51 Affirmations To Bring Positivity To Your Day

Affirmations can completely change your life if you allow them to. For those who aren't already in the know about the power of affirmations, they are high-vibrational words and phrases you repeat to yourself to shift your reality and improve your circumstances. Making your life better than it currently is doesn't have to be some fairytale fantasy that never comes to fruition. You can actually live a fulfilling life when you lean on a positive mindset with a hopeful mentality. 

The reason affirmations come into play is that repetition is so vital in how you think about things. If you're constantly allowing negative thoughts to consume your mind, you'll continue manifesting more of that negativity. As soon as you start repeating positive affirmations to yourself, your negative thoughts no longer have a place to live.

You can repeat affirmations out loud while staring at your reflection in the mirror or write them down on the pages of your journal. To get started, here are 51 affirmations you can implement into your self-care routine to bring positivity to your day.

I am beautiful from the inside out.

If you struggle with fighting back against low self-esteem, start telling yourself that you're beautiful from the inside out. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but most people can agree that it stems from the inside. In other words, you must remind yourself that your beauty starts from within and shines through.

I believe I have a bright future.

When you feel low about your life and what you've got going on, it's tough to imagine a bright and happy future. Repeating an affirmation that reminds you of how bright your future is will be incredibly helpful in getting you to a better head space. 

I am surrounded by loving people.

Tell yourself that you're surrounded by loving people as an affirmation to affirm your loving connections. "I am surrounded by loving people" is the perfect affirmation for people who are struggling to create close-knit bonds with others who can genuinely be trusted and relied on. 

I am at peace.

Everyone deserves a life filled with peacefulness. If you feel like things are way too chaotic these days, an affirmation that specifically focuses on creating more peace in your circumstances is a must. Think about repeating "I am at peace" throughout your days and nights to cultivate this reality. 

I am always attracting wealth.

No one wants to feel bogged down by money issues. Money issues can come in many different shapes and sizes, but they can usually be solved. Repeat "I am always attracting wealth" to get into a better head space about your finances, debts, and saving account.

I am excited about how bright my future is.

Tell yourself, "I am excited about how bright my future is," as an affirmation whenever you're feeling lost or confused about what's coming next. No one can see the future, but it might help you feel a bit better to affirm something so hopeful.

I am healthy from the inside out.

It's possible health issues are at the forefront of your thinking at the moment. If so, do your best to release your worries and concerns by repeating a health-centered affirmation as often as you can. "I am healthy from the inside out" affirms physical well-being and is excellent for those who struggle with health anxiety. 

Being in great shape comes easy to me.

Achieving fitness goals is a common wish for plenty of people around the globe. Some people want to shed pounds, while others are looking to gain muscle. Whatever the case may be, affirm that being in great shape is an easy feat for you to accomplish.  

I am in love with who I am.

You should totally be in love with who you are. In other words, it's time to get obsessed with your personality, appearance, and everything else that makes you who you are. When you love yourself wholeheartedly, it becomes easier for others to love you just as much. 

I make new friends effortlessly all the time.

Are you struggling to make new, lasting friendships with people you can trust and rely on? If so, affirmations that help you manifest solid friendships should be at the top of your list. Making friends doesn't have to be a daunting challenge, either. Use the word "effortless" when you manifest new friendships. 

I am a blessing in the lives of others.

Feeling like you're a burden in the lives of others is a heart-wrenching experience. Instead of falling into the trap of starting to believe something so negative, use an affirmation that highlights how much you bless the lives of others. By just being alive, you are blessing your loved ones.

I am successful in all my endeavors.

Being as successful as you can is a normal goal for most people. The more successful you are, the better you feel about yourself in your day-to-day life. Repeat "I am successful in all my endeavors" as an affirmation to remind you that you're on the right track. 

I am in control of my happiness.

It's such a powerful feeling when you realize no one else controls your happiness except for you. Since you're in control of your happiness, your choices each day should reflect that. Affirmations that keep you mindful of this significant fact are wildly essential.

My friendships and relationships are healthy.

An affirmation like "My friendships and relationships are healthy" is amazing for someone who wants to attract more solid friendships and relationships. Maybe you want to solidify the connections you already have. Either way, this affirmation is all about creating and strengthening long-lasting bonds. 

I attract abundance and wealth.

One of the most common things people try to manifest is money. Having true financial freedom is a highly coveted scenario. And while manifesting wealth isn't guaranteed to work, it can't hurt. Never skimp on using a word like "abundant" when manifesting more money, wealth, and prosperity in your life. 

I am a balanced and well-rounded person.

People who are balanced and well-rounded are easy to be around. These are the types of people who make friends wherever they go and seemingly always have good things happening to them. Affirm that you are a balanced and well-rounded person in your daily existence. 

I am in great physical shape.

Getting into great shape takes hard work and dedication. No one is discounting the fact that fitness goals are more easily achieved with exercise and nutrition routines in place. Still, you can help speed your manifestation of being in great physical shape come faster with the right affirmation. 

I am worthy of being loved.

