6 Foolproof Ways To Style Your Flowy Linen Pants This Summer

Linen pants have shown us they deserve a spot in everyone's wardrobe. They're classy, chic, comfy, and the perfect staple for summer. You can style linen pants in multiple ways for any occasion, like denim jeans. In addition, they're a great replacement for jeans if you're looking for something lighter to wear on hot summer days. We know that even our favorite jeans can make us break a sweat when we're out doing any summer activity. Linen pants are all made of fibers from the stems of flax plants rather than cotton bolls to make them breathable and lightweight. They're a more suitable option for hot and humid weather because linen tends to dry faster than cotton fabric; you won't have to worry about sweat spots showing on your pants.

On the other hand, linen pants are versatile and available in many prints, colors, and patterns to fit your style. For example, you can style neutral-toned linen pants if you like dressing in neutral colors, such as white, cream, black, and gray. For those who enjoy stepping outside their comfort zone and want a colorful capsule wardrobe, there are also linen pants in vivid colors, like orange, yellow, and pink, which you can try styling. Here are a few ways you can style your linen pants this summer.

Striped linen pants

The fun thing about linen pants is you can wear them anywhere. For example, if you've been scrambling to find something to wear to the movie theater, throw on a pair of linen pants, and you're good to go. The strawberry festivals and fairs will start soon, and linen pants can be the perfect clothing item to make you comfortable walking for hours. You can style them with a loose-fitted tank top, denim jacket, and sneakers for a casual yet chic outfit. You can elevate your look by doing your makeup and curling your hair.

Neutral linen pants

As aforementioned, if you have more of a neutral-tone wardrobe, you can purchase neutral linen pants and easily style them with your clothes. In addition, neutral linen pants are ideal for layering with a pop of color. For example, wearing a white tank top and cream-colored linen pants is straightforward and can be mundane, but layering it with a green overshirt enhances the look. You can switch out the green for an orange button-up shirt to stand out and be bold.

Wear a matching set

There's nothing we love more than a fun, bright, matching set. They're ideal for when you have no idea what to wear because it's already an outfit easily put together. You can find matching linen sets in bright colors like this stunning orange color that you can wear to the beach. In addition, matching linen sets are effortless and stylish.

Opt for a golden tone

If you're not a fan of matching sets, you can opt for bright linen pants and make that your statement piece. For example, wear a golden yellow pair of linen pants with a white tube top for a cute brunch outfit. In addition, you can mix two matching sets if one is neutral-based and the other is more vibrant, so you get the best of both worlds. Finally, dress up the look with a sun hat and sunglasses, especially if you're out in the sun most of the day and your favorite jewelry.

Multi-colored linen pants

Another way to get some color in your wardrobe is to find a pair of multi-colored pants instead of neutrals. Multi-colored striped pants are ideal because they often have one color stand out more than the rest, so you can style them with various tops. For example, these peach-forward striped linen pants have a bit of gray, yellow, and white colors that you can wear with any top in those shades, and it will look like a different outfit every time.

Opt for a cropped style

For the shorter girlies, you can rock wide-leg linen pants. It's all about finding the right length not to look like you're swimming in them. Cropped linen pants are also available in a myriad of colors, like these bright yellow pants. You can style them the same way with tube tops, tank tops, cropped tops, open-toed shoes, or sneakers, and make them the perfect outfit for any event. Show off your ankles confidently; the linen pants will keep you comfortable all day.