The Simple Hack To Get Those Sunlit Pictures Without Feeling Blinded

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Whether you hope to get the best pics for your dating app profile or master the art of the bathing suit beach pic, taking pictures is super fun. When you take an amazing selfie, it's crucial to think about the setting and weather, as these components significantly affect the mood and vibe of your photos.

For instance, a rainy, cloudy day is an excellent backdrop for angsty, moody pictures. So, if you want to put on your most emo outfit and take a bunch of pictures that look like they could be stills from your favorite indie films, try a rainy day photo shoot. Moreover, nighttime photo shoots are perfect for creating intense drama. Whether you wear your fanciest dress for movie star-inspired glamorous photographs or a grunge ensemble for gritty-cool "Skins"-like shots, a photo shoot can be an exciting way to spend a Friday night with friends, a romantic partner, or even by yourself.

But nothing beats the pure fun of sunny pictures, as these photos are ultra-cute, perfect for capturing joyful, upbeat energy. Unfortunately, taking good pics in the sun can be challenging, as all that harsh sunlight can overwhelm you and get in your eyes. However, we have some tips for getting better pics in the sun for your next spring or summer photo shoot.

Your hand can help you prevent the sun from overpowering your pics

Whether you want to show a bright smile on the beach or get a playful picture with no makeup and a messy bun in your backyard or apartment balcony, spring and summer are ideal selfie seasons. If you avoid sunny selfies because you end up squinting or blinking from all that sunshine in your eyes or the sun appears too harsh, TikToker @nikiivictoria explained how to enjoy taking sunny selfies without feeling blinded.

In their TikTok, the photo-savvy user said that you should turn your body and head so your back faces the sun rather than your face and front of your body, then bounce the sunlight with your hand, so you'll still have that sunny glow. Just keep your hand out of the frame if you don't want your followers to see your hand in your selfie.

Many viewers were impressed with this tip, commenting, "Me, with an entire photography degree, taking notes," and "Why is this such a good tip?" Meanwhile, some TikTok users commented with other helpful advice, such as using "something white — paper, T-shirt, whatever. For even more reflection use tin foil," and "This has been my go-to! Or hold a white cloth up for even better results." User Julia Belza also recommends using this strategy to reflect sunlight, posting a TikTok with the captions, "Have the sun behind you. Use your hand to reflect the sun onto your face."

Other tips for sunlit pics

While the reflecting method with your hand is a helpful hack for better sunny selfies, that's not the only way to get great sunlit pictures. If you're serious about wanting excellent sunny pics, user @sheezusrose posted a TikTok suggesting that you "use a reflector," and then showed some gorgeous selfies where she used a reflector to help produce such stunning results. The TikToker captioned the video, "I ripped this flap off an insulated cardboard box." Why not try her technique for flattering selfies?

Moreover, anyone willing to pay for professional reflectors can purchase these items to take their photos to the next level. For instance, the Selens Photography Reflectors are available on Amazon for less than $30. The Amazon's Choice product has 4.6 out of five stars at the time of writing, and 78% of reviewers gave the item five stars.

Another way to get excellent natural light in your pics is to shoot during golden hour. According to TikToker Zac Watson, "Golden hour is the time of day in the morning and the night when the sun is coming up, and when the sun is going down. This time of day, you're going to get really nice long shadows, beautiful golden light, and not too much contrast in your images" (via TikTok). If you want some examples of the golden hour magic, search #GoldenHourSelfie on Instagram, and you'll likely feel the need to take a golden hour picture this week.