23 Scrunchie Hairstyles That Will Bring You Back To The '90s

Ah, the scrunchie. This is one of the '90s hair tools that defined the era, and we're ecstatic to announce that it's officially back on the fashion scene. Where the hair accessory was once reserved for big, poofy buns and ponytails, it's now being used in a variety of ways and comes in more styles than ever before. We're seeing scrunchies being used to tie back half your hair, to tame straight, low ponies, and now they're sometimes adorned with ribbons or made with silk fabrics. 

Want to hop (back) on the scrunchie train? We don't blame you. There's a scrunchie style for every type of hair and occasion, and this is the hair accessory we can't get enough of this year. Whether you're about to dig your old scrunchies out of the back of that drawer of hair tools you've had for decades, or you just need some new scrunchie inspo, you've come to the right place! We're serving up 23 of our favorite scrunchie inspiration looks, so you'll be sure to find a scrunchie style to fit every outfit and occasion.

Wear it around your wrist

First up, a scrunchie look that needs no explanation. We're sure you've worn a scrunchie around your wrist when you need to have one on hand (pun intended), but you aren't ready to wear it quite yet. Have you ever considered wearing a scrunchie purely as a wrist accessory? You don't have to intend to tie back your hair with it to wear it with pride. To make it fit with the rest of your 'fit, match it to a piece of clothing in your ensemble or another accessory. 

Tie it around a top knot

If you want a scrunchie look that you'll find yourself going back to again and again, wear a scrunchie around a top knot. To really rock this look, it's best to pair big scrunchies with bigger 'dos and smaller scrunchies with thinner, tighter buns — this way, your scrunchie won't overshadow your updo, and vice versa. Match a scrunchie to a monochrome outfit for an ultra-put-together look, or wear a bold color to let it stand on its own. 

Secure a big ponytail

Go full '80s with your scrunchie look when you use it to secure a big and poofy power ponytail to the back of your head. The middle back of your head is a great placement for this ponytail, but if you want to go the extra mile with it, you can take it up and to the side for a look that'll give everyone a little bit of nostalgia. Use a patterned scrunchie to add some interest to your 'do, or keep it neutral for a classier vibe. 

Find one with a bow

Scrunchies are getting all sorts of fun upgrades this time around, and one of our favorite versions of the classic hair accessory is the bow scrunchie. Bow scrunchies are an especially great look if you're working with short, thin, or straight hair, as they can add some volume to what may otherwise be a rather flat scrunchie look. Position the bow at the top of your head for a cute look, to the side if asymmetry is more your thing, or underneath your bun if you need to hide some bedhead. 

Get it in your favorite bright color

Scrunchies are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your favorite big, bright, bold colors. Match them to your outfit, or let them stand on their own, as they'll be stunning either way! For maximum effect, grab a bright scrunchie that's on the larger side so you can really show it off. Loop it a few times around a ponytail or just once around a top knot to maximize its volume. 

Wear more than one

Can't decide which scrunchie to wear? Don't. Wear them all — there are no rules here. Whether you go for a subtle bubble braids look, a braided ponytail, or a couple of space buns, we say to put on scrunchies to your heart's content. Bonus points if you can make them all stick to the same color scheme. For example, use all pastels, all neutrals, or different bright colors — but again, no rules! As long as you're feeling happy and confident in your scrunchie style, you'll rock it. 

Tie back a low pony

Want to pull off the low ponytail look without looking like a founding father? We've got news for you: Scrunchies can elevate your low ponytail to such an extent that nobody will mistake you for somebody who's just signed the Constitution. When it comes to low ponies, the bigger the scrunchie, the better, especially if you're working with thin hair. 

Or loop it around a low bun

Is your go-to hairstyle a low, easy bun? Well, we've got the perfect way for you to kick it up a notch. Do your low bun the same way you always would, but this time, loop a poofy scrunchie around it. A scrunchie around a low bun adds some visual interest to your ensemble without overwhelming it. If your outfit is pretty muted, try this look with a bright scrunchie to really make it pop.

Wear at the top of a braid

Scrunchies look stunning around any ponytail, but have you ever worn one around a braided ponytail? Wearing a scrunchie at the top of a braided ponytail adds dimension to an already stunning hairdo without taking attention away from the braid at all. Let your braid take center stage by picking a neutral scrunchie or one that matches the rest of your outfit, or let the scrunchie stand out by picking one in a fun pattern. 

Or at the top and bottom of a braid

Or, you can take the last tip and go all out by wearing two scrunchies — one each at the top and bottom of a braid. After all, two scrunchies make for twice the fun, right? The scrunchies don't even have to match each other if you don't want them to; however, we don't recommend mixing materials or sizes here if you want your look to stay pretty uniform. 

