21 Monochromatic Outfits To Inspire Your One-Tone Looks

We know you've had those days where you just want to make a statement. You wake up, the sun is shining, and you're ready to conquer the world. You've definitely also had days where getting out of bed is a monumental task, much less actually getting dressed. And we bet you've had days where you just don't know what to wear, and putting a look together is just a chore. Believe it or not, these drastically different days have something striking in common: they're all begging for monochromatic outfits.

Monochromatic looks are perfect for day or night, rain or shine, and for any occasion or mood under the sun. A bold monochromatic outfit can be alluring and evoke a sense of power in the wearer, while a grayscale outfit offers comfort and calmness. Matching monochromatic sets are easy as pie to wear on lazy days and still look incredibly put together. You can use your accessories as standalone pieces or make them match the rest of your 'fit. The versatility and ease of wear a good monochromatic look offers make it one of the top styles to take advantage of, in our book.

Curious? Ready to start your fabulous monochromatic outfit journey? Let's look at 21 monochromatic outfits we're digging to get some fashion inspiration.

Make it athleisure

First up, a monochromatic look is perfect for when you need to rock an I-just-woke-up-like-this-look, or when your day is full of errands and workouts. When your vibe is saying "Don't mess with me, I've got things to do," monochromatic athleisure wear is a great go-to outfit. When it comes to athleisure, anything goes — you could rock a bold hot pink set à la Amy Poehler in "Mean Girls," or you could go for an understated yet sophisticated cream set or the ever-versatile black set. The great thing about athleisure is that you can find a bunch of monochromatic sets without looking too hard, and you're bound to find options in whatever your go-to color is. 

Play with texture

Worried about your monochromatic outfit being boring? Don't be! Head-to-toe single-color looks are standouts in and of themselves. If one color doesn't offer enough visual interest for you, though, go for some single-color pieces that incorporate texture. Knits will become your BFFs here, as will quilted pieces and accessories that tend to be textured, like scarves or wallets. The texture doesn't have to match across all the pieces, either — just keep the same color throughout your outfit and mix and match textures to your heart's content.

Two-tone it with your accessories

When it comes to putting together the perfect monochrome outfit, nobody said all your pieces have to match to a T. In fact, a monochromatic outfit is a great opportunity to let your fabulous accessories make their own statement. If you want to go for a two-tone monochromatic look, find accessories that are a few shades off from the color of the rest of your outfit (for example, pair a lavender handbag with a dark purple look, or a light green scarf with an emerald green outfit). Bonus points if you can find a few accessories of the same color to really amp up the two-tone look.

Match your outerwear

In the colder months, what's the point of a monochromatic look if it's just going to be covered up under a coat all day? Nix that problem when you match your monochromatic outfit to your favorite piece of outerwear. If you already have shirts, pants, and outerwear pieces in the same color, this won't be too difficult, but these looks are easy enough to create without breaking the bank if you build them around pieces you already have. Find a coat that matches your favorite already-owned monochromatic look, or pick your favorite coat and find pieces to wear in the same color. Neutrals will be easier to build these monochromatic outfits around, but don't let that make you shy away from color either.

Choose denim on denim

Listen, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, so don't hate on double denim! Denim-on-denim is back, baby, and it's better than ever, making it one of our top ways to wear a monochromatic look. To style the perfect monochrome denim-on-denim look, you'll want to make sure all your denim pieces are the same wash — light, dark, acid, stone, bleach, you name it. Then, mix and match to your heart's content! Colorful denim has recently gained a valuable hold on the denim market, too, so you're not limited to standard blue denim. Find a matching purple denim jeans and jacket set to really make a statement.

Go green

If you want a fabulous transitional outfit to wear, beckon in spring weather in a fabulous all-green ensemble. Green is a color that's too often slept upon, in our opinion, and we love the sense of growth and connection to nature that it evokes. Plus, when done intentionally, green (and any other monochromatic outfit color, for that matter) can really be paired with any solid-color accessory, like an eye-catching blue crossbody bag, for example. 

