Rude Things Your Bikini Waxer Wants You To Stop Doing Before And At Your Appointments

Since waxers go out of their way to maintain professionalism with their clients, they aren't always allowed to speak their minds candidly and honestly. If bikini waxers had the opportunity to open up authentically and from the heart, there are quite a few things they'd say that you might be surprised to hear. Every time you book an appointment with your waxer, you're already aware that they're going to have access to the most intimate areas of your body as they remove unwanted hair. 


Waxers take their job seriously because they don't want to cause any damage or harm along the way during beauty appointments that are meant to improve the way you look and feel. In turn, there are a few things your waxer probably hopes you'll take into account before and during your next appointment. If you truly make a note of these factors, there's no way your waxer will think of you as a rude client. Instead, you'll be considered the dream client they hope to continually see again.

Forgetting to shower before your appointment

As obvious as this might sound, not everyone is aware that they should be showering before going to their waxing appointments. Some people think it's no big deal to schedule a waxing appointment right after finishing a workout at the gym or right after explosive trips to the bathroom. In reality, it's actually quite rude to show up to a waxing appointment without being freshly showered. 


You should make sure your hygiene is on point before someone is forced to come up close and personal with your body. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how disgusted you'd be if you had to wax someone while they were covered in a sheet of sweat, smelling stinky and foul.

Consider how grossed out you'd be if you had to wax someone while they had visible residue of feces or toilet paper bits in their crevices. If you don't have enough time to take a full shower, at least have the courtesy to rinse yourself off with fresh water. If you don't have time for that either, consider using a bidet toilet stream or baby wipes to cleanse yourself.

Shaving within three weeks of your appointment is a waste of everyone's time

You'll end up wasting everyone's time if you show up to a waxing appointment without enough hair growth. Your waxer sets aside time on their schedule to handle your needs, but if you're unable to be waxed because you don't have enough hair growth, the appointment slot won't be worth anything to either of you.


The rule of thumb to follow is that you're supposed to stop shaving, waxing, plucking, or using hair removal creams at least three weeks before your appointment since your hair should be a specific length before waxing — and that means actually giving your body hair the chance to grow.

When the hair strands are too short, your bikini waxer simply won't be able to properly pull them out from the root. It could end up hurting your skin if they attempt to wax you without enough hair growth, which means most waxing professionals will simply turn you away at the beginning of the appointment based on how short your strands of hair are.

Lathering up with stubborn lotions or oils

It's pretty tricky for a bikini waxer to successfully remove all your hair if you lathered up with lotions or oils before your appointment. You might think you're being helpful to your bikini waxer by rubbing different creams and oils into the areas of hair you want to have removed. In reality, it makes it way too difficult for waxers to get the hair up in one or two pulls. 


If the strands of hair have been coated in something that makes them slippery, your waxer will have to go over each area a multitude of times in order to see any changes since the wax won't properly cling to the hair the way it should.

They might also have to waste extra time rubbing down your strands of hair with a special solution similar to liquid makeup remover before moving forward with your appointment. All this does is slow down their day and push back any other appointments on their schedule since they're taking so much time getting through yours.

Getting tipsy beforehand to avoid the pain is a huge mistake

Some people assume getting a bit tipsy before a waxing appointment is the easiest way to get through the pain. This is actually a huge mistake to make. Drinking alcohol is a terrible move before a waxing appointment for two significant reasons. Firstly, alcohol is a blood thinner, which means it'll be a lot easier for you to start bleeding during your appointment if you're blood has already been thinned out by liquor. 


The second reason is that your waxer shouldn't be forced to deal with you if you aren't clearheaded and sober-minded. It's not exactly fair to put them in the position of having to engage with you and your lowered inhibitions while you're under the influence of a substance as powerful as alcohol. Save your desire to throw back some shots for your next night out on the town with good friends. Your waxer should never be inconvenienced in this way.

Critiquing your waxer's spa space is unnecessary

A rude thing to do at a waxing appointment is to critique your waxer's spa space (and make your opinions known). In some cases, the waxer you're meeting up with is working for a major company or chain, like European Wax Center or Pretty Kitty. If they're working for one of the major names in the game, odds are, they have no control over what their spa space looks like. The company in charge chooses to decorate with specific colors, artwork, furniture, and more. There's no reason to voice your opinion about how ugly or unappealing you think things look in these instances. 


