Dip-Dye Hair Is The Grungy Trend Seeing A Huge Comeback

Hair trends come and go, and dip-dye hair is one trend we're more than happy to see cycling back. Popular in the 2010s, this hairstyle is commonly associated with grunge and punk styles, but anybody, regardless of aesthetic, can rock the look. Dip-dye hair looks exactly like the name suggests — it looks like you've dipped your hair into hair dye. The color is usually focused on the ends of the hair, and unlike ombré or balayage, it's common to have a stark delineation between colors rather than a blended look.

Dip-dye hair works with pretty much any hairstyle, as long as it's long enough to have pieces to dip. While the dip-dye look is often achieved with bright colors, this isn't the only way to flaunt this hairstyle. Black or blond dip-dye hair is a way to create this look in a more toned-down style while still capturing that grungy edge. For a more out-there and creative look, use three or more bright colors.

The options really are endless, and since you don't need to worry too much about blending, it's a hairstyle you can try to tackle at home (though bleaching is usually required for darker hair and vibrant colors, so going to a salon is the better choice). Whether as part of a punk revival or to complete a modern indie sleaze look, dip-dye hair pairs perfectly with a grungy outfit and your favorite Doc Martens. We've rounded up some dip-dye hair ideas for your next styling session.

Ruby red

It's pretty much impossible not to notice the vibrancy of this ruby-red dip-dye style. When dip-dyeing long hair, you can experiment with how much hair you want to color. For a subtler look, color just the tips. For a really eye-catching look (and to take full advantage of the dip-dye color), dye halfway up your hair length. 

Rosy pink

This rosy pink dip-dye look is oh-so-pretty. The pink shade is feminine and pairs beautifully with silky dresses. Or you can pair it with a masculine outfit for a more contrasting look. This look is a great example of how dip dye can work on shorter hair. Often, the color is kept to the bottom third or less of the hair to avoid overwhelming the look. That's not a hard and fast rule, though, so if you want more color, take it up the strand as high as you'd like!

Pink and purple

This is another dip-dye style that's pretty subtle, keeping the color to the very ends of the hair. This barely-there dip dye works particularly well on short hair since the colors are noticeable as they frame your face. But there's something even more distinctive about this look — it uses more than one color, with both pink and purple at the ends. This dual-tone look automatically adds more dimension to a dip-dye style.

Pops of teal

Dress up locs with dip-dyed pops of color. The vibrant teal in this style really brings some fun brightness. When working with such a bright color, you don't need to dye all sections of hair (unless you want that extra eye-catching look). Consider just dip dyeing some strategic front pieces, keeping a sizable chunk of the hair a natural color for a subtler style.

Bright colors and black dip dye

This style is a bit of a reversal of your typical dip-dye look. Instead of colorful dipped ends, it mixes up the usual pattern, flaunting a colorful overall hairdo with black dip-dye tips instead. Black dip-dye really captures the grungy spirit of this hairstyle and gives this look an extra-cool factor. The brighter the hair, the more contrast with the black dip dye, so go for a bold color to make this look pop.

Asymmetrical dip dye

While dip-dye styles often color the end pieces of hair, there are other ways to incorporate the dip-dye spirit into a look. The asymmetrical coloring adds even more personality to an already-distinctive hairdo. Stick with dyeing one side to get this carefree look. This method works great with curly hair since the volume and curls mean there's less pressure to get dip dye lines "just right."

Ocean blue

For those who prefer cool-toned hair colors, choose a blue hue for your dip-dye hair. We love how much blue this look uses. Not only does the color go halfway up the hair, but the blue bits in the bangs add even more character. There is one thing to keep in mind when playing with lots of color: Vibrant colors are fun, but maintaining its brightness does take a fair amount of upkeep.

Mermaid colors

With pink, blue, and purple tones, this dip-dye palette reminds us of mermaid or unicorn colors. It's whimsical, colorful, and so pretty. For working with three or more colors, visualize the colors together to make sure they are a good match. This three-toned dip dye works particularly well on locs since it's easier to dye each loc a different color to create this cohesive look.

Black tips

You don't need to use color to create a striking dip-dye look. This style uses two natural colors, blond and black, but places the dip dye strategically so you can't help but notice the two tones. By dipping each section based on the haircut's layers, this look achieves a dimensional overall style while still looking like a true dip dye with noticeable delineations between the blond and black pieces.

