14 Apps To Help You Find A Vacation Romance

Finding love while traveling is completely realistic if you know where to look. In this day and age, it's not always easy to walk up to a random person hoping for instant chemistry in a new environment. Sometimes, it's more comfortable to stay safe behind a screen as you scroll through different matches who might pique your interest. Using dating apps locally is a common practice for those who are single and ready to mingle in their hometown. 


You can match with anyone who lives in a nearby radius, safely meet up for dinner or drinks, and decipher if a relationship is bound to develop. It's a little different if you're hoping to make sparks fly with someone overseas or abroad on vacation. Just because you're traveling somewhere unfamiliar doesn't mean you need to put your love life on hold. You have ample opportunity to meet new people and possibly cross paths with the love of your life if you play your cards right. Consider using any of these awesome apps to find yourself a vacation romance you'll never forget.


Viator is the app for you if you're thoroughly intrigued by the ease of flexibility. No one wants to feel boxed in with rigid itineraries while on vacation. You have the freedom to stay in control using Viator to explore new areas. When signing up for an account on Viator, you can join exciting tours that take you to amazing places with groups of curious people. These tours often start at low rates. 


For example, you can join a small group to tour the Vatican museums of Italy for around $77. You can also check out the Eiffel Tower in Paris for around $53. A great thing about Viator is that you can change your mind and get a full refund if you cancel whatever tour you signed up for within at least 24 hours notice. When joining with a group of other curious travelers to lay your eyes on some of the most iconic historical sites and views ever, you're bound to connect with at least one or two people who captivate you as well.


It's high time to download Tripr if you're hoping to connect with cool people hosting fun activities while traveling to stunning destinations. Tripr will certainly help you cross paths with like-minded people who are stoked about the same things that light a fire under you. Some of the amazing activities you can sign up for include cultural festivals and puppy exhibitions under their entertainment tab. They also offer seal spotting and Jurassic Park tours under their nature tab. 


Under their music tab, you can sign up for a one-day event called the Slam Dunk where you'll witness performers on stage. As a solo traveler, you'll be certain to meet new people by signing up to attend any of these amazing events. The same rule applies if you're traveling with a friend or an entire group of friends. Keep your mind open to the possibility of meeting vacation romance partners at one or more of the events you decide to attend through Tripr.


Anyone who knows about Discotech can attest to its helpfulness in the nightlife world. When visiting different destinations, you might not be fully aware of which places are genuinely the most fun. Most nightclubs offer an abundance of alcoholic beverages, lively music, and flashing lights. That doesn't mean all nightclubs are created equally, though. Discotech lists every nightclub in whichever city you're traveling to so you can figure out where you'll be able to enter for free. Free entry typically only requires adding your name to a guest list. 


This app is especially wonderful for people traveling to bustling cities such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, and New York, as they've got many nightclubs, bars, and lounges to sift through — though it may take some time to figure out where you want to spend your night. What's great about nightlife in general is that it puts you in a position to meet romantic partners any time you want. Plus, in the nightlife world, if you're hoping to lock down a vacation fling, you don't have to worry about meeting someone who's way too serious about what's to come in the future.


Using Eventbrite to meet people you'd be excited to have a fling with is a fabulous idea. It's almost equivalent to using Discotech, but instead of only finding nightlife options, you'll find opportunities to do many other incredible activities. Eventbrite sells tickets for events focusing on music, food, beverage, performing arts, charity, and retail. You'll find tickets to concerts, classes, workshops, festivals, fairs, conferences, and corporate events. 


This means that if you're planning to spend a week in Miami, you can toggle that location into your Eventbrite app to find out what's going on in that area. You'll find wine tastings, women's expos, hip-hop pool parties, and much more. Based on what tickles your fancy the most, you can make final decisions about where you want to show your face. Wherever you go, keep an eye out for people you find attractive. Chances are, they could be down to engage in a vacation romance with you. Eventbrite is a great solution for solo travelers trying to determine how to fill an itinerary without any friends in tow.


Anyone looking for true romantic companionship while traveling should consider downloading Misstravel. The steps are quite simple when signing up. All you have to do is create a profile and upload your best photos. Once you're in, you gain access to one of the biggest communities of online travel daters in the world. From there, connect with millions of members and exchange messages with people you think you'd enjoy traveling with. 


Next, it's time to start planning your trip so you can enjoy top-of-the-line getaways with your special someone. There's no rule book stating that you have to pursue a long-term romantic relationship beyond your vacation. There's also no rulebook saying you have to cut things off as soon as the vacation is over. There's a possibility you and your traveling companion will genuinely enjoy each other's company and want to continue going on trips to other places as time progresses — the official Misstravel website boasts that more than 680,000 travel companions have been connected on their app.


The idea of downloading Groupon as a method of finding your vacation fling might sound a bit weird, but it's actually not that strange. Groupon offers discounted tickets and passes to group events, nightlife, social clubs, and outings in different cities. You can toggle your location to match wherever you're traveling. It offers group club crawl passes to meet new people if you're going out in places such as Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. This option is also usable in smaller cities not widely recognized for their endless activities.


Don't be too closed off to the idea of using Groupon to find like-minded people. One incredible detail about Groupon is its super affordable rates. You don't have to break the bank by purchasing tickets to different social outings on Groupon. The app's interface is also clean, organized, and easy to use. Adding your location, the distance you're willing to travel, and what activities interest you the most is all it takes to get started.


