Susan Miller On Key Astrological Events In 2023, Part 2 - Exclusive Interview

For those who believe in astrology, the movement of celestial bodies holds great significance for global events as well as our personal lives. The positions of the stars and planets above us can offer insight into the actions of those around us and our own motivations. And no one is more qualified to help unravel the mysteries of the universe than Susan Miller.


As an accredited astrologer, Miller has offered her expertise to the field for decades. She is the author of 14 best-selling books on the subject of astrology and the founder of, where she posts her comprehensive monthly forecasts. Miller is always eager to share her knowledge in the hopes that it can help people navigate their lives with confidence. During her exclusive interview with Glam, she revealed her superlatives for the 12 astrological signs, as well as her predictions for the next 200 years and how to best interpret your horoscope.

Susan Miller's astrological superlatives

I had a couple [of] rapid-fire questions—

Like the first thing that comes to mind?

Yes. They're basically zodiac signs superlatives. I'll say something, and you can tell me which sign most identifies with it.


Okay. I get it.

Which sign is the flirtiest?

Libra. She's the daughter of Venus.

Which sign would be the most likely to never wash their makeup brushes?

I'm not going to assign that to anybody because that sounds terrible. The one most likely to wash it is Virgo. They're going to be very careful about that.

Very meticulous ... Which sign has the best fashion sense?

Well, if it's mixing high, low, and vintage with modern, it's definitely Pisces. Leo, though, is amazing. They're willing to save up their money and have one or two beautiful items rather than a closet full of lesser threads ... Libra too, but we can't use Libra again.

The one that's most likely to become a writer or a journalist is Gemini. The one most likely to start a business is Aries. The one most likely to spend money on a spa is Taurus — they're so sensuous. The one that has the potential to become a great cook is Cancer.


Why Scorpios make great detectives

Miller [continued]: The one sign that's probably going to visit the world is Sagittarius. They will see more countries than the rest of us because they make it such a priority. And the best detective that you can never lie to is Scorpio. You can never lie to a Scorpio ... Before I got married, this person — the man I did marry — I went to his house. I was waiting for him to come home, and he [wasn't] coming, so I went into the bathroom and combed my hair and left. He said, "Why did you leave?" I said, "How did you know I was there?" He was a Scorpio. He said, "There was one long brunette hair in my sink. It had to be you."



Oh my God. Well, I wasn't lying to him, but I didn't tell him I had waited and waited. I didn't want him to feel bad. But they always know. They also put your conversation together. "She said this, and she said that. That doesn't go together." That's why they make very good detectives. But they'll reveal very little about themselves.

That's so fascinating.

The person who's not going to worry about anything [and] always feel that things will work out somehow is Sagittarius. Because they're always so optimistic, it sort of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Somehow, people come in and help them out.

Let's see, what sign haven't we ...? Virgo is the most misunderstood sign. Texts that we tend to get in bookstores make them out to be librarians, which — nothing wrong with librarians; I love them. I've relied on them my whole life. But [Virgos are] very sexy. They keep secrets private. They're very sexy to the men they love, they're very faithful, and they make amazing marriages because of that. But they keep their private life private.


They're also the sign that is most likely to go for organic beauty products, because they care. They're born at the time of the harvest. It's when nature spills its cornucopia. They want to be sure it's good for you, whatever you are putting on your body or into your body.

The key differences between Geminis and Virgos

Miller [continued]: The difference between Gemini and Virgo is very interesting. Gemini loves all information, and they love to be able to tell it to you first. "You heard it here first." Virgos are looking at Gemini like, "You little jackrabbit, you're all over the place. You're writing everything down. You're like Paul Revere. 'The British are coming. You heard it here first.'" But what good is it if you're not using the information? Because it's an earth sign, practical.


It occurred to me that I would be reading magazines — and I love magazines. You're in a world when you're in a magazine. I began saying to myself, "Tear out pages that you want to act on. You're reading all this. Take one or two things out of here to use in your life and put it to use." Because we do spend a lot of time reading, but we should take it to the next step to real life.

