The Vainest Zodiac Signs Who Are Obsessed With Themselves

We all have that one friend who can't stop staring at their reflection in the mirror, taking selfies, and posing here and there with pouty lips, looking self-assured. Of course, we are all guilty of falling into the social media posting trap, and our phone cameras may be on selfie mode more often than not — what's life without a little vanity?

After all, humans are naturally a self-interested species; we wouldn't have survived if we weren't. Besides, being self-obsessed may not be that bad — according to one of psychology's founding fathers, Erich Fromm, society should not decry self-love as selfishness. In an essay he wrote in 1939 titled "Selfishness and Self-Love," Fromm lamented that cultural taboos had demonized any form of self-love and interest in oneself. And according to Psychology Today, it is not only okay to be a tad selfish, but quite healthy too!

But some of us are more selfish than others, and those of us with certain zodiac signs tend to score higher on the scale of self-obsession. So which signs are off the charts, and which are more on the selfless side? The countdown from the most to least vain signs begins with a sign we all love to love as much as they love themselves.

Fiery Aries

One of the fiercest, strongest zodiac signs is that of Aries. A true force of nature, people with this sign are so imposing that it is hard to ignore their presence — they enter a room, and you are instantly captivated. An Aries takes such obsessive pride in their appearance, accomplishments, and everything they are that you can feel it in their vibrant aura and energy.

An Aries will always be down to take a selfie or two, but their vanity shows itself most in that they do not need affirmations. They know their worth, and though they thrive in social environments, they actually have no need for others' approval. This can sometimes make them toxic to be around as they are definitely not people-pleasers; the only person they need approval from is themselves, and they never rest until they have achieved their personal goals. One could easily argue that an Aries doesn't seek anyone's approval because they don't think anybody else's opinion matters, and it's true. An Aries will ram others with their love — and will love them to bits — but will hold very few of them as their equals.

An Aries is a determined, optimistic, and passionate go-getter and can get very aggressive to achieve their goals, so when it comes to them holding themselves up as number one and getting what they want, you'd better get out of their way.

Eloquent Gemini

High-energy Geminis are great thinkers, and their inquisitive nature means they are very knowledgeable on an array of subjects. They can be so eloquent and self-assured when they talk about a topic they are fascinated with that it's hard not to believe what they say; it's hard to win an argument with them. But beware — this has more to do with their insatiable need to be better than everyone else than with their actual knowledge base.

A Gemini's vanity has more to do with stroking their mental ego than admiring their physical looks. They may not be one to look in the mirror twice or take selfies the whole day, but a Gemini will happily talk about themselves non-stop. They can be so obsessed with their own pursuits that a conversation with a Gemini can feel more like you're on the receiving end of a Shakespearean monologue instead — complete with drama and exaggeration.

And you should know that interrupting their monologue is never accepted. Sure, you can bring up your own drama, but a Gemini's drama far outweighs yours. Whatever you are going through, they are, too — stronger and harder. Did you win an award? They won three. Did you suffer a dislocated shoulder? They broke every limb and suffered a concussion. Can you bake a cake? They can whip up a Michelin-star-worthy five-course meal with just three ingredients. It's a competition you can't win.

Ambitious Capricorn

Capricorns are hardworking and disciplined, and they show grit and persistence like none other when it comes to achieving their goals. Obsessed with success and obsessed with showing how hard they work to achieve it, Capricorns sometimes wear their burnout as a badge of honor. Though not known for having flashy personalities, they still love being admired and envied, and if that means working themselves to the end of their tethers to achieve that coveted status, then so be it. They are heavily work-focused and very, very serious, sometimes making them — well, not so fun to be around.

While that might not sound like the poster child for vanity, Capricorns are so focused on their own dreams and goals that they can come across as selfish and inconsiderate. They are so obsessed with themselves and their personal missions that staying true to their needs precedes everything and everyone else. And although they're not as outwardly vain as the other zodiac signs described, Capricorns still feel the need to look their best. Having a pristine appearance is crucial for them — after all, their work ethic gets them where they need to be, but their impeccable, stunning looks ensure that they earn the spotlight as well.

Vainglorious Aquarius

The water bearer of the zodiac — the life enthusiast and wanderlust aficionado Aquarius — ranks fourth on our vain and self-obsessed signs list. An Aquarius is so self-obsessed that they won't even bother entering a debate to prove their point. You have your opinions, which are wrong, and they have theirs, which are right. Like Aries, they have no need to prove themselves to anyone, which is why (unlike Aries) they keep quiet and let their achievements do all the talking. This unwillingness to explain their point of view or even listen to others can make them come off as pompous, vainglorious, and self-absorbed. But Aquarians couldn't care less what you think of them — they know their worth.