You certainly shouldn't compare a dating app like MeetMe to other typical dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. Sure, you can use options in your local area to meet prospective suitors, but MeetMe is different in the sense that it's geared towards people who genuinely want to see each other in person. Face-to-face hangouts don't always happen when you are holed up in your room at home using local dating apps.


MeetMe urges you to leave your comfort zone. Think about where exactly you want to meet up with new people and set your location on the app to match. If you're hoping to find a partner for a romantic fling in a winter wonderland, use MeetMe to connect with suitors in mountain towns filled with cozy cabins and cottages. If you're intrigued by the idea of matching with a partner you can frolic across beaches with, use MeetMe to match with suitors in tropical locales.


With a name like Jetzy, it's obvious this app is all about jet-setters who love traveling to new places and exploring new environments. This app is wonderful to download if you are seeking a global social network of people who are just as intrigued by the idea of living a lifestyle filled with travel. Whenever you travel to new places, you have the opportunity to spot the unique beauty in destinations that are far from familiar to you. 


It's all about leaving your comfort zone, which isn't always easy to do for plenty of people. Putting yourself out there can come with its challenges, but you don't have to feel as if you're facing those challenges alone while using Jetzy. This app allows you to chat with people who are locals in the area you're visiting since they can provide genuine recommendations and authentic opinions. You can also chat with people who are tourists in the area, just like you. That way, you and the other tourist you're linking up with can do some exploring together — and you never know what may develop.


What if you want to travel the world, but none of your friends are available to join you? You shouldn't have to put your travel plans on hold just because no one is on the same page as you about taking a trip. Downloading an app such as TourBar will help you figure this out sooner rather than later. TourBar helps you connect with travel buddies and meet local singles all around the globe. 


TourBar is considered a top app because it gives you the chance to match with people who aren't in your immediate radius. You have to verify your profile to be a user on the app, which means you won't get stuck dealing with catfishes or people lying about what they look like. With more than 100,000 members signed up on TourBar, it's easy enough for you to connect with singles who are just as passionate about traveling as you.


You don't have to leave your bedroom to match with potential partners using Skout. This means that if you know you've got plans to travel somewhere new in a week, a month, or a year, you can start sifting through the possibilities ahead of time to see if anyone is worth getting excited about. Networking isn't the most straightforward thing to do for everyone, but Skout makes it easier to strike up conversations with like-minded individuals who are hyped about experiencing the same things you are. 


The Skout app is available in over 100 countries and 14 different languages. When you download the app and become familiar with it, you become a certified "Skouter." Whether you're seeking a platonic friendship, a hot and heavy fling, or a long-lasting relationship that will stand the test of time, simply set your intentions on the app and make it clear to other people exactly what you're looking for.

Inner Circle

Although you're on the lookout for a vacation romance, this doesn't necessarily mean you want the romance to abruptly come to an end once your vacation ends. If you're the type of person who's thinking about the bigger picture and hoping for a long-lasting relationship, using a dating app such as Inner Circle is your best bet. You can connect with others traveling to new places for the purpose of exploration and enjoyment. 


Based on Inner Circle's mission statement, you won't be dealing with people who have "hit it and quit it" mentalities. Inner Circle is all about bringing similar people together based on the seriousness of wanting to "date better." In other words, shoddy communication, ghosting, and other immature modern dating practices aren't really on the radar of Inner Circle users. This app helps you meet fellow travelers during your vacation who probably won't ghost you as soon as you part ways.

Facebook Dating

It's true that you can use Facebook Dating without traveling anywhere new, but it's not one to completely disregard while keeping an eye out for your vacation fling. Facebook Dating adds a sense of safety to the concept of online dating since the people who sign up for accounts are already Facebook users with accounts linked to friends and family members. You likely won't find any mutual friends with people you chat with on Facebook Dating while traveling, but finding other like-minded people with the help of their social media account exposure can help give you a little peace of mind. 


Regardless, even if you seek love on vacation using Facebook Dating, it's still imperative to follow all the same safety measures and precautions you would with any other dating app. Facebook Dating has an edge over other dating apps for the simple reason that you'll be able to explore someone's personal details including friendships, work history, and more through their public profile. This will help you get to know your matches at a quicker rate while traveling.

Travel Buddee

Since 2015, Travel Buddee has helped travelers find like-minded people wherever they're headed. In linking up with like-minded travelers, your chances of finding a romantic partner for the duration of your vacation are amplified. The app is simple enough in terms of its features and its purpose. It can be used as an online travel portal, dedicated to folks who are seeking local guides and customized tours. 


The packages you can book on Travel Buddee cover the land in Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Cambodia. Talk about having an abundance of options! Travel Buddee functions thanks to local guides who sign up to provide their services to curious travelers in need of some direction and assistance. You can take the pressure off of your shoulders by seeking romance on an app like this instead of an app that's specifically meant for dating.


Guided tours are a fabulous way to meet new people while traveling. Not only do you get to see the cool sights you care about most, but you also get to chat with other tourists who are equally interested and inspired by what you're learning. Plus, you get the chance to chat with informative tour guides who know their way around whatever place you're visiting. And who's to say your tour guide isn't the perfect vacation romance partner for you? 


GetYourGuide is the app to download for life-changing opportunities that could quite possibly sweep you off your feet. Using the app, you can book things to do in relation to food and dining, culture, attractions, nature, and adventure. The tours range in price, with some being very affordable and others a bit more pricey. Depending on your own personal budget, you get to decide which options work for you. The Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour in Edinburgh, for example, starts at around $20, while the Sansevero Chapel & Veiled Christ Behind Closed Doors tour in Naples starts at around $77.