too busy for other outfits, it will look amazing with your black dress.

Belt it up

Accessorizing your little black dress with a belt is not only an easy way to add interest to your outfit, but it can also help define your waist. When picking a belt to go with your LBD, there are tons of options. A metal chain belt can add a touch of posh sophistication to your dress, while a leather belt can be a great everyday look. Slim belts can be a subtle, feminine addition, while thicker belts can make a stronger statement and help you seriously cinch your waist.

Cinch it with a corset

If belts are not your style, a cute corset can be an on-trend way to feel seductive in your LBD. Going monotone is a sleek way to cinch your waist and add intriguing detail to your outfit. On the other hand, going for a corset with lots of embroidery or detailing can truly show off your style and make you feel like an 18th-century duchess. Full corsets can be beautiful, but if you find those uncomfortable, smaller mini corsets can be a great option, too.

Get playful with tennis shoes

Just because a black dress can easily lend itself to drama doesn't mean you always have to accessorize it that way. Tennis shoes can be a good pairing for the days you want to feel comfortable while exuding cool at the same time. They can also help you dress down your outfit, which is great when you're out running errands or just want to feel comfy (but also cute) while going out for lunch. It can also be a great outfit for looking polished on your hot girl walk.

Have fun with bright sneakers

Whether you're a major sneakerhead or you just like being comfortable, pairing your LBD with a pair of colorful sneakers can give your outfit a sporty and modern edge. Just like tennis shoes, wearing fun sneakers can help you look trendy without sacrificing comfort. With a little black dress, you don't have to worry about the colors clashing or looking too busy. Plus, sneakers can be great with any length of dress, from minis and midis to ballgowns.

Take a minimalist approach

Sometimes an LBD doesn't need anything to look amazing. If you're struggling to find the right accessories to suit your mood, simply going without could be your best option. If you're going sans accessories, though, it's all the more important that your LBD is super flattering. A bodycon dress that accentuates your curves and shows off what's beautiful about your natural shape can help you feel gorgeous and unstoppable. If you have an LBD with added features such as a built-in bra, shapewear, or pockets, you can find a new level of freedom in your black dress.

Go wild with animal print

Too much animal print can easily overwhelm an outfit, but not so with an LBD. As a solid neutral, a black dress will balance out animal print, whether it's zebra, cheetah, or leopard. Tall and wild animal-print boots make a dynamic pair with an LBD, or you can opt for subtler touches. A silk animal-print scarf can bring both sophistication and zest to your outfit, while something even smaller, whether animal-print sunglasses or a clutch, can add a bit of sexiness to your look without being over the top.

Pop on pastels

Pastels and black are a classic combo. Balletcore is proof enough of that. However, there are plenty of modern ways to pair these colors. A cute and quirky cardigan can be just as beautiful as a classic pastel ballet flat. An oversized pastel tote can be functional and elegant. While ballet pink and black are a lastingly lovely pairing, other pastels can be equally gorgeous. Powder blue accessories can be stunning with a black dress, as can pale peach, butter yellow, or even spring green.

Strap on some killer heels

High heels and little black dresses were made for each other. Slipping on your favorite heels can be the simplest way to feel hot in your LBD. Red heels make for an eye-catching look with retro appeal. Now is also a great time to go full-on Barbiecore and try pink heels, too. If you want to be on-trend, opting for a pair of platform heels can elevate your look. High heels can be mega sexy, but if you want a more laid-back style, kitten heels can be a classy and cute choice.

Have funky fun in platforms

Platforms of all kinds and styles are super on-trend and are a great way to make your outfit more interesting without sacrificing comfort. They can also be super versatile. Black platform boots can create a grungy goth look, while platform sneakers or sandals can give off a more playful, free-spirited vibe. Whether you're lacing up a pair of super-chunky Doc Martens or wearing 70s-inspired platform sandals, these shoes can literally take your look to new heights.

Highlight your legs in tights

Tights are a fun accessory, and one of the best ways to show them (and your great legs) off is to wear them with a black dress. Patterned and funky tights also won't be overwhelming with an LBD. Whether you like lace, faux knee-highs, bold geometric prints, or bright colors, almost any pair of tights will look amazing with a black dress. This is also a look you can rock any time of year. Thinner tights work great in the spring and summer, while thicker fleece-lined tights can keep you cozy during the fall and winter.

