The Viral Hack That Shows How To Clip Your Hair Up While Wearing A Baseball Cap

Summer means sunny weekends in the park and relaxing vacations at the beach, but it can also mean sunburnt faces and sweaty scalps. For this reason, a baseball cap is a go-to accessory on a hot day, but it can often leave you with minimal options for attractive updos that keep your hair off your neck. If you have longer hair, you're probably already familiar with the struggle of looking cute and staying comfortable while shoving your lovely locks under a hat to protect you from the summer heat. Wear your hair down under a cap, and you'll end up with flattened, greasy hair. Ponytails are always an option, but they can start to feel bland, especially on those special summer days when you want to look your best. Your best solution is also one of the most challenging to maneuver: a claw clip.


A claw clip will keep your hair comfortably off your neck and add more flair than a basic ponytail, but how can you make it work with a baseball cap in the way? Before you resign yourself to another season of annoying hat hair, take a moment to check out this easy claw clip hack that takes a baseball hat up a notch

The claw clip and baseball cap hack

This claw clip and baseball cap trick has been making the rounds on TikTok for a while now, but you can see an excellent example of how to pull off this hack from TikTok user @flirtypineapple. As you can see in the video, the key to doing this hairstyle properly is to put your baseball hat on before using a claw clip. When you have your hat positioned the way you like it, you can pull a small section of hair partially out of the opening in the back of the cap. Don't pull the hair out entirely, but rather have a portion of the top of the hair sticking out of the hat — this will give your claw clip more material to grip.


Next, gather your hair at the bottom of your neck, like a low ponytail. Bring your ends up to the neck, folding the ponytail in half. Twist the loop of hair you've created, with the ends pointing downwards, forming a French twist shape. Then, secure the twist with a claw clip, using the hair sticking out from the hat to keep the top portion of the hairstyle in place.

Extra tips for wearing a claw clip with a baseball cap

This baseball cap hack should work for anyone, but you might need to modify your strategy depending on your hair length and density. For shorter hair, you likely don't need to fold the length of your hair in half before twisting. Instead, you can simply twist your hair up and leave a fun splash of texture at the top of your hairdo. Meanwhile, folks with thick hair might need more than an ordinary claw clip to keep the hairstyle in place. If you have high-density hair, look for a large, heavy duty claw clip that can support the weight and width of your hair. You might also find it helpful to use a hair tie to put your hair in a low ponytail before putting it up in a claw clip, as a way to give your hair more support.


Finally, be mindful of the style of baseball cap you're wearing. For this hair hack to work, you'll need a lightweight hat with an adjustable opening in the back. If the back of the cap is too solid or the fabric too thick, it will be hard to find enough surface area for using a claw clip. With all that said, a baseball cap and claw clip is a cute and practical look to get you through a hot day, and with a few minor tweaks, you should be able to rock this style with any hair type.