The '1-Minute Rule' Is The Way Of Thinking That Can Create Better Intimacy With Your Partner

You used to love doing the deed, but now you're hardly up for it anymore. Women have lower libidos — or lose their libido altogether — for several reasons. In some cases, women simply aren't interested in having sex because they're burnt out, the spark is no longer there, or there are a ton of distractions that take priority over doing the dirty, like stressing about work, finances, kids, or family matters. Additionally, according to Single Care, hormonal birth control as well as certain anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications can drastically decrease a woman's urge to have sexual intercourse (or any form of intimacy in general).


Luckily, there's a way to get yourself in the mood that has been circulating around TikTok. It's called the "1-minute" rule, which was created to help couples increase intimacy in the relationship. It's a quick method you can practice with your partner on a regular basis to put that oomph back in the bedroom. The best part is it only takes one minute to do.

Don't say no right away

The whole concept of the 1-minute rule is to give yourself one minute to be intimate with your partner. If they make the first move, before immediately turning them away, lean into it, says TikTok user, @annaleegrace15. By getting close to your partner and reciprocating their advances, chances are, you'll end up in the bedroom shortly after (or whichever room you please). A lot of the time, we're distracted and don't feel up to doing it, but with this method, you're giving your full attention to your partner, which means you're more likely to focus on ... you-know-what.


On the other hand, don't be afraid to make the first move. It's not up to your partner to do all the work. Of course, there's no pressure to do anything you don't want to. If you're sick or really don't have the energy to get frisky, don't force anything. The purpose of this rule is to help you get into the mood in situations where you're normally quick to say no.

Other moves to get you in the mood

It's something as simple as sending your partner a steamy text message. No one is going to get excited by a text asking to pick up something at the store on their way home. Think of something super sexy (bonus points for sending them a risque photo to go with it). Not only will it put them in the mood, but it builds your confidence, which in turn, makes you more excited to get down and dirty when they get home, per Psychology Today. Talk about a win-win.


If sexting isn't your thing, you can also try doing something relaxing to improve intimacy with your partner. As we talked about earlier, being surrounded by distractions and feeling stressed out is a total mood killer. Take the time to spend a relaxing moment together, even if that just means chilling out on the couch, which hopefully leads to something more.