This attitude sets them apart from even other zodiac signs on the selfish end of things. Aquarians are vain, but they seek no one's approval, and they don't need anyone to stroke their ego. They exude self-assuredness so much so that it'd be difficult to make them feel any better about themselves than they already do. Quite rightfully so — their deep connection to their beliefs and their confidence in their abilities make them successful in life, and this sign boasts plenty of famous faces such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Shakira. Need we say more?

Jealous Scorpio

If you have a Scorpio friend or loved one, thank your lucky stars, because they are known for their loyalty and compassion. Scorpios are devoted to their loved ones and want to see others thriving, but their mysterious and loyal demeanor sometimes expertly masks their vanity — and if you do something to hurt them, they will surely strike back with a vengeance.

While their love and care are genuine, they also need others to feed their ego, so not all their selfless acts are purely selfless. Sometimes, they just play the role to get the affirmation and admiration they crave. Nothing casts them in a brighter light than showing how passionate, powerful, and desirable they are, thus proving their superiority. They won't insist on being the center of attention as loudly as some other signs, but rest assured, Scorpios will resent anyone who attracts the limelight they feel is rightfully theirs.

A Scorpio will continue giving as long as you remain loyal to them, but they need to be recognized for their work and appreciated for what they do. If they feel this part of their ego is not being stroked, they can get moody and emotional. Unfortunately, they may not even tell you what you did wrong. They will simply shut down and shut you out until you finally apologize — and they will hold a grudge 'til the end of time. Because let's face it, a Scorpio is always right — while you, of course, are not.

En vogue Leo

Ah, Leo. What can be said about this fascinating zodiac sign of people born in the height of summer? Leos are very selfish, very determined, and very focused on their own needs, but it's hard not to be inspired by Leo's energy and ambition. They are always plotting their next adventure, designing their next grand move, and trying to figure out ways to stand out from the crowd. They believe that a life lived without contributing something significant to the greater good is a life wasted — and while they are genuinely interested in leaving a legacy behind them and doing good, they also want to be known and remembered.

A Leo's driving force is their vanity and their eagerness to find a place in the spotlight. This is why they are also a powerhouse of trends and considered the most fashionable zodiac sign. However, as a Leo succeeds (and shines), many other people benefit in the process, and for those with a front-row seat to the show, watching a Leo perform their vainglorious actions can be quite entertaining. It is hard to be mad at a Leo — they are vain, and they are proud. But more importantly, they do not try to hide it. They are exactly what you see, and when they say they love you, you'd better be prepared for them to go out of their way for you.

Self-assured Sagittarius

A Sagittarius, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, is always up for an adventure — as long as they have ample time to adequately prepare and polish up their look. They are quite self-obsessed, and while they are fun to be around due to their spontaneity and easy-going nature, they do love to march to their own beat. They won't slow down just so you can catch up with them; if you want to stay in a Sagittarian's circle of friends, you'd better keep up with their pace and ignore their occasional vanity. And you'd better practice hard because they seem to be good at everything they do!

These striking archers of the zodiac love to be showered with attention, and they feed off the admiration of others. Their vanity pushes them to be the best version of themselves possible. Feeling confident in their abilities and proud of all their achievements, Sagittarians chase their dreams without a second thought and make sure they look fabulous while they're at it.

But unlike an Aries or Capricorn, a Sagittarius won't entirely trample over others in the process; true, they're obsessed with their goals, but they have an unwavering ability for genuine love and care, even though they are always guarding their feelings. After all, they don't need to step over others to achieve their dreams — they don't even see others as a threat. In their minds, they are simply the best.

Balanced Libra

Libras are all about harmonious balance. They are very loyal, honest, and devoted to their loved ones; hence, they're one of the best signs to seek advice from. Moreover, a Libra will stop at nothing to ensure that the people they care for are happy, and since they are natural people-pleasers, you might find it hard to believe that they are pretty vain too. But they are — they crave your approval, and while they seem to be nonchalant and easy-going, deep inside, they need affirmation on how good they look and how important they are.

If you know someone born between September 23 and October 22, then you know this much is true: A Libra will go to great lengths to please their loved ones, but when it comes to their own needs, they will usually put themselves above everyone else. Of course, they are subtle about it, so they will not appear to be self-centered or obsessed with their own agendas. But seeing them pose for selfies and continuously check their reflections in the mirror to ensure their attire is flawless tells a different story.