The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Optimistic

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and while some are naturally hopeful, positive thinkers, others take a gloomier approach. Some professionals argue that our cheerful or despondent natures are something we are born into, while others believe that optimism may be something that we choose to embrace as we mature. 


However, your zodiac sign may also be a strong indicator of your level of optimism (or lack thereof). The key characteristics that make up each sign can contribute to how favorably the sign views the world around them, or if they tend to fall into dark wells of moodiness and negativity when things go wrong. Some signs view challenges as opportunities for growth, while others see only obstacles preventing them from true happiness.

"It's okay to have a negative, pessimistic phase, but learning where to direct these energies is key," astrologer Lisa Barretta tells Bustle. "Every sign has its light and shadow side. The trick is to learn to find the balance between the two sides." If you are curious where your sign falls on the optimism-pessimism scale, or want to unlock the way someone you know thinks, explore the list below of signs ranked from most to least optimistic.


Aries are naturally confident and optimistic

Aries are so optimistic they make regular optimistic people look downright bleak. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries possess a natural warmth and positive energy that helps them lead and navigate the storms of life. Though they are bold, impulsive, and direct with their words and intentions — traits that may come off as aggressive to someone who doesn't know them well — Aries are never vicious, vindictive, or hopeless. Occasionally, their tempers may flare, and their impatience may rear its ugly head, but a true, desperately bad mood is rare.


As a happy sign, Aries exudes vibrancy, enthusiasm, and confidence from every pore. Generally, people born under Aries have an open heart and an optimistic perspective on life, which makes it easy for them to achieve their goals. They operate from a place of action and creative expression, preferring to throw themselves into the areas of their life they care about with reckless and cheerful abandon.

They don't get bogged down by everyday worries, mostly because they tend not to worry much at all. Aries also don't let the bad times knock them off course. Instead, they doggedly pursue their dreams with unshakeable positivity and a firm belief that their abundant energy will see them through.

Sagittarius are happy-go-lucky individuals

As the friendly, free spirits of the zodiac, Sagitarians are naturally happy-go-lucky people who prefer to live their lives as fun and spontaneously as possible. They possess an insatiable curiosity about the world and are unfailingly enthusiastic in their pursuit of authentic experiences, knowledge, and exploration. Like their fellow fire signs, Sagittarians don't believe in playing it safe. 


Instead, they take risks, often in the name of adventure, with the belief that their pursuits are always noble and based on a search for truth. They also like to keep an open mind, understanding that no person can be their best self unless they are allowed to express it freely. As a result, this sign's effervescent optimism brings plenty of light and hope to the people around them.

The optimistic nature of Sagittarius is often attributed to their ruling planet Jupiter. Generally associated with good luck and bounty, Jupiter is also a symbol of mental and spiritual growth, faith, possibility, reach, and one's broader purpose. It correlates with the sign's positive outlook and idealistic sense of the world, as well as their general aspiration for truth and understanding.


Leos are the embodiment of good vibes

Regal, dramatic, courageous, and full of fire, Leos are the embodiment of radiance and good vibes. They have a sense of unbridled fun and vitality that other signs lack, as well as a big heart and a sunny disposition that makes it easy for them to get along with others. Leo's kind, playful spirit and positive self-image make them an inspiration to others as well. While the praise and adoration from others fuel Leo's fiery heart, Leo also returns the favor. They love to encourage others to be their best selves, are incredibly generous, and are fiercely loyal friends and romantic partners.


Ruled by the sun, Leos are proud and dependable people full of passionate fire. The sun is a symbol of Leo's strength and manifestation of self while also representing the unique, positive spirit that burns within every Leo. This light-giving planet is also symbolic of the astrological sign's tendency to always look for the bright spot in a negative situation. Although life can kick anyone around, Leo never stays down for long. Instead, they harness their natural joy, charisma, and fun-loving energy to help navigate them toward happier times. They don't get stuck on negative thoughts or believe they deserve anything less than the very best.

