Going To Therapy Makes You More Dateable. Here's Why

People go to therapy for all sorts of reasons — to cope with trauma, uncover truths about themselves, and just to have a pair of listening ears. In any case, therapy is known to significantly help those that regularly attend sessions. According to the American Psychiatric Association, an estimated 75% of therapy patients claim they have benefited from the experience in some way. Studies have shown psychotherapy has positive effects on both the brain and body, but besides improving your overall well-being, going to therapy makes you more dateable.


Yes, seeing a psychologist on a regular basis can actually increase your chances of finding a potential partner. In fact, 77% singles consider it a positive if the person they're dating has gone to therapy at some point, Thriving Center of Psychology states. The question is ... why? What is it about seeing a good therapist that makes someone a better date, and ultimately, a better partner? Experts believe it has to do with the skills you gain in therapy.

You'll have better communication skills

It's a proven fact that those that attend therapy possess better communication skills and are more likely to take accountability for their actions, per PsychCentral. This partially explains why seeing a therapist on a regular basis makes you more dateable. One of the most common issues in a relationship is a lack of communication, TalkSpace states. With this in mind, it's no surprise singles are attracted to others who have a better grip on opening up about their feelings. There's less uncertainty in the relationship, which allows the two of you to grow closer.


People who go to therapy are typically amazing lovers as well, which is a result of those great communication skills. They aren't afraid or embarrassed to speak up about what they like in the bedroom, and are more inclined to ask you the same thing. So, if you've been struggling finding a sexually compatible partner, maybe it's time to start expanding your dating pool to therapy-goers.

Therapy makes you more willing to put in the work

Another benefit of dating someone that goes to therapy is they're more likely to be willing to put in the work it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, PsychCentral explains. People in the dating world recognize this, which makes you more attractive in their eyes. When a relationship takes a bad turn, it's easier to break up instead of committing to working on your issues. By seeing a therapist, you're more likely to work through those problems, and that alone makes you desirable. People are searching for a partner they know won't abandon them when times get tough.


In that same vein, people who go to therapy are better at acknowledging and growing from their past mistakes in old relationships. This translates to a better connection with their current partner. Perhaps, you had a short temper in your previous relationship, but since attending therapy, you've learned how to avoid making that same mistake again.

In 2023, therapy is available in a variety of forms, from traditional in-person appointments to therapy apps. Whichever method you choose, it's a proven way to enhance your life and your love life.