The Daily & Weekly Practices That Will Give You Smooth Legs Just In Time For Summer

With warm weather finally coming around, it's time to give some attention to the parts we may have neglected all winter, particularly our legs. When we're swathed in thermal leggings and baggy jeans, it's easy to forget about shaving, much less exfoliating. Sure, we may give our legs a swipe of lotion if they're dry, but now that it's shorts and miniskirt season, we're going to have to step up our skincare regimen.


You may have already shed your winter wear only to look down and realize your legs look scaly or bumpy. Many of us do the bare minimum when it comes to our legs, even in the warmer months. A quick shave in the shower, moisturizer, and maybe some self-tanner once a week is what you're used to. However, if you want to attain silky-smooth legs, there are some extra steps you'll want to add to your daily and weekly routine and you'll be left with baby-soft skin all summer long.

Exfoliate every day for smooth legs

Aside from dealing with unwanted hair, many of us are plagued with "strawberry legs," which are small, raised, dark spots on our skin that resemble strawberry seeds. While they're harmless, they may look unsightly, especially on lighter skin tones. Strawberry legs happen because the follicles or pores are clogged or inflamed. The good news is that they're fairly easy to get rid of. Daily exfoliation is key to getting rid of these bumps and keeping them at bay.


While you're in the shower, after washing with a moisturizing body cleanser, use a salt body scrub and rub it along the length of your legs in small, circular motions. Exfoliating will get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria trapped in your pores. It will also loosen any ingrown hairs, which can also contribute to uneven, bumpy skin. If you're shaving your legs, make sure to rinse the scrub away completely so that it doesn't clog your razor, so that you can get a nice, clean shave.

Rethink your shaving routine

Many of us grab our razors as soon as we're in the shower but you should skip the shaving until after you've exfoliated and your pores are nice and open. Don't reach for your soap or body wash, though. They're much too harsh for shaving with and can cause you to nick your skin. Use a non-foaming shaving cream, preferably one that contains a moisturizing ingredient such as shea butter or aloe. You can also use coconut oil as shaving cream, which has the added benefit of softening your skin.


If you're using a disposable razor, make sure the blades are sharp and clean. Dull blades will not only drag across your skin and potentially cause cuts, but they will also give you a dull shave, which will result in bumpy skin. You should ideally change your razor head after five to seven uses, especially after using it for a large area such as your legs. As soon as you towel off, apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Lotioning up on damp legs will lock in the moisture and fend off dryness. As an added step, give yourself a massage once a week for even smoother skin.

Massage your legs to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Most of us have cellulite and it's nothing to be embarrassed about! The dimples that you see on your skin are just fat deposits that accumulate under the surface of the skin, particularly around the stomach, buttocks, and thigh area. While it's not possible to get rid of cellulite completely without going under the knife, you can reduce the appearance of it with regular massages. Going to a professional once or twice a week can get costly unless you're Beyoncé, but you can do a nice self-massage at home.


Regular massages can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage while redistributing the fat cells. After moisturizing with lotion or an anti-cellulite cream, knead your thighs firmly with your hands for about ten minutes. Then, use long upward strokes to promote the movement of fluids around your legs for another ten minutes. If massaging is too hard on your hands, there are various tools, such as a body Gua Sha massager or a hand-held wooden roller. Even if you're blessed with non-dimply skin, giving yourself a massage once or twice a week will aid in smoother-looking legs that will have you ditching your stockings for good.