Libras are positive and forgiving

Fair and forgiving, Libras are a positive force in a world full of bad news, injustice, and negativity. Although they do not shy away from the ugly or unfair, cheerful Libras possess a unique ability to simultaneously view the world through rose-colored glasses. "This sign knows both sides of the coin and has a special gift for seeing all sides of every situation," astrologer Jill Loftis tells Best Life. When given the choice, and after carefully weighing the pros and cons of any decision, Libras will always choose positivity.


As diplomats and harmony seekers, Libras are deeply concerned with fairness and the greater good. While this occasionally leads to bouts of self-sacrificing, Libras are generally sociable, optimistic extroverts who love to chat and be with the ones they love. They are also easygoing and supportive of their friends and family members. If and when they are wronged, Libras are quick to forgive. "Libras are compassionate and fair-minded, and they believe everyone deserves a second chance," astrologist Sofia Celestino tells Bustle. "If you've wronged a Libra, they'll forgive you as long as you show sincere remorse and take steps to make things right."

Aquarius see the best in humanity

Aquarians may dance to the beat of their own rebellious hearts as born disruptors, but their penchant for radical change comes from a place of genuine hope for the future. They aren't anarchists or troublemakers and don't operate with a self-serving agenda. Although this sign often gets stereotyped as cold, emotionless robots, the truth is Aquarius cares deeply about philanthropic and humanitarian issues. They are suckers for lost causes, have a strong sense of social justice, and are concerned about the fair treatment of others. Aquarians believe that if they work hard enough and are innovative enough, they can change the world for the better entirely on their own.


Further proof of the water bearer's optimism is their idealistic nature and big-picture perspectives. Aquarians are intelligent, progressive thinkers who see how enacting large-scale changes can benefit others individually. They are always dreaming up new ways of doing things better. While they can sometimes feel frustrated with the viewpoints of others or have to make compromises with people they don't like, Aquarius also believes that all people are basically good and seek to unveil that goodness to others, even if those people can't quite see it in themselves.

Pisces are idealistic and sensitive

Pisceans are dreamy, selfless, and idealistic individuals with a gentle nature and a generally positive outlook on life. As a mutable water sign, Pisces tend to go with the flow. They are adaptable and flexible to the whims and emotions of others, exercising their powerful intuition to fix whatever is broken before it becomes a real problem. While they are a bit too moody to be considered a truly optimistic zodiac sign, Pisces' sweet temperament and desire to help others keep them moving forward. They desperately want to make the world a better place and aim to do so by making sure the people who live in it are happy and taken care of. These generous creatures give more than they receive, often at the expense of their own well-being.


Pisces often get a bad reputation for being overly emotional or sensitive. However, they are simply highly in tune with their emotions and the emotions of others. They are kind and empathetic beings with a seemingly endless capacity for understanding what others are going through, which makes them supportive, loyal people to have around in a crisis. They never judge what others are feeling or thinking and are always ready to lend a validating ear to someone in need in the hopes that it will make a positive difference.

Gemini can be a source of positivity

Gemini, also known as the twins of the zodiac, is a versatile sign. While they can occasionally be moody or indecisive, this outgoing summer sign is generally full of fun, charm, humor, wit, and inspiration. Geminis are always learning, growing, and evolving toward their best selves, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do the same. They thrive when others are happy, which means they often spend their energy encouraging and cheering others toward success. Gemini naturally exudes youthful positivity and graces the people around them with their infectious smiles and laughter.


Geminis are also adept at going with the flow. "They are not going to get upset if plans change on a whim," astrologer Noush Joon tells Well+Good. "Spontaneity is part of Gemini's life force. They allow life to unfold before their eyes without needing a solid plan to follow." Geminis don't take things too seriously, preferring to take life as it comes and seize the day however they can.

Taurus are equal parts optimistic and pessimistic

Fixed earth sign Taurus is equal parts optimistic and pessimistic. Reliable to a fault, Taurus' entire life philosophy is rooted in structure, stability, and the comfort of routine, as they prefer what they are familiar with to everything else. They aren't comfortable with change in any capacity and instead celebrate tradition and consistency with every ounce of persistence, determination, and dedication they have inside of them. They endure what others cannot or will not, regardless of whether a positive or negative outcome will result.


