Picking Your Outfit The Night Before Could Easily Give Your Day The Boost It Needs

There's no perfect morning routine that works for everyone, as we all have different approaches to starting our days. For some people, getting up three hours before work to take a walk, enjoy a healthy breakfast, and do a bit of reading is the perfect way to get started. For others, an intense workout at the gym and a quick shower do the trick. And many individuals haven't officially woken up until they've consumed their morning coffee. Whether you work from home, in an office, are raising children, or are in school, creating a morning routine is so important.


Of course, not everyone is a morning person; some people dread getting out of bed in the a.m. and rush to get ready after snoozing their alarms more times than they can count. Haven't we all been there? 

One morning task that can be frustrating and challenging, especially if you're not a morning person, is trying to pick out an outfit for the day. Everyone should put thought and effort into their ensembles if they want to feel confident about their appearance. However, putting together a stylish outfit can feel impossible in the morning. So, making the effort to pick out your clothes the night before can eliminate morning stress and help you feel more ready to conquer your day.

You'll probably be more calm and rational at night

"What do I want for breakfast?" "I hope I have a good day at work today." "Ugghhhhh, I need three more hours of sleep." When we're already navigating all those thoughts while trying to wake up, choosing a cute or professional outfit often seems more stressful than fun. On the other hand, we aren't usually as stressed out at night after dinner or before bed, as the day is done, and it's a more calming time. "We might be more relaxed in the evening than in the morning, and so we might even be able to make a better choice of outfit," Dr. Carolyn Mair, a fashion business consultant who wrote "The Psychology of Fashion," told Byrdie. Think of it this way: would you prefer to style an outfit while a million thoughts race through your head or when you feel laid-back and chill?


You must remember that some days you'll probably end up changing your mind, as you might not be feeling your pre-selected outfit once you put it on in the morning, as noted by TikToker @emjcrackers in a hilariously relatable video. However, putting aside that outfit the night before will still give you an advantage the next day if you decide not to wear it, as you'll already have baseline garments to work with to put together another look.

Give it a try

We challenge you to try picking your outfits the night before and see you feel. Make sure to have a neat and organized closet to make the process of selecting your outfits easier and more convenient. You'll likely find you are less stressed in the morning and more confident in better-styled looks. "Either you own your closet or it owns you," Cheryl Smith, a personal stylist, wrote on Quora. "I spend no time in the morning and very seldom do I ever change out the outfit once I've chosen at the night before."


Picking your outfit the night before isn't only helpful for work and school. Whether you plan on going to the gym, going on a date, grabbing food with friends, or just have errands to run on a day off, you should still plan those outfits the night before, too. By setting those outfits aside, you'll be able to focus on waking up feeling excited about those activities, not stressing over what to wear.