Tired Of Repetitive Bachelorette Party Themes? Unique Ideas That Are Completely You

This is IT ladies — your bachelorette party! Let's think outside the box for a unique bachelorette party and make it extraordinary because you deserve the best "going away" party of the year. We're tired of the same ol' you-know-what-to-expect parties, so we're revamping the whole idea by introducing themes that include cooking, glamping, art, and even puppies — and, yes, of course, champagne and strawberries. You may decide it makes sense to do a destination location party. If so, we've included a few fab spots in our potpourri of fun ideas. We're not trying to redo the bachelorette party — just update it with some new, creative ideas that celebrate the myriad options for good times. This doesn't mean the stripping-man-jumping-out-of-a-cake needs to be forgotten. It just means this is not your only option.

No matter what theme you choose or where you end up for your bachelorette party, you absolutely should take lots of photos — you may even want to hire a photographer or have a photo booth. This is a celebration of the beginning of a new life for you as part of a married couple. So, make your final single days count by planning a bachelorette party that's uniquely you.

Cook up a great theme

For those who love cooking, this kind of party is for you. All you foodies — when it comes to preparing for your wedding day, why not master some delectable dishes you can share with your new family? You can even learn how to make some of your own edible wedding celebration items such as delicious appetizers. This idea can take on a menu of different variables. Try attending a gourmet cooking class with your bachelorette buddies or spend a weekend feasting on delicious food with a private chef whom you hire for the festivities. 

Too expensive? We hear ya! If so, consider visiting various restaurants over a weekend with your crew. You can try Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, and Spanish fare. Then write down your favorite meal from each spot. At the end, you can do a tally and decide the overriding winning entrees. When finished, you can choose to serve these yummy delights at the actual wedding. This is a fun way to figure out exactly what you want on your wedding menu.

But, if you're not into running around to different eateries, it would also be fun to attend a cooking class with your besties. Choose one that fits the event or is out-of-left-field and has nothing to do with wedding food. The cooking class doesn't have to be for any particular reason other than to have a great time. 

Cruise with your BFFs

Why not get your pals together for one last cruise? Cruising is a fantastic way to celebrate a bachelorette party all together on the sea. Naturally, you'll need to get themed t-shirts for the bachelorette's last single hurrah. We suggest cute white tees that read each cruiser's respective role in the wedding party. Think "Maid of Honor," "Bestie," and simple "Bachelorette" written across the tees as well as an "Almost Married" sash for the bride-to-be! Make sure everyone knows she's the woman of the moment, so throwing a tiara on her head is not too much.

What makes a cruise so great is that everything is concentrated in one fabulous ship, so you can easily make reservations for meals the minute you get to the ship and have everything all laid out for the entire trip. It will be a blast to get all the ladies together at one of the bars for trivia, bingo, dance lessons, or simple drinking debauchery. Enjoy yourselves pool side as you sail the blue waters and relish in your gal pal's last trip while single. Most ships are chock full of activities, so this also makes planning easy peasy. Just reserve your spots at the restaurants you choose and go with the flow. We're quite sure some of the evenings will turn into late-night dancing, making for some fun memories.

Get the party started with an oasis of flowers

One original theme for a bachelorette party centers around flowers. Think of making beautiful bouquets to test out to use for the actual wedding day decor. Make a scented theme go the mile. Bring out perfumes to try for the big day as well. Provide smell-good candles the bridesmaids can test for the real deal, too. This scented-theme party is best held at someone's house in an intimate setting where candles, perfume, and flowers can mix together beautifully.

The best way to do this is to visit the flower mart and select a bunch of colorful varieties of blooms. Think tons and tons of flowers. Also try to order some dried lavender ahead of time. Then bring them home, lay the flowers out, and have each guest put together their own bouquet. If you're on a budget, request each guest bring a handful of unmatched flowers to combine with everyone else's. Then create bouquets, having each guest explain what makes them love the bouquet they've created and what the blooms mean to them.

Does it elicit joy? Love? Friendship? Be specific. This is an excellent way to get a fun conversation going amongst guests who may not know each other well. It also gives you bouquet ideas for your big day. At the end, send each guest home with a bouquet. Don't forget to have plenty of colorful bows and, perhaps, even some balloons to throw into the mix.

