Lacking Motivation To Work Out? A New Outfit May Do The Trick

Sometimes, it's not the actual exercising that's the hard part of working out; it's finding motivation to actually do it. The mental effort that it takes to get yourself to the gym or on that walk can be greater than the physical exertion you'll end up putting into your workout, especially if you're getting back into working out after time away. Various factors can tear your motivation to shreds, from feeling burnt out to not getting enough sleep to cold weather.


According to a 2021 Barbell Apparel study cited by SWNSdigital, the secret to finding the motivation to exercise could be as simple as buying a new outfit to wear while you work out. The study, which tested 2,000 regular gym-goers, found that nearly 70% believe putting on your gym clothes is motivation enough to get you to your session. Furthermore, nearly 80% said that "owning good gym clothes" can help you to meet your fitness goals.

Why a new outfit can help

Based on the research gathered by Barbell Apparel, an outfit doesn't necessarily have to be "new" in order to motivate you to work out. Just being in your gym clothes, whether they're new or old, is enough of a kick in the butt for some people to get going. However, a new outfit can certainly help, as owning high-quality gym gear provides a double layer of motivation. If you really can't fathom getting to the gym, try updating your workout wardrobe, and then making sure your outfits are readily available. In other words, make sure they're washed, dried, and laid out well ahead of time.


"When you put on fitness gear, it is not dissimilar to an athlete putting on their uniform or an actor putting on their costume," former psychologist to the New York Mets and New York Giants Dr. Jonathan Fader told Peloton. "When you put these specific clothes on, you initiate this process of getting into character that reminds you that you are ready to work out and you have a specific task to perform."

Fader added that "clothes that represent high performance" can encourage you to put even more effort into your workout, so it's definitely worth investing in some new gear if you're lacking.

Other ways to get motivated

A new outfit may give you the push you need if you're just struggling to get motivated. But ultimately, if you fundamentally don't want to work out for whatever reason, you'll find an excuse not to do it. A new outfit can get you in the right mindset, but it can't magically make exercising important to you when it's not.


If you really value exercise and are committed to including it in your life, then the problem may be that you just don't enjoy the kind of exercise you're doing. While most of us would rather be hanging out at the beach than sweating at the gym, you shouldn't absolutely despise your workout sessions. If you do, you won't keep them up. Play around with your routine and explore other forms of exercise if the gym isn't your thing. There are lots of ways to get fit! Including multiple types of exercise in your routine can also keep you from getting bored.

Once you've found the ideal workout method for you, you can also work on ways to make it more enjoyable. Add in some good playlists, join a class, or get yourself a gym buddy to turn it into an overall positive experience. When you actually enjoy exercising (even though it's hard sometimes), then getting motivated to start really can be as simple as a new outfit.