Sort of like manifestation.

Yes, but to actually think about it. You're reading this; you're very interested in this. Why aren't you putting it into action? Why aren't you using it?

What about Cancer?

The two signs that want a home are Taurus and Cancer. Gemini doesn't want one, necessarily. They might buy one later in life, but they want to be able to pack their suitcase and go and not have all these ... They don't want to spend on leaf blowers [and] all this stuff. Later in life, they will, but not early. Whereas Taurus ... The sign most likely to pour a glass of wine on a Friday night and admire their bank statement is Taurus, like, "Look how well I've been doing."


The sign most likely to read the New York state or California tax letter, like, "What changes are ...?" is definitely Virgo. The sign most likely to make a career out of acting is Leo. Pisces, though, is very good too. Music is Pisces' domain because Neptune, their ruler, made the lyre under the water where sound moves quicker, so they're tied to music. [My friend] is an Aries, but she has Venus in Pisces, which is exalted. The finest place to have Venus is Pisces. "It should be wet," they always say, because Botticelli's Venus comes out of the sea, and she's given her life to music, and she doesn't play an instrument — but [can] admire music and pick the best.

Why you should look at your rising and sun sign

I don't think we've done Capricorn.

They are the sign most likely to make it to the top of a behemoth international company. They like to go up the ladder, almost like the army. They know the next rung they have to aim for. But in terms of the military, it's Aries. It belongs to Aries. Scorpio's good at military too; both are, but Aries particularly because it's the warrior ruled by Mars.


Capricorn ... Plato called them the fair and the "philosopher king" who is good to people in their employ. [They] wouldn't fire people wanting ... Listen, I'm going to say everything twice in my forecast. I'm going to have a summary that tells you what you already know. [My team] said, "We totally agree, because 3M says people only remember 35% of what they're told. So if say it twice, you up that." I said, "Well, I worked so hard on getting the information. I want that."

Occasionally, you're going to read something in the summary that was not up here. I write the summaries two months ahead — I just wrote the June summaries. I don't look at them; I just write. Then I look at them and go, "Oh, I didn't mention this to Virgo. I have nowhere to put it. It'll disturb the ribbon. I'm going to leave it here. At least I know that person will read it." That's why there are a few surprises in the summary.


Yes. I love the surprise element.

Some people say to me, "I only read my rising sign. I was told never to read ..." You have to read both — your [rising sign and] sun sign. Not your moon sign — that'll confuse you because you know your emotional state, but you should read both. Then you'll have 85% of what's going on. I was surprised at how well the sun sign works, but the sun is at the center, at the heart, of our solar system. No planets march around Venus or Uranus or Mercury; they all march around the sun. Uranus won't follow the other little planets. He spins on his belly. He doesn't want to talk to anybody else. He's totally different, but he's still part of the system.

Looking back on Pluto's impact

Miller [continued]: Pluto has an egg-shaped orbit. Some years, he's only 14 years in a sign. When he was in Cancer, he was 33 years in a sign. He's going to be in Aquarius for exactly 20 years, and he always makes his presence known immediately. Let me give you an example — I always think of God calling in Pluto. "Pluto, I have an assignment for you. It's 1995. You're going to go to Sagittarius. You're going to leave Scorpio. You've done enough ..." "What am I going to do in Sagittarius?" "Well, you're going to bring the world closer together through publishing. Because Sag is a publishing and international sign and we have this new thing, I've created the internet. I know Al Gore says he created it, but I really did as God."


[Pluto] said, "Well, how long am I going to be there?" "You're going to be there from 1995 to 2008." "Am I going to have a team?" "Yes, I'm going to bring Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. But that's going to be after you set up the foundation, and they're not coming in until 2010 and '11, pretty much as you're leaving." "What am I doing in 2008?" "I don't want to overload you. Come back, okay? Come back in 2008."

So he comes back — "What do I have to do now? I like this internet business." "Well, you've really set it up. Look how long you've worked. I don't like what's going on with the banking system. They're taking advantage of poor people, giving them mortgages —"

I just realized the year. Oh no.