Embrace bold colors

When you're making monochromatic looks, we won't deny that neutrals are great pieces to have. They're easy to match with each other for a monochromatic 'fit, or with other pieces for everyday wear. We think everyone needs a bit of color in their wardrobe, though, so why not pick up a bold monochromatic outfit the next time you're doing a wardrobe refresh? A monochromatic outfit in a bright color is easy enough to style on its own — just throw the pieces on and you're ready to go. But we also love bold monochromatic looks because they'll add some color to your everyday wear. Pair each individual colorful piece with a neutral in your closet, and you have something bright (but not too overwhelmingly monochrome) to stroll around town in.

Throw it back to other decades

As you're looking for monochromatic pieces, keep in mind colors, patterns, and styles that call to mind earlier fashion eras. Monochromatic outfits offer a great way to harken back to decades of old while still keeping your looks sufficiently modern. Take the above '70s-inspired look, for example. Burnt orange is the key color here, while the corduroy fabric and flare fit of the pant pay obvious homage to the '70s and '80s. 

Go head to toe

If you want to really commit to your monochrome outfit — and we mean commit with a capital C — then deck yourself out in head-to-toe fabulous boldness. For a monochromatic outfit that inspires glances from left and right and compliments out the wazoo, pick a bright color and wear the heck out of it, from your outerwear to your accessories. Finding a hat, purse, belt, shoes, pants, shirt, coat, and jewelry in the same bright, bold color might be a bit of a task, but the end result? An eye-catching ensemble that we wouldn't be surprised to find you living in.

Try sheer fabrics

Layers are a girl's best friend — at least, they are when it comes to monochromatic looks. We've already talked about layering a coat over the rest of your 'fit, but don't forget another great layering option: sheer fabrics. Layer sheer garments over solid pieces in the same color for a look that you'll find yourself reaching for again and again. We especially love sheer monochromatic looks at nighttime when you need a sexy ensemble. They'll keep you covered and keep your color of choice front and center, while hinting at a little something hidden underneath.

Incorporate pattern

Going monochrome doesn't have to mean head-to-toe solid color. You can easily have a monochromatic outfit that incorporates some visual interest through a pattern, too. The pattern could be as simple as some beading on a shirt, or you could grab a sweater with a cozy alpine feel, as seen above. When you're adding patterns to your monochromatic looks, we recommend making sure the pattern's primary color stays within a neutral palette. This will keep it from distracting from your color of choice, so your monochromatic outfit stays monochrome.

Use different shades

Using different shades of any color is a great option to keep in mind when you're creating monochromatic outfits with neutrals as well as colorful pieces. Sometimes, especially when you're shopping for color, it's just hard to find pieces in the exact same shade — if that's the case, feel free to mix and match shades for your monochromatic look. We recommend making sure your pieces stay within a couple shades of each other so you can still get that monochromatic look. This is an especially easy look to create with neutrals, as you'll probably find that you already have plenty of neutral pieces in your closet that are within a few shades of each other. 

Add some sparkle

If a monochromatic outfit just isn't exciting enough for you, or you're looking for one perfect for a fancy evening event, the solution is simple: add some sparkle to your 'fit! Depending on the look you're going for, you could deck yourself out in sparkly pieces from your head to your toes. You could also keep it simpler by finding just one piece of your monochromatic outfit that shimmers, like a shirt or jacket. Of course, a single-color sparkly dress is probably one of the easiest options for this look. Let it stand on its own by pairing it with neutral accessories, or find accessories that match if you want to go bold.

Match a favorite dress

You can always build a monochromatic outfit around a single piece you already own, especially if that piece is a solid-color dress. Dresses are our favorite one-and-done closet staple pieces, and finding accessories that match is a simple way to create a stunning monochromatic look. The amount of other pieces you add to your ensemble is up to you — you could keep it simple with a pair of matching strappy sandals and a handbag, or you could go all out and find matching shoes, tights, a scarf, and fashion jewelry. If you're ready to really embrace your monochromatic outfit and want to make a statement with it, grab some temporary hair dye in that color, as seen above. (Kudos if you have this much commitment to your color of choice!)

