Hot Girl Walks Just Got A Decidedly Adult Upgrade

At this point, we've all heard of hot girl walks, the mental health-oriented walks meant to boost your confidence, help you find gratitude, and, ultimately, feel fabulous. Although the concept isn't that new — taking regular walks is proven to lower your risk of depression (via the American Psychological Association) — the name gives walking a fun, accessible theme that encourages people to get fresh air and exercise.


Now that this trend has been popular for a couple of years, folks are exploring countless ways you can keep hot girl walks from becoming stale. With that in mind, TikTok users have come up with an enticing twist: wine walks. While the original hot girl walk was all about a nourishing practice that engages mind, body, and spirit, this new rendition is more about getting some extra entertainment out of your evening exercise. A delightful merger between hot girl walks and happy hour, wine walks might become the trendiest activity of the summer.

What are wine walks?

Wine walks are exactly what they sound like. You and your friends sip wine while going for a leisurely evening stroll. If you go on TikTok, you'll find that the wine walk has gained significant popularity, with many users sharing their own renditions of the cheeky variation on hot girl walks. In fact, at the time of writing, the hashtag has more than 5.5 million views.


The standard take on the wine walk is to fill a reusable water bottle with the wine of your choice and take it with you on your walk. A wine walk can have all kinds of vibes. It can be a casual date night with your partner or an impromptu hangout with your friends. It could also work as a pre-game activity with pals before going to an event. Overall, going on a wine walk seems like a foolproof trend. All you need is wine, a cup, friends, and the outdoors — easy enough, right? But as attainable as a wine walk is, is it the best way to unwind?

Are wine walks worth the hype?

Is a wine walk a good idea? Sort of. They're a fun way to blow off steam during a vacation or special occasion, but it is by no means a replacement for the hot girl walk. Alcohol has both depressant and stimulant effects on your body, per Healthline, neither of which are ideal for your official mental health walk of the day. If you like the idea of having a sippable treat on your hot girl walk, you might want to stick to the iced tea. That said, going on a wine walk once in a while could be a rewarding way to appreciate nice weather and have a pleasant evening with loved ones.


If you and your friends decide to go on a wine walk, be considerate of other people in the neighborhood and respect any community expectations. Make the most of your walk by choosing light, refreshing beverages and planning out a scenic route. To make your wine walk more inclusive, you can hop on the mocktail trend and make it a nonalcoholic spritzer walk instead.

Wine walks are a quirky way to mix up your typical evening plans, and if you're craving a change in your typical social routine, go for it. Just be sure to prioritize your mental and physical health and continue with your true hot girl walks.