Spring's Hottest Fashion Aesthetic Is Hard To Deny (& A Bit Surprising)

Spring has officially sprung throughout the Northern Hemisphere, which means 2023's spring fashion trends are now in full bloom. One of those trends is so unexpected that you may need to read it twice to let it sink in. This spring, one of the trendiest aesthetics is business casual. Yes, business casual, as in what you wear to the office on Fridays.

Blazers, button-ups, ballet flats, cardigans, and even suits are all having a moment this spring. If you typically struggle to find the courage to try bold new fashion trends, now is your time your shine. There is no safer trend than this one. For inspiration, here are some of the best examples we could find of how to put together a springtime look that qualifies as business casual. Choose your favorite, put your own spin on it, and take your new respectable spring 'fit out for a spin. 

Pastel blazer

If you're interested in mixing some business-casual pieces into your wardrobe this spring, but you're not sure where to start, then the humble pastel blazer is the choice for you. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, overalls, dresses, and anything else you might wear in the spring. 

Sweater dress with a wide belt

For those looking to just dip their toes in the pool of business casual spring wear, consider the possibility of tweaking an item you already have in your closet from winter: a sweater dress. Swap opaque tights for sheer hose or bare legs, add a wide belt for more waist definition, and you're good to go. 

Wide-leg linen pants

Linen pants are a gift to those who wish to keep their skin covered without succumbing to the intense heat of late spring and summer. This also makes them perfect for incorporating business-casual styles into warm-weather wardrobes. Pair some breathable, wide-leg flowy linen pants with a colorful blazer, a silk tank, or a spring cardigan for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Suit with sandals

Sometimes, changing up your layering pieces and accessories is all it takes to take an outfit from one season to another. Pick your favorite non-black suit and add a pastel tank, a whimsical jewelry piece or two, and matching sandals, and you have a business casual spring masterpiece. 

Shorts suit

Love the idea of adding sandals to a suit to make it more casual for spring? How about taking it a step further? Pair a basic tank with a linen shorts suit and some cute sandals, and you're ready to move seamlessly into summer with your business-casual aesthetic intact. 

Floral accents

If you're looking for an even more subtle way to incorporate this trend than a pastel blazer or a sweater dress, look for ways to make your existing business-casual wardrobe a little softer. Add a few more floral patterns, a bit of flowery lace, more earthy greens, and swap your pants for a flowy skirt a bit more often. How far you go with a fashion trend is completely up to you and your individual style.