TikTok's Finger-Painting Contour Trick Is The Quickest Way To Get A Perfectly Sculpted Nose

We've noticed it, too: TikTok seems obsessed with noses. All nose-related posts can make viewers stress over their looks, so everyone must remember that they (and their noses) are beautiful. In the past, many people who didn't like their noses would opt for nose jobs, and this surgery is still happening frequently in 2023. But now, there are more options, like liquid nose jobs, for people who don't want to commit to or pay for classic rhinoplasty. Moreover, many people now prefer to use makeup to feel more confident about their noses. Some of these tips for nose contouring are so good they might make rhinoplasties obsolete. 

If you feel insecure about how your nose looks, contouring can save you a lot of money, as makeup is an excellent alternative to surgery. "Nose contouring cinches the most pronounced feature of the face and for some people, it can make them feel more confident if they're insecure about the shape or size of their nose," celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told Byrdie. While contouring can prominently affect your nose's appearance, it's not time-consuming — especially if you try TikTok's finger-painting strategy. The best part? All you need is the contour product of your choice and your fingers.

Contouring can improve your confidence

TikTok creator @jessicawilsonbeauty posted a video showing how to do this "finger-painting" hack. The TikToker put a bit of contour on her finger, rubbed the product on that fingertip with another fingertip, and used those two fingers to paint the two front sides of her nose with the contour in quick vertical lines, connecting them together just under the tip of the nose. Then, she blended it — still using her fingers — and ran a lighter contour shade down the bridge of her nose. The TikToker's nose looked sculpted, and people expressed excitement about the hack in the comments. 

Many TikTokers love the finger-painting nose contour trick. For example, TikToker @aiinasution_ used the finger-painting trick using the same steps as above but chose to blend her contour with a sponge and added a bit of highlight on the tip and bridge of her nose. The simplest application method was from TikTok user @frenchtouchofmakeup who used creamy bronzer to contour the two sides of her nose and blended with her fingers without adding a lighter shade or any highlight.

TikTok users can't get enough nose contouring

Ultimately, many TikTokers enjoy various methods of using their fingers to contour their noses, so anyone interested should try the technique and add in any steps that feel right for them, whether that includes a beauty blender, minimal product, or some shimmer. While the finger-painting method is fast, easy, and doesn't require a lot of products or makeup experience, that's not the only way to contour your nose; there are various techniques to explore if you want to keep experimenting. 

Are you looking to contour your way to a specific nose shape? TikToker @cczuleighka posted a video teaching viewers how to use contouring to create the illusion of the highly-desired "button-nose." To get the look for yourself, start by putting some contour on a makeup brush and paint two lines on the front sides of the nose to form a V-shape. Then, add two horizontal lines to the top and bottom of your nose's tip. Next, add a vertical line of concealer at the center of the nose, a dot at the tip, and two small lines framing the sides of the nose. Then, use a sponge to blend the concealer and a brush to blend your contour. Finally, set and bake the look with powder and add a touch of highlighter. Again, remember that all nose shapes are beautiful! But if you've always wanted a cute little button nose, this contouring strategy can help you get that look.