Nashville is a natural for a cowboy-themed party

Head to Nashville and create a memorable party centered around a cowboy theme. We suggest the guests go for it in full cowboy gear complete with hats and boots. Naturally, this means everyone will wear a signature cowboy hat with their name embroidered on it. Find a cool bar on popular Broadway Street so everyone can sing along to their favorite tunes. Surely, this will bring back memories of your crazy single days. Rest assured that Broadway Street has over 30 bars with music playing all night and day. Plus, it becomes a walking-only street at night, which will make getting wild as you dance in the street that much easier!

For an activity besides line dancing and throwing back cocktails, plan on painting ceramic cowboy hats. The crew may just get super creative after a few drinks and come up with some fun designs. You can order plain ceramic hats and have them ready for everyone ahead of time. Make it fun by providing a bunch of decorations for the hats such as glitter and lace. It's a fun thing to do for a group of friends, and everyone can take their hat home as a memory once the weekend is over. All this is going to make the group hungry, so make sure you enjoy some down-home cooking! Be sure the establishment you choose offers a delicious menu. Nashville is also popular with celebs, making it a must-see spot.

A painted puppy-centric bachelorette party is precious

Get all your besties together with their four-legged buddies. Man's best friend and wine make a nice duo for an incredible event. The idea here is to get the whole "farm" together and have lots of grass for the dogs to play while the bride and her BFFs paint portraits of their pets (or whatever they choose). Hold this event in a large backyard during a sunny day or stake out a spot at a pretty park.

You can hire a professional artist who can bring all the supplies for an afternoon of art and wine. Or, you can rent everything. You'll need easels, paint, paintbrushes, and canvases on which to paint. Often, dogs end up walking down the aisle of a wedding at some point much to the guests' amusement, so toss around ideas for how to incorporate your furry friend into the celebration.

Naturally, the artists will need some wine while they create their masterpieces. Set up a picnic table with a variety of wine selections along with delicate sandwiches and finger foods such as deviled eggs and spring rolls. For dessert, think frosted cupcakes or a lovely cake with the portrait of a dog on top. Set the mood! Have lots of tea light candles inside glass holders as well. Make it feminine and beautiful by sprinkling dried lavender or rose petals on the table to make it festive.

A luncheon in Los Angeles with live music will be totally chic

In this unique instance, you could create a musical destination party in Los Angeles by renting a home for the weekend. Think an Airbnb in Hollywood, California, or on the beach. But it doesn't stop there. You can also hire a musician to serenade you and your buddies at a luncheon or dinner party.

It could be a pianist or singer where you can make requests for songs or even something super unique and beautiful such as a violinist. Or hire a whole band! Whichever you choose, it will be a delightful memory for you and your besties.

During the day, plan to pass the weekend in bliss by hiking, going to the beach, shopping, or watching romantic movies. And, in the evenings, spend some time at one of the many music venues in town. Perhaps you and the crew could even take in a concert at the LA Philharmonic or The Greek Theatre. If not, there are a plethora of night spots that host live music and karaoke so you can make it a fabulous weekend.

Plan a yoga retreat for you and the crew

Throw a downward dog party with a private yoga instructor, or attend a calming yoga retreat. This is definitely one theme that will make you want to do the happy baby pose. What could be better than a relaxing weekend of yoga, breath work, and meditation? Channel your inner calm with your friends amongst a peaceful environment with clean food and health-conscious drinks.

There are tons of holistic yoga retreats spanning the globe. Locations vary from sunny Sedona, Arizona, to cooler Cumbria, England. Depending on how far in advance you book, you could easily spend a four-day retreat with your besties practicing your Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 poses. Many retreats include hiking and meditation between sessions. Plus, some also offer art and enlightening evening talks on various wellness subjects. Just think about a healthy retreat with your besties gathered together as you all get stretched out and find your special slice of heaven. We can't think of a better way to prepare for the big day!

What about a beachy affair in San Diego?

