The Mid-Mute Dating Trend Is Just Another Way For Someone To Not Make You A Priority

Swiping on a dating app, eh? It's the worst! All these profiles that look exactly the same, the occasional match, the chat convo that goes nowhere beyond, "How are you?" and the matches that don't even talk to you at all. Online dating is a minefield, and it's easy to get burnt out. If you're lucky enough to actually feel a spark and connection with a match, and the first coffee date goes well, it's understandable to get excited about this one person, especially after all that swiping disappointment. However, just because we're feeling it and want more of our new match, that doesn't mean it's entirely reciprocated.

It's only natural that getting to know someone should take some time, but for some people, they're not just taking their time, they're putting all their potential matches on the back burner. Sometimes that means dating several people at once, but for others, there's a new toxic trend of literally putting their dates on mid-mute. What does that mean and how can you tell if your exciting new date is mid-muting you? Here's what to know. 

Mid-muting involves muting notifications from a potential date

You've probably heard of ghosting and catfishing, but now welcome to the not-so-wonderful world of mid-muting. Interestingly enough, it's actually not that different from a term you might have encountered before, benching. According to Metro, benching is a way to lead someone on. In other words, they don't make serious attempts to deepen the romantic connection, but they also don't extinguish any hope of a relationship either. Now, it seems mid-muting is a way to take benching even a step further.

Dating expert Tina Wilson explained to Glamour that mid-muting involves your date muting all of your notifications on their phone during the week, "as they only see you as a weekend thing." Wilson continued, "If a pattern emerges which typically sees very little or no communication from Sunday through to Thursday, it is safe to say you could be being kept for weekend fun. Mid-week, they are busy at work or juggling things and simply don't have time to talk to you. Then as soon as Thursday comes round, they selfishly think of weekend plans and will drop you a message out of the blue."

If you're reading this and suddenly realizing your crush only texts you when the end of the work week rolls around, now is the time to take action to see if they are genuinely interested, or just leaving you breadcrumbs. Luckily, there are things you can do to break free from the mid-mute.

Test the mid-muter with a mid-week text

Mid-muting might seem similar to another dating trend, breadcrumbing, which Today explained, involves leading someone without the actual intention of following through. But you know your worth, and you know what kind of treatment you deserve, and you will not be happy with just the breadcrumbs. 

Nonetheless, expert Tina Wilson advises via Glamour that now is the time to either challenge the mid-mute or walk away. Noting that the mid muter "could be keeping their options open and hurting you in the process." Therefore, Wilson suggests not to play along and trust your gut if you have a bad feeling that he's just using you. She recommends, "Only be available mid week and see what reaction you get to that........!"

Of course, if you find that you get a delayed reaction or they only respond to your mid-week text over the weekend, you have your answer right there. That's when it's time to let them know you're aware of the game they're playing, and may be looking to end the relationship once and for all.