Then [Pluto] went into Capricorn. Capricorn's a big money sign, and immediately we had the banking crisis. Now he's at the end. God called him back. "I know you love the digital age. We're going to push it more." "Yes, but a lot of people are worried about AI." "I know. That's why I'm putting you there. But like anything else, like when we had the industrial revolution, there were sweatshops. There were things to work out. There [was] no sanitation in the streets. People were getting cholera in New York. All new movement in society has to be worked out as a public forum and agreement. You're going into Aquarius, but this one is the most dramatic."

Susan Miller's prediction for the next 200 years

Miller [continued]: I'll tell you about the next 200 years — this is so fascinating. Jupiter and Saturn have dinner every 20 years. They only meet once, and the sign they're in and the element — fire, air, earth, or water — matters. They decide on how they're going to color society in the next 20 years. They don't meet on the same day, but they meet every 20 years. You can set your watch. They're like FedEx; They're reliable. The last 200 years, they always met in Taurus, Virgo, [and] Capricorn. They never changed the order. It was every 20 years, like clockwork. And what did we accomplish in the last 200 years?


I look out my window at Manhattan — it was probably a forest. We built roads, bridges, tunnels, cathedrals, [and] skyscrapers; we had the Industrial Revolution; we had the assembly line. We didn't have supermarkets. You'd have to go to the general store and get oatmeal. That was about it if you wanted cereal. Did you want a dress? He'd show you some fabric. You'd have to either sew it yourself or go to a tailor. Men had to go to a tailor and hope the ship came in and the general store had everything. Then things developed, and we had the [Triangle] Shirtwaist Factory and everything, so we had to straighten things out.

There was one aberration, which I'll get to in a minute. It was in 1980. They didn't follow the schedule. But whenever the universe is going to do something major — earth-shattering — it gives you a preview. It did in 1980 — but I'll go back to that.


On December 21, 2020, [Jupiter and Saturn] met in Aquarius, and they will never meet again in earth [signs], so we are done with consumerism. The shift will be what you can contribute to society. It's an intellectual sign. It's what you can do in groups, because Aquarius likes groups.

Unpacking 2020

Miller [continued]: Before we reached December 21, 2020, we had the pandemic. Jupiter and Saturn were in Aquarius, but they hadn't yet met. They were still dancing around, but they hadn't conjoined — they would right before Christmas. What were we doing? Well, I think Saturn went in on March 20, and everything locked down. We were on Zoom.


I had told my friends, "I don't understand what's happening in 2020. It's coming. We're going to wear different clothes. We're going to eat different food. Our whole routines are going to change." They said, "What? Are we having an atom bomb?" I said, "No, it's not violent. But I don't know." It was the pandemic.

They're even talking about growing food on roofs in New York and trying to figure out the irrigation. We did wear different clothes because we didn't have to go to work. We proved to these big companies that we could work remotely. We had all the tools, and we were probably doing the Zoom too much — I was getting to the point where I felt like I made up everybody in my head. I even hired a girl on Zoom.


Why people in their 40s are at the perfect point to lead

Miller [continued]: In 1980, [Jupiter and Saturn] had met in Libra, but then they went back to Taurus. I'm walking up Lexington, Madison, Fifth ... "Why does the universe do this?" Then it hit me. Babies born in 1980 ... In 2020, they were 40. Now they're 43. You can't get to 40 without putting a stake in the ground.


Some people get married, and some people buy a house. Some people write their first book. Some people get a graduate degree. In a way, it takes a lot of faith to have a child or get married or start a business. There's courage involved here. By the time you are 40, you've done something important. I got married at 24. I had all my children by the time I was 29. But these people are mature, and they have it in their DNA, this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra. You always have to do a plus or minus five years.

So people born from 1975 to 1985 are going to help us walk across that rickety, swaying bamboo bridge, creaking all the way, terrifying us over the ravine. Don't look down. They're going to take us by the hand and say, "It will be fine." They understand it better than any of us because they were born with it. That's why the universe does it, I'm sure of it. I thought about it so much.


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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.