Being In Awe Is Good For Your Health And Your Life - Here's How To Do It

When we were children, anything and everything was exciting. From unwrapping toys on birthdays to everyday things like popping bubbles in the park — these were events that made the world glisten and seem magical. As adults, we become so consumed in everyday life that we don't take the time to enjoy things that make us feel awe. If we do, they're few and far between.

Awe is the feeling of wonder and amazement at something profound that's indescribable with words. It's the way we feel when we look at the vast sky at nighttime or hear a moving piece of music. According to Psychology Today, experiencing awe doesn't just make us feel good, it's good for our health. 

Feeling awe can alleviate stress and motivate us to be kinder toward others. When we experience a presence of greatness beyond ourselves, our worries and problems take on less significance. The Washington Post states that feeling awe can help us be more creative and compassionate, as well as feel more connected to people. So how do we feel awe without taking a trip to space or looking at the Mona Lisa? Here are simple ways you can incorporate wonder into your daily life.

Surround yourself with nature

There's nothing more awe-inspiring than feeling tiny in front of a backdrop of vast mountains or standing by a seaside with roaring waves. If you're lucky to live near a mountain, take a few minutes each day to simply take in the view and clear your mind of any thoughts. If there are hiking trails that take you through it, go for a long walk. Visit a beach and dig your toes through the billions of grains of sand while gazing at the ocean.

Don't have access to a mountain or beach? Take an awe-walk around your neighborhood. Stop every few feet and take in your surroundings. Even something as simple as looking at a tulip blooming in spring is awe-inspiring. Peer into some bushes and you might see an intricate spider web dotted with drops of dew. Or look up and watch a bird make its nest or smile at squirrels chasing each other. Looking at the small wonders of the universe invokes just as much awe as the big bodies of nature.

Observe the talents of others

Music is one of those things that moves people greatly — oftentimes to tears. Have you ever heard a beautiful concerto or someone singing a bewitching song that gave you goosebumps? You've experienced the feeling of awe. Think about what form of art moves you the most. For some, it may be looking at an alluring painting. Others might get the chills watching people dance or listening to an inspirational speech. Observing other people's talents stirs up strong emotions within us. It makes us feel amazement that someone has a gift that we may lack. It can also inspire us to follow our dreams and bring awe to others.

Watching live music is an especially awe-inspiring activity, but we can't do that every day. However, we can listen to our favorite playlists on Spotify or watch YouTube videos of opera singers. Visit a local art gallery and support a burgeoning artist. The more you get out and simply observe, the more you'll see how awesome our world is.