Find one in floral

Scrunchies come in nearly every design under the sun nowadays, but one of our favorites is the floral scrunchie. There are tons of floral scrunchie options out there, and we're particularly in love with embroidered floral scrunchies (like the one pictured above). A floral embroidered scrunchie is a great option for a more sophisticated 'fit. If you want to go big and bold, look for scrunchies that boast big, bright printed flower patterns.

Find a fuzzy sweater scrunchie

When colder weather rolls around, you might find yourself looking for a scrunchie to match the season. That's where sweater scrunchies come in. Sweater scrunchies are knit scrunchies that could easily pass for part of a sweater — when you're not wearing them in your hair, that is. They're an easy way to add an element of coziness to any outfit, whether or not you're wearing an actual sweater. 

Go for silk to minimize damage

If you suffer from frizzy, dry hair, you probably take extra care with what products you will and won't allow touching your hair. You may have even found your saving grace in silk pillowcases. If any of this sounds like you, and you're one who wants to step back into scrunchie territory, we recommend investing in a few silk scrunchies. Silk scrunchies will protect your hair from the friction that tends to cause breakage and flyaways, so you can tie it back without worrying about finding damage later. 

Match it to your 'fit

Have you ever put on a stunning monochromatic outfit only to find that it feels like it's just ... missing something? Well, friend, that something might just be a scrunchie. Accessories can really take any outfit to a whole other level, and scrunchies are no exception. So the next time you find that your monochromatic outfit just needs a bit of a boost, go ahead and add a scrunchie to the mix.

Let your bangs hang loose

Even shorter hairstyles can pull off a scrunchie, and one way to do so is by leaving a few face-framing tendrils out of whatever 'do you decide to do. Leaving your bangs out of it can add some dimension to your face, especially if your scrunchie is positioned more toward the back of your head. This is also a great option if you want to hide some of your forehead.

Go half up, half down

When you don't feel like pulling all of your hair back in a scrunchie, don't — pile the front half of your hair on top of your head and secure it with a big scrunchie. This is a fabulously simple, fun look that anyone can pull off, but we recommend it especially for those with thicker or longer hair. Match the scrunchie to your hair color if you don't want it to stand out, or match it to another color in your outfit for a coordinated look.

Bundle up your braids

Braided babes: Even though your hair is perfectly braided and out of your face, there may be times you still need to secure your hair back (especially to create fun hairstyles). When those times arise, secure those braids back with a scrunchie! Because braids can be intricate on their own, depending on the style, you may feel like you don't need to adorn them any further — but reaching for a large scrunchie is the perfect addition to spice it up. 

Finish off a grungy 'fit

If you want to add an element of playfulness to an otherwise dark, moody, grungy ensemble, it's simple: Just add a big scrunchie. Scrunchies can make your outfit look a bit gentler while still keeping the edge you want to put on display. Pick one in a black velvet material to give your grungy outfit an elegant twist, or keep it edgy by finding a black scrunchie printed with small white skull designs.

Add it to a braid + ponytail combo

We love the classy elegance of a braid and ponytail combo, but sometimes you just want to wear this hairdo to a casual outing or while you're going about your day-to-day business. When you want to dress down an otherwise opulent hairstyle, tie a scrunchie into it. To really tone down the look, pick a scrunchie in a bright, offbeat color so everyone knows you're more play than work, or go for a pastel when you want to exude gentleness. 

Tie back just the bangs

Scrunchies don't have to tie back all your hair — sometimes, you just need to get your bangs out of your face. For those days when the wind is blowing, or you just don't want to risk catching your bangs in your lipgloss, go ahead and tie them back with a scrunchie. Scrunchies are an effortlessly cute way to keep unruly hair at bay. Any size scrunchie will do here! Get a bigger one when you want your look to stand out or a smaller one on days when you want to go unnoticed. 

Get twisty with it

A twisted ponytail is a classy hairdo perfect for any occasion, and it gets an instant upgrade when you add a scrunchie to it. This look calls back to pre-'00s sitcom moms in the best way possible, so we're obviously obsessed with it. Do a single twisted ponytail or stack multiple on top of each other, like in the photo above. 

Put it in a simple, low bun

Remember the looped bun we all wore back in middle school? This simple hairstyle is created by starting a ponytail — when you go to pull your hair through the scrunchie for the last time, stop pulling it halfway, and you'll end up with a loop bun. Pull off this look with a modern twist when you use a scrunchie to tie it back. This look works perfectly fine with high-loop buns, but we love how the scrunchie sits on low-loop buns. 

Pair a neutral with anything

Finally, sometimes scrunchie occasions will arise, and you won't have the right scrunchie on hand. Not every scrunchie goes with every 'fit, especially if your hair care drawer is littered with bright or patterned scrunchies. To prevent a scrunchie-mergency from happening, we recommend keeping a few neutral-colored scrunchies on hand. These are easy to grab and pair with any look and will keep you from scrambling to find something to tie your hair back at the last minute.