Two-color bangs

Your bangs are another stellar place to play with dip dyeing. Since they take the front and center spot, this makes the color super noticeable. You can go for a split bang look by just dyeing the end half of longer bangs. Or, to achieve the look in this photo, opt for a more peekaboo effect by dyeing the under pieces of your bangs. To add even more visual interest, use two colors instead of just one.

Faded pastels

It can take a lot of work to maintain bright hair colors. If upkeep isn't your thing, there's nothing wrong with letting the color fade — or even starting with a faded color in the first place! Though this style isn't as bright as some other options on our list, it looks just as nice. The faded pastel colors look more soft and gentle than a bright dip-dye while still capturing the grungy spirit.

Chartreuse pop

Who says that dip dye can't incorporate a bit of ombré as well? This style combines the two beautifully. It still looks like a dip-dye look, with just the bottom half of the hair colored. But instead of just opting for one color, it uses several shades of yellow and green to create a more blended effect. The blended colors really give this hairstyle its wow factor.

Rainbow bangs

Go all out with color by creating a rainbow bang. This style is best done with the help of a professional to get the deep rainbow colors and even spacing of each one. This finished look is one that is truly a work of art, elevating dip-dye hair beyond its grunge aesthetic.

Pretty in pink

Another classic dip dye in a pretty color — you really can't go wrong with soft pink or lavender dip-dye tones. The pastel pink shade and silver base color make this hairstyle look almost ethereal. A blond, silver, or gray base will make pastel pink dip dye feel more feminine, while a black or dark brown base will provide higher contrast and a more punk look.

Bright green

This bright green dip dye has us green with envy. It's such a bold color that just works so beautifully for a punk dip-dye style. For even more cohesion, we love how the eyebrows are dyed the same shade of green — plus, the green eyeshadow really pulls this entire look together.

Flame orange

This orange dip-dye look is so fiery that we can almost feel the heat coming off it. It's the perfect color if you really want your hair to pop. To get this flame-inspired look, use different tones of orange. This style uses a deeper orange closer to the root that subtly blends out into a more vibrant yellow-orange, much like a flame.

Pretty pastels

There are plenty of bold dip-dye styles on this list, but if you want to go more subtle, consider a multi-color pastel dip dye. Pastel colors are naturally more muted but still add a burst of color to your hair. Using several colors gives a more blended look, especially if you use colors of similar tones, like the soft purple and teal colors in this example.

Lush purple

Silver and purple aren't two colors we usually pair together, but it looks so gorgeous in this style. Silver makes the perfect backdrop for vibrant dip-dye colors since it creates a neutral base for the color to really shine. Paired with pink eyeshadow, baby blue nails, and gold jewelry, this overall look is a pleasing mix of colors that screams grunge without needing to resort to all-black.


Two complementary colors can create intriguing dimension in a dip-dye look. You can use two colors on the opposite side of the color wheel or two shades of the same color, like in this blue dip-dye hairstyle. When choosing two shades, choose one light and one dark to create a contrasting effect.

Silver and black

Maybe colors just aren't your thing. In that case, go for this totally toned-down dip-dye look. It doesn't use a drop of color at all, with strategically placed silver and black pieces to get the dip-dye effect. The peek-a-boo silver strands and black section in the bangs give this style more layers than a typical dip-dye look, so it's distinctive without resorting to crazy colors.

Hime dip dye

Hime haircuts have had their moments in the spotlight in the last couple of years. This choppy 'do has two distinct layers — perfect for dip dyeing! You can take this look a few ways, but we recommend coloring the ends of the bottom layer, the middle layer, or the bangs (or any combination of these options). Dip-dye colors work with this haircut's sharp lines to create a chic, angular hairstyle.

Barely-there dip dye

Not fully sold on the dip-dye trend? You can achieve the subtlest of dip-dye looks by just barely coloring the ends of your hair. You might not even notice this hair was dip dyed without looking closely! This barely-there style is a fantastic way to experiment with dip-dye colors. To achieve the look, color only the last inch of selected pieces. If you don't like the end result, it's an easy fix. Just get the colored bits chopped off, and you're back to your old style.