Taureans are so averse to change that it can sometimes be difficult for them to see other people's points of view. "When faced with an obstacle or someone who disagrees with them, their natural reaction can be to feel a sense of pessimism that may seem overwhelming," astrologer Joanne Lara explains to Best Life. This pessimism can lead to questions, moodiness, and depression that they have a hard time shaking off on their own. That being said, Taureans never back down from a challenge. Their penchant for hard work and their unwavering faith in their own abilities can help them navigate the slippery path of doubt and negativity with ease.

Cancer lets emotion get the best of them

It doesn't take much to ruin a Cancer's day. "Ruled by the Moon, Cancers have a tendency to be extra emotional," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "They actually don't cry as much as we think — they are more sensitive and protective than anything. They definitely do not let people get the best of them." While these loyal sea crabs are sweet, nurturing, and loving, it can take time to see the positive traits they possess. More often than not, a Cancer will demonstrate their complex inner thoughts in the form of moodiness and emotional outbursts. 


This excess of emotion normally stems from Cancer's incredible talent for overthinking. They can think themselves into a tornado of despair without anyone's help, turning a look from a stranger or a short text message from a friend into an anxiety-ridden disaster in a matter of minutes. "[They don't realize] that their overly-sensitive nature oftentimes makes them read too much into any given situation," Lisa Barretta tells Bustle. "Cancers can temper their changeable moods by trying not to take things so personally."

Capricorns can be pessimistic when stressed

Psychic astrologer Angel Dawn tells Best Life, "[Capricorn] tends to be a hardworking, career-climbing, innately mature sign." While their professionalism, responsibility, and ambition help them get ahead in life and achieve the lifestyle they crave, their rigid, no-nonsense attitude often leads to high levels of stress that contribute to a somber, stoic mood. Although they are loyal friends and excellent listeners, Capricorns have high expectations for themselves and others. If those expectations are not met, Capricorns may struggle with feeling good enough or worthy.


Capricorns are also perceptive, down-to-earth individuals who see reality with all its darkness and flaws. They view the world through an ultra-serious lens. Because of this, it is easier for them to assume the worst is going to happen all of the time. They cope with uncertainty by allowing themselves to feel disappointed or let down before anything goes wrong. It can be extremely difficult for a Capricorn to break free from negative thoughts and learn to embrace some of life's simple joys.

Virgos can be moody and see things from a negative point of view

On a good day, Virgos are kind, conscientious, and helpful people with a playful side who can bring a smile to even the most taciturn of individuals. However, Virgos are also anxious perfectionists who tend to view the glass as half full or half empty depending on how they are feeling that day. They will attempt to plan for every contingency and prepare for every conceivable thing that could go wrong in a given situation. 


When the world favors their best-laid plans, Virgos tend to be very agreeable and open. When it doesn't, Virgos instantly shut down and fall victim to mood swings, becoming critical of themselves and the people around them. Problems, no matter how big or small they may be, easily trip this sign up and can ruin their entire day.

Virgos are also never quite satisfied with anything because they seek flawlessness in everything they do and see. "People born under this sign are natural worriers who strive for perfection," Lisa Barretta tells Bustle. "Virgos are easily tipped into a dark mood when something doesn't go right. Virgo can curb their tendency towards pessimism by not expecting perfection. Instead of focusing on the problem, they will see how much easier it is to embrace the solution."


Scorpios let negativity rule their bad days

Every sign holds light and dark within them — but Scorpios, in all their intensity, fearlessness, and complicated emotional glory, wear the crown for the most pessimistic sign. This sign sees the world in black and white. There is no middle ground in a Scorpio's world; no maybes, no shades of gray. Scorpios only ever want the truth, and the truth is often ugly. As a result, this sign is distrustful of anything too cheerful or optimistic. They can get jealous, secretive, and resentful as a way to protect themselves from experiencing the vulnerability of hope or trust.


Although pessimism and negativity often rule the day for Scorpios, they are patient, passionate, creative, and courageous people who have the power to control their destinies. They are also devoted to their loved ones and make loyal, lifelong friends. If a Scorpio desires to see the world through a rosier lens, they need only put their mind to it. Their natural determination and desire for transformation will help them change into whomever they choose to be.