Go gray

Of course, your monochromatic outfits don't have to make a bold statement. Sometimes you want a look that's easy to put together, understated, and suitable for whatever you have going on that day. If that's the case, a gray monochromatic outfit could be perfect for you. Gray is easy to style up or down. A matching gray sweatpants and sweatshirt set is ideal for lounging, and if you're going to be out and about, go for a fitted matching gray activewear worn under a darker gray jacket. You'll look incredibly put together and only we'll know you threw it on just after getting out of bed. But it's okay, your secret is safe with us.

Show some skin

Want to break up your monochromatic outfit a bit? Or maybe going out in a matching coat, shirt, pants, shoes, and a hat just feels like going a little overboard to you. Not to worry, friend — there's a monochromatic outfit out there for you, too. In the warmer months, monochrome isn't off the table just because you'll want to show some skin. Keep your monochrome look simple and breezy by matching a crop top to a skirt or pair of shorts. Keep the attention on the color by adding in a matching sun hat or sunglasses. Showing some skin between your top and the waistline of your pants lets your outfit keep its monochrome appeal without looking too overwhelming.

Wear it to work

Ever heard of the power suit? No? Well, friend, it's time you got introduced to this office staple that'll make you feel like a million bucks and close about as many business deals (well, hopefully). Wear a monochromatic outfit to work by making a great power suit look out of it. This outfit shouldn't be too hard to make, either, as many blazers and trousers are tailored as a set. For the true power suit appeal, we recommend finding power suit pieces in a bright, bold color. Match your eyeshadow and lipstick to your shade of choice for a look that tells everyone in the office you really mean business.

Find unique designs

Again, nobody said your monochromatic outfit had to be a single solid color. There are plenty of pieces out there that incorporate subtle designs, adding interest while retaining the purity of your monochromatic color of choice. When it comes to designs on your monochromatic pieces, you'll want to make sure your target color is the focal color and that it takes up the majority of the item. Try not to opt for designs that incorporate more than one additional color, as they can be too busy. Instead, look for a piece that subtly incorporates just one other color, preferably a few shades lighter than your target color.

Buy a matching set

Listen, we get it — some of you are busy and don't have time to shop for new looks, or you may feel like clothes shopping is just an overwhelming experience in general. You want to jump on the monochrome train, but finding pieces in the exact same shades and pairing them with each other isn't in your wheelhouse. If this sounds like you, opt for an already-matching monochromatic outfit set. Matching sets will be easiest to find in athleisure and other leisure wear styles, but you can also easily find matching workwear sets, too. Elevate a casual matching set with some gold jewelry if you need to wear it out and about, or just laze around at home in it on the weekends.

Pick a jumpsuit

If a matching set isn't quite your thing and you're not a dress gal, but you still don't want to go through all the hassle of pairing pieces together on your own, we've got the perfect solution: a solid-color jumpsuit. As a one-and-done style staple, jumpsuits are basically the pants version of dresses, and they're just as easy to make monochromatic — in fact, most are monochromatic already. Style a whole look by matching a jumpsuit to your shoes, handbag, and hat, or let it stand on its own and match your accessories to each other. Either way, you've got a super easy monochromatic outfit that you'll hardly be able to wait to wear over and over again.

Keep it simple

Sometimes you don't want to make a statement. Some days you just need an easy, put-together look that you can do anything in. On those days, go for a simple monochromatic outfit in all white or all black. You can play as much as you want — add a sweater, crop one of your pieces, incorporate a handbag, or find pieces with some texture. Keeping your monochromatic look simple will let you easily wear it on its own or paired with other pieces in your closet on non-monochromatic days, all while ensuring you still look as put together as anything.