Milk Tea Blond Hair Is The Perfect Way To Go Light This Summer

If you thought you had your summer hair color picked out already, there is a new hue that's about to change your mind. Milk tea blond hair is the latest hue that is set to make your summer hair look fresh and fun. While it's typical to go lighter with your color during the hotter seasons, milk tea blond takes it to a new level. It is all about giving your hair a beige tone that is cooler and ashier, making it look creamy and chic. If you have darker hair, going extremely lighter can be overwhelming. However, this color has proven to look amazing on almost everyone and gives your hair dimension and movement. Like milk tea, this color is luscious and gives your hair a unique look.

If dying your entire head of hair a milk tea blond color seems like too much of a process and a commitment, there are ways to incorporate the color so it doesn't take over your locks. Whether you choose balayage or foil highlights, milk tea blond can add more depth and dimension, giving you salon-ready hair at any time. While typical milk tea blond hair is cooler in tone, you can also warm it up to give you a shade that matches your skin's undertone the best. So give your hair a splash of blond by adding these milk tea blond looks to your inspiration board and get ready for a chic and fun summer season.

All-over milk tea blond

All-over milk tea blond is the perfect way of getting that lighter hue you want without getting the same color as everyone else. And the best thing is, the color can be as light as you are comfortable with; simply ask for more 'milk' in the hue. With its ashy and cool tones, you'll end up with the perfect hair for those sun-kissed summer days.

Milk tea blond highlights

Because not everyone is a fan of the all-over hair color, highlights can be a great way to break up your coloring, especially if you are starting with a darker base color. If going completely blond is a scary thought, adding a few highlights in the milk tea blond hair color can give your hair extra dimension, lightness, and brightness, without having to do an all-over change. 

Warm-toned milk tea blond

While milk tea blond hair typically has a cooler tone, there's no reason why you can't warm it up a bit if that suits your skin tone better. Not much needs to change with your milk tea color as the blond will still be light and bright, except with a bit of a honey hue in it.

Purple-tinted milk tea blond

Sometimes blond isn't enough of a change and you want something more. Just as you can make your hair warmer if you wish, you can also add a tint to your milk tea blond locks to get a customized color. Go cooler with a purple or blue tint to your hair or warmer with red or orange. Just remember to go very light with the tint as it shouldn't overpower the milk tea blond color. 

Ombre milk tea blond

Just as you can add a balayage or highlights to your hair, you can also give your hair an ombre effect. This works best for those with a dark base color that's difficult to change to blond entirely. Ask your stylist to start at your roots and slowly transition to the milk tea blond color. Not only will an ombre give you a unique hair design, but it will also reduce the number of times you need to revisit the salon for touch-ups.

Dark milk tea blond

Let's face it, not everyone wants to go blond for the summer, and that's okay. For those who want something on the darker side, you can still adopt the milk tea blond trend. Choose a creamy caramel hue that will still give the appearance of a milk tea-inspired color while still holding onto your darker shade.