It's even more messed up if you know your waxer has gone out on their own to start their own business by renting out and decorating private individualized spa space. Waxers who've gone out on their own to create their own business typically take time to make sure their spa spaces are as professional and presentable as possible to maintain return clientele. The last thing they'll want to hear is your negative opinions about how they've visually set things up.

Not urinating before your appointment starts

One thing you should always keep in mind before a waxing appointment is that it's vital to urinate before things get started. If you don't, you might accidentally spill a little bit of urine on the waxing table as your hair is ripped out from the root. Each time patches of your hair get removed, it sends somewhat of a shockwave through your body. If your bladder is super full, it gets easier for unwanted spillage to happen. 


It's entirely unfair to your bikini waxer for you to accidentally leak a bit of urine during your appointment. Yes, they are supposed to disinfect and wipe down the waxing table in between each client. But that doesn't mean the things they're supposed to be cleaning should have anything to do with human waste. Typically, waxers wipe down tables to get rid of leftover wax residue and sprinkles of baby powder from each session. They shouldn't be forced to wipe down anything worse than that!

Trying to dig out your own ingrown hairs before coming

Ingrown hairs aren't pretty for anyone, but trying to dig them out on your own before showing up to a waxing appointment is not a good idea. You might feel embarrassed by the appearance of your ingrown hairs, but keep in mind that professional waxers aren't going to judge you or criticize you for having ingrown hair. Most people deal with ingrowns if they have a history of shaving their skin. 


As soon as you get into the groove of things with a regular and consistent waxing schedule, ingrowns will stop being so much of an issue. If they're currently an issue for you now, you still have to refrain from trying to dig them out with tweezers or other sharp utensils when you're by yourself. Ask your waxer if they'll be able to pull out any ingrowns for you during your appointment. 

It's rude to dig out ingrowns on your own before an appointment because this action will often lead to broken skin and possible bleeding. Instead of having intact and undamaged skin to work with, your waxer will potentially have to make changes to their approach during your session. In some cases, they'll have to cancel the session altogether if your skin is way too broken to lay wax over.


Chatting loudly on a phone call during your appointment

Whether you're in the middle of a waxing appointment or you're somewhere else completely, it's always best to respect people around you. You shouldn't loudly chat on phone calls in public, anywhere. Have you ever been seated on a mode of public transportation near someone who was having an incredibly loud conversation on their phone? If so, then you already know how inconsiderate and obnoxious it can be to deal with. 


It's even worse to do this to a waxer who's stuck in a small room with you, attempting to remove your hair. There's no way for them to create any distance from you while you're loudly chatting since they have to be up close and personal with you to get the job done. Instead of forcing them to listen in on whatever phone call you've got going on, tell the person you are chatting with that you'll have to call them back later on.

Showing up super late pushes back your waxer's schedule

The later you show up to your waxing appointment, the worse it is for your waxer and their schedule. When you show up super late, it pushes their schedule back and causes the clients after you to wait longer than intended. If this happens to be the case, the clients they have after you might blame your waxer for being inexperienced or incapable of handling business. This could ruin their chances of creating return clientele who will be willing to book with them again. 


Waxers do their best to create a lovely rapport with their clients to ensure they always have booked and busy schedules. Whenever you show up late, it puts them at risk of potentially losing out on their following clients who have to sit and wait for their turn. If you know you'll be late by about five to 10 minutes, let your waxer know as soon as possible. If you're going to be much later than that, though, you should probably just cancel and reschedule.

Forgetting to exfoliate before your appointment shows you aren't prepared

You should always be exfoliating before your waxing appointments. This is something to handle a day or two before your scheduled wax to avoid causing irritation or sensitivity. Waxers won't always bring this up because they don't want their clients to feel judged, but it makes the appointment easier for both of you if you've properly exfoliated beforehand.


When you exfoliate, it makes it easier for your waxer to pull out all of your hair. Without proper exfoliation, tons of stubborn strands might try to stay in their place. Although waxers may not inherently consider you rude for forgetting to exfoliate, it is considerate to show up prepared in order to make sure your session runs smoothly.

Exfoliating the areas you intend to have waxed is a simple step to add to your normal shower before showing up for your appointment. Use any basic sugar scrub that you'd find at Target or Walmart to accomplish this. One of the biggest benefits of using a sugar scrub as an exfoliant is that your skin will be left smelling wonderful. 

Neglecting painkillers if your pain tolerance is low

You know yourself better than anyone, which means you know if you should be taking painkillers before a waxing appointment or not. If your pain tolerance is incredibly low, there are ways to make your bikini wax less painful — like prioritizing taking painkillers ahead of time.