Get to business in a blazer

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she's all about, and a blazer can help you at least look that way. Blazers introduce an element of professionalism to your LBD. Not only is it a great outfit idea in general, but, depending on the dress, it can make for some seriously stylish work attire, too. Pairing your dress with a black blazer can be super striking, but trying out other colors is exciting as well. Gray and navy blazers can look polished, while plaid and gingham blazers can mix things up.

Get tough with leather

Leather is another fabulous way to level up your LBD. A black leather jacket makes a great pairing with an LBD and can help you look cool and stay cozy on chilly nights. If monochromatic looks aren't for you, trying out a colored leather jacket can cultivate a look that's both tough and fun. If a jacket is too much, smaller accessories can give you the same stylistic effect. A leather purse or a studded leather bracelet can be a simple way to add some leather and edge to your look.

Pull on bold boots

Nothing looks as great as an LBD and a pair of tall boots. Slinky and sleek over-the-knee boots can be seriously eye catching. If that's not your thing, some chunky Doc Martens can give your outfit a punkish flair. Black boots can make you look mysterious, but if you want to look posh, some cognac-colored riding boots can make you look equal parts classy and sexy. If you have patterned or bold-colored boots, this is a great time to wear them. If you can pair your boots with a cute pair of tights, even better!

Wear a chic hat

One great LBD pairing that looks super chic (while also protecting your skin from the sun's rays) is a hat. An oversized fedora can exude cool, while boater hats will make waves during warmer months. Y2K-inspired bucket hats are a funky and cute accessory, though a basic baseball cap can also look amazing with an LBD, especially when paired with a jean jacket. Crochet hats and oversized sunhats are other ways to stay on trend. When pairing a hat with your LBD, you can go as wild as you want without worrying about overdoing it.

Layer over jeans

All the early aughts girlies may have thought the days of layering dresses over jeans were long over. Whether you loved or hated it, it's a trend that's coming back and can be a great way to feel nostalgic in your favorite LBD. This is also a good way to wear a dress that's too revealing to wear on its own. Another benefit of this look is that it's super versatile. You can do it in the summer with a breezy tunic dress or in the winter with a thicker sweater dress as well.

Pair it with a loafer

Loafers are chic shoes that can bring an element of mature sophistication to your LBD. Whether you wear flats with loafer detailing or some thick-soled, chunky loafers, this look screams simple '90s-style charm. Take it up a notch and opt for loafers with gold chains, or add socks to accentuate your shoes even more. This way, you can look both casual and put-together, which will look amazing whether you're hanging out around town or at the office. Tossing a blazer on top can round out the outfit and create a super-polished look. 

Add drama with opera gloves

Opera gloves aren't just for Jessica Rabbit. Besides adding a pinch of *drama* to your outfit, they can be extremely classy, too. With a black dress, you have endless choices regarding the color and style of your opera gloves. Basic black is an understated but totally alluring way to go. White, red, or pink are all classic colors that will give off Old Hollywood vibes. That doesn't mean you have to stick to the basics, though. Colors such as lime green or gold can provide a fresh take on a classic look.

Put a bow on it

There's no easier way to play up your femininity than by adding a bow to your outfit, whether you put one in your hair (lace or satin to look ultra feminine), tie a sash around your waist, or add some bow-shaped jewelry. This can be helpful for achieving a gamine look (or a goth-gamine look since you're already wearing black). Pairing bows with lacy accessories, such as lace tights, can dial up the femininity even more. To create more contrast and help balance out the softness with an edge, add a leather jacket.

Contrast it with white

The bold contrast of black and white can look simultaneously classic and modern, depending on your approach. A white coat or jacket over an LBD will look super timeless and elegant, but there are plenty of other ways to pair the two colors. White sunglasses or jewelry can give you a '60s mod look. Trying out a pair of white cowboy boots with your dress can be an easy way to try out the Western shoe trend. A white headband or silk scarf can make a simple yet striking statement, as can carrying a white handbag.

Have fun in fishnets

Who doesn't love a pair of fishnets? Classic black can keep your look simple, but for a bit more fun, using fishnets to add a pop of color or glitz can be a great idea, too. Bejeweled fishnets can bring out your inner glamazon, while neon fishnets can introduce a fun '80s feel to your look. Pairing them with pumps can be ultra sexy, or, to tone things down (and make it more interesting), wear them with your favorite pair of tennis shoes or sneakers.