The Best Ways To Style A Chic Blazer

Menswear worn as womenswear is not a new concept, as we have seen trends such as the "academia aesthetic" pop-up over the past year. One key piece traditionally considered a menswear-inspired item is a blazer. Blazers are the ultimate way to elevate your look this fall. The look is celebrity-approved, as our favorite style icons like Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Ella Hosk have all been seen wearing the chic piece (via Instagram).

Originally seen as an office wear essential, representing women breaking into the workforce but the blazer has now branched beyond the office and into the streets. "Blazers work for everyone regardless of age, size or style, plus they can be styled in so many ways," says stylist and presenter Emma Lightbown (via woman&home). It is hard to find a blazer that wouldn't go with your outfit, as they are versatile and perfect for layering. They also come in many styles, including tailored, oversized, cropped, plain, and patterned, so you are certain to find the chic blazer perfect for you.

If you are looking to rock the chic blazer look this fall, here are five top-tier ways to style the trend.

Casual and comfortable

If you want to rock the blazer look, but prefer not to change out of your sweats, you are in luck! Celebrities and influencers alike are rocking blazers layered over their favorite sweatsuit. This look is a great way to transition from the work-from-home look to a casual lunch with the girls. The juxtaposition shown between the sweats and blazer gives an effortless luxe vibe, especially when paired with chunky dad sneakers and gold jewelry (via Instagram).

Preppy chic

One well-known use of blazers is in preparatory school uniforms. The preppy chic trend piggybacks off of this look, making blazers the ultimate prep staple. This style revolves around the idea of looking polished, with other wardrobe staples of the style being khakis, skorts, polos, and button-downs. Throw a blazer in the mix, and you have a perfect preppy chic look.! In today's society, we also consider the traditional preppy chic part of TikTok's "old money" aesthetic, where people fantasize about what it may be like to be born into a long line of wealth.


As more people worldwide turn to capsule wardrobes to minimize their clothing consumption, outfits are becoming much more minimal. A blazer is the perfect minimalist addition to a capsule wardrobe, as it can be styled in a variety of ways over the same basics. Style a blazer over an all-black outfit for a more professional look, or elevate the vibe by adding a blazer to a basic denim and t-shirt look (via Instagram).

Night out attire

Blazers can be both for the office and a night out. No need to buy a blazer-style dress from a fast-fashion company. Pro-tip: thrift an oversized blazer and belt it at the waist to create your own dress. For a classy night out look, try wearing an oversized blazer as a dress with booties. If you're looking for something a bit more casual for date night, a bralette or crop top under your blazer can keep you warm while also looking ravishing (via Instagram).

Dark academia

The hottest TikTok fashion aesthetic for fall is "dark academia." Coincidentally, one key wardrobe piece to the perfect dark academia wardrobe is an oversized blazer. The dark academia aesthetic revolves around a love for higher education and classical literature with gothic undertones. The fashion of the aesthetic bounces off the love of education aspect. Style your blazer in a dark academia fashion by recreating an outfit similar to a professor's. This outfit is likely to include a black turtleneck, slacks, and loafers.