This will ensure you don't end up slowing down your waxer's process. If your waxer has to slow down your session to calm you down every time you start freaking out about the pain, it could mess up their schedule for the rest of the day. 

If you know that getting waxed causes you a lot of physical pain, you'll probably have to make requests with your waxer to take frequent breaks throughout the process. It's not exactly fair to ask your waxer to do that when they've got other clients to get to. Instead of forcing them to go through this long-winded hassle with you, take painkillers before you arrive in preparation. Painkillers usually take 10 to 20 minutes to kick in, so plan accordingly.

Saying judgmental things to your waxer about their career choice

Your waxer doesn't deserve to be judged for choosing a career in a service-based industry. For this reason, you should refrain from saying judgmental things about their career choice. You might be super successful as an accountant, lawyer, medical professional, or something else. That doesn't mean you should make someone who works in a service-based industry feel bad about what they've chosen to do to earn a living. 


Keep in mind that some people really do have a passion for working in service-based industries. Some folks who work as waxers are happy to maintain their title, position, and salary for years to come until they reach retirement age. Making a waxer feel inadequate over their career choice is a terrible thing to do in general, but especially if you expect to have positive interactions and experiences with them on a consistent basis.

Asking for intricate shapes and designs from waxers who don't offer those services

Some waxing salons offer super intricate shapes and designs. That doesn't mean every single waxing salon is on the same page about those intricate shapes and designs, though. It might also be true that the waxer you booked with isn't fully trained in creating specific designs, even if other bikini waxers they work with are. An easy way to deal with this would be calling ahead of time to make sure your waxing specialist is able to accommodate you and exactly what you're looking for. 


You don't want to wait until the moment you're already laid out on the table in front of your waxer to ask them what they're capable of doing. If you find out at the last minute that they're uncomfortable doing any shapes or designs, you shouldn't get upset with them. You should have sorted this out before booking your appointment instead of putting your waxer on the spot. There are plenty of waxers who are skilled when it comes to creating intricate shapes and designs, but you simply have to do your research to find where they're located — definitely don't assume every bikini waxer has the capacity for it.

Shooting your legs out and accidentally kicking your bikini waxer

Although it would be an accident to shoot your legs out and kick your bikini waxer, this is still something you should go out of your way to avoid doing at all costs. Your waxer isn't inherently trying to hurt you during the process of removing your hair, and they don't deserve to get hurt while doing their job.


It's common knowledge that getting waxed isn't the most peaceful or painless experience in the world. However, since you know ahead of time that getting waxed isn't going to feel great, you should start mentally preparing yourself ahead of time to keep your legs still, relaxed, and calm.

The more you squirm and move around, the harder you make it for your waxer to get the job done. If you accidentally kick your waxer, they could feel the blow to their chest, stomach, arms, or even their face. They are not signing up to get physically hurt, which means you have to prepare yourself to keep your legs from jutting out.

Oversharing is a quick way to make your waxer uncomfortable

Remember that your waxer is not your own personal therapist. You should never trauma dump on them without their permission. Just because they're forced to share an intimate moment with you as they remove your unwanted hair doesn't mean they should be forced to listen to you vent about everything going wrong in your life.


While there is a difference between venting and trauma dumping — both should be avoided. When you trauma dump on someone else without their permission, you leave them to bear the weight of your problems long after you've left their presence. And listening to someone constantly vent while you're trying to focus can be exhausting.

Waxers are known for being personable and conversational since they love the idea of having return clientele who always come back on a consistent basis. This doesn't mean it's free reign for you to unload all your heaviest memories and most heart-wrenching secrets in one session. Save the trauma dumping for when you're sitting down with a professional therapist or a psychologist.


Not tipping a thoughtful amount

Tipping is never mandatory, but it's kind to tip 15% to 20% of what the waxing service costed since you trusted someone to take care of your most intimate bits. There's no denying the fact that waxers have to be super careful and cautious as they remove unwanted hair from your different body parts. They're getting up close and personal with parts of you that no one else gets to see aside from your lover and your gynecologist. 


Waxers treat you with gentle respect as they handle your needs, which means it shouldn't be unreasonable for you to treat them with respect in return. A waxer will never force you to tip a specific dollar amount, but you should choose to tip for all of your beauty services out of the kindness of your own heart anyway. If you're shelling out money on a waxing appointment in the first place, you should also be shelling out a percentage of the total cost to leave as a tip.