Make it a fabulous beach-motif weekend by hiring a private boat in America's Finest City. San Diego is known for its gorgeous beaches, barking sea lions, and manicured sandy shores, so a glamorous weekend in San Diego would be ideal for a bachelorette getaway. We suggest you stay, naturally, right on the beach at a venue with boat or catamaran slips. Hire a captain and sail through San Diego's blue waters with your personal crew.

There are tons of options for this kind of water party. Think of making it a relaxing affair by having the boat ready in the early afternoon for some paddle boarding on the bay. Then, host a late lunch on board before starting the real fun of a captained boat tour of San Diego's best ports. Enjoy this vibrant city by visiting some of its popular spots including Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Point Loma, and Downtown San Diego. We suggest you try to time it so you end up cruising during the sunset hour to the spectacular island of Coronado just south of downtown. With some planning, you can make this a memorable weekend of boating fun with your besties.

Take on Broadway in NYC

Make it an unforgettable bachelorette party by jetting off to The Big Apple with the crew and creating a Broadway-extravaganza for your bachelorette! This involves some serious time appreciating the arts. Think of staying in a swanky hotel with your BFFs, taking in shows, visiting museums, dining at decadent restaurants, shopping like rock stars, and all-around indulging — truly a weekend fit for royalty! But, remember, this is the end of being single, which necessitates some worthy enjoyment with your besties.

Broadway offers awesome shows to see, but if this is more of a last-minute thing and tickets aren't available, be sure to visit shows playing Off-Broadway. When it comes to visiting amazing museums, make sure you don't miss the country's largest museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After a day here, you'll certainly be ready for some delicious food (and a nap!). Just be sure to make reservations ahead of time so there's no stress during your excursion.

Go wine tasting in Sonoma

Drinking wine amongst green rolling hills dotted with terraced wineries is indeed one epic way to celebrate a bachelorette party. There's nothing like celebrating your final days of being single than enjoying some fine wine with good friends. We suggest you hire a party bus or limo and take the crew from winery to winery. This will ensure your safety and offer an atmosphere of decadence during your winery visits. By the end of your visit, you may just become a wine aficionado — or you can just sound like one with these tips.

Sonoma offers 16 notable regional wine tasting rooms. It would be a challenge to visit them all, but let's take a look at a couple that offer dining and awe-inspiring accommodations: The Freeman Vineyard & Winery offers incredible varieties for tasting in a delightful cave along with a residential cottage within the incredible redwoods, while the incredible Ledson Winery & Vineyards is a gothic-style, 16,000 square-foot castle which commands one's attention. This boutique hotel situated in downtown Sonoma is gorgeous and perfect for an upscale, money-is-no-issue bachelorette party. Cheers!

Go glamping and connect with nature and your gals

Go glamping with the girls for a more down-to-earth celebration that still offers some amenities. Glamping means you're spending time in nature but without getting too down and dirty. Think a stocked cabin, teepee, or yurt. Yes, you certainly can still stay in a tent, but it will be a "nicer" version of the typical, rather primitive, tent experience. Simply said, glamping enables you to be close to nature without sacrificing some of the modern luxuries in life. Glamping with your friends offers a unique way to get as close to the campground bugs as you want without feeling as if you have to befriend them.

Many camping and glamping experiences are available these days that are well-loved by guests. You can truly have an extraordinary time spending the day hiking and enjoying decadent picnics by a lake or massive tree with some relaxing shade. Think picnics with lovely champagne and gourmet sandwiches. Get creative and play music while you and your besties enjoy lunch.

Don't forget about a relaxing spa trip

Oh, a relaxing, rejuvenating day at the spa. Now, this is one sure way to get a bachelorette party going to prepare for a beautiful wedding day. Plan to visit a spa facility that offers plenty of essential amenities including a steam room, dry sauna, jacuzzi, and relaxation room. This will make the experience precisely as it should be: unforgettable.

Ideally, everyone will get at least one spa treatment such as a full-body massage, decadent facial, spa mani/pedi, full-body sugar scrub, or a combination of two or more. Many spas offer bachelorette day celebration specials that cater toward groups and their unique needs. And, yes, the cucumber-infused water is delicious and certainly satisfying after a spa treatment, but we recommend indulging in some bubbly champagne and strawberries in the relaxation room. After all, this is a bachelorette celebration, and there's only so much water one can appreciate. Enjoy!