TikTok's Latest Face-Washing Hack Adds A Bit Of Luxury To The Ordinary

Most skincare enthusiasts always remember to start each morning and end every night by washing their faces. And even if you're not obsessed with skincare and beauty, you should still be diligent about washing your face, as doing so is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Everyone can benefit from learning the best face-washing routine for their skin type, and there are risks that come with not washing your face enough. "You should wash your face both morning and night because the skin creates sebum and oil throughout the day," board-certified dermatologist Saya Obayah, M.D., told Prevention.


If you often forget to wash your face, consider writing yourself a reminder on a Post-it and sticking it to your mirror to help you remember. Another way to remember is to treat face washing like self-care. If you think of washing your face as enjoying a refreshing ritual that will make you look and feel healthier rather than a chore, you'll be less likely to forget about it and more likely to look forward to the process. One way to make washing your face more fun is to use a makeup brush instead of your hands for total spa vibes.

TikTok users are using makeup brushes to wash their faces

Of course, we learned about this intriguing face-washing idea from TikTok, as the social media platform inspires us to try endless new beauty-related techniques and tricks. For instance, TikTok user @alirosegray posted a video trying the strategy; the process looked significantly more glamorous with a soft brush than a traditional face wash using only hands. Wearing only a bit of subtle makeup, the TikTokker put some face wash on a makeup brush and gently rubbed it around her face. She added some water to the brush, and as she rubbed the brush with cleanser and water on the skin, the cleanser-water combination gently took off the bit of makeup and cleaned the skin. She found success with the strategy and enjoyed the results. An impressed viewer commented, "This makes so much sense because it really foams up!"


Washing your face with a makeup brush is especially beneficial for people with piercings, such as nose rings and eyebrow piercings. For example, @tunamackerel, a TikTok user with many face piercings, posted a video using this strategy and appreciated the gentleness of the process, writing, "10/10 recommend I'm gonna do this from now on," and, "It feels so gentle and I don't have to go around my piercings." 

The hack is more about feeling pleasant than providing effective results

While this hack is helpful for feeling more luxurious and providing a gentler way to cleanse your face, using a brush instead of your hands won't necessarily make your skin much cleaner than traditional face washing. On TikTok, dermatologist Dr. Chris Tomassian posted a video stitching someone who claimed that the hack can do wonders for your face. "More important to let your cleanser sit on your skin rather than how you apply it on," he commented, so it seems like how long you keep the wash on your face is more important for healthy skin than whether or not you use a brush, according to the expert.


Moreover, TikTokker @stinkysockmilk shared a video using the hack to remove intense makeup. The TikTok user noted that using a brush for the process felt gentle, but it wasn't so effective at taking off the makeup, as there was still some makeup left by the end of the video. They captioned the video, "It works for maybe less makeup." Therefore, this hack will help you more gently clean your face and can make the process feel more fun, but don't count on it to take off a lot of makeup or be a game-changer for your skin.