Too many people don't believe they're lovable. Going through heartbreaks and betrayals can leave anyone feeling like they don't deserve to be loved. The truth of the matter is that every single human being on this planet deserves love and should know they're worthy of receiving it. 

I am proud of my decisions.

Everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to human nature, mistakes are simply part of the deal. Still, you don't need to bask in regret over decisions you've made in the past. Even if you aren't proud of your former choices, affirm that you'll be proud of your choices moving forward, allowing you the chance to let go of regret and finally feel free.

I deserve all the things I could ever want in this life.

You are deserving of bliss and happiness. Use "I deserve all the things I could ever want in this life" as an affirmation to keep you in alignment with that reality. There's a reason you envision great things for your life. Don't let your deepest desires dry up or go to waste.

I attract trustworthy friends and partners.

Repeat an affirmation about attracting trustworthy friends and partners into your life if you're ready to be surrounded by good people. It's okay to distance yourself from people who can't be trusted or those who have let you down in the past. Open your heart to the notion of meeting new, amazing individuals. 

My life is destined to be fulfilling.

You might not be completely satisfied with the current circumstances of your life, but that doesn't mean things won't change for the better sometime soon. Anything can happen at any moment, which means it's best to believe something good is on its way — this includes a fulfilling destiny.

I attract true romantic love.

True love is a beautiful thing. Anyone who's experienced a lovey-dovey romance with someone else who reciprocated feelings can attest to this fact. Since finding true love is a common manifestation to go after, it's a smart idea to get comfortable using affirmations that create this reality. 

I love the reflection I see in the mirror every day.

You critique yourself more than anyone else ever will since you spend more time looking at your reflection than anyone else. Instead of picking yourself apart for every single flaw, focus on all your positive qualities, from your head to your toes.

I attract abundance and joy at all times.

The more you affirm your abundance, the easier it will become for you to attract it. And abundance is more than just wealth and finances! Abundance is about all the things you enjoy in this life. Use "I attract abundance at all times" as an affirmation to ensure you constantly attract an abundance of joy in everything you do.

I am proud to be me.

Be proud of who you are. Be proud of the skin you're in. Be proud of the reflection you see looking back at you in the mirror. Affirm "I am proud to be me" to remind yourself that it's a good thing to be who you are. No one else will ever be able to replace you. 

I attract good things every single day.

Each new day brings new opportunities for beautiful things to come your way. You never know what's right around the corner, and you can end up surprised at any moment. Say, "I attract good things every single day," to ensure you're in a position to receive. 

I am financially free.

The burden of financial stress isn't a great feeling for anyone. Escaping the rat race and becoming financially free is a very typical goal for people who feel burnt out. If fighting financial anxiety and getting into a solid position with your money is on your mind, say "I am financially free" to yourself often.

I live a life filled with romance.

Most people can agree that romantic relationships are some of the most fulfilling connections we can have as humans. That being said, it's definitely encouraged to manifest a life filled with romance. You deserve to be wined and dined. You deserve to experience a fairytale love story.

I have gratitude for the beautiful life I live.

If you want to be blessed with more positivity, showcase just how much gratitude you have for the life you live. You'll be surprised at how easily wonderful things start flowing into your life when you start practicing more gratitude for the things you already have.

I am the definition of brilliance.

Tell yourself how brilliant you are often if you're the type of person who criticizes yourself too harshly. Human beings are entitled to make mistakes every once in a while. That doesn't take away from how brilliant you truly are from the inside out.

It's easy and effortless for me to be a happy human.

Sadly, it isn't always a cakewalk for people to feel happy in their most neutral states of thinking. Use "It's easy and effortless for me to be a happy human" as an affirmation to help you stay in alignment with the genuine happiness we all deserve. 

I deserve a beautiful life.

You deserve to live a beautiful life, which you should be consistently affirming with yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you feel ashamed of and realize how valuable your time on earth is. Our time is limited, so seeking beauty in your day-to-day is a perfectly acceptable goal.

I live a life filled with exploration and travel.

Do you have loads of wanderlust consuming you? If so, it's time to start manifesting a life filled with exploration and travel. Affirm that you're always exploring new places and traveling to lovely destinations to create a more adventurous lifestyle as soon as possible.  

I am the definition of beauty.

Raising your self-esteem might come down to repeating the right affirmation. Tell yourself that you define the word "beauty" and watch your self-esteem shoot through the roof. You deserve to feel fabulous in your skin.

I love everything about myself.

Even if you don't already love everything about yourself, tell yourself that you do with the right affirmation. Say "I love everything about myself" to boost your confidence and level of self-worth. Soon enough, you'll actually start believing that you love every single thing about yourself.

I trust myself to make good choices.

You have to trust yourself to make good choices in this lifetime. If you're always feeling shaky and uncomfortable about your choices, it's a sign that you lack confidence. Work on healing your low confidence with "I trust myself to make good choices" as an affirmation.

I am worthy of a loving partner.

Whether you're single or taken, use "I am worthy of a loving partner" as an affirmation to attract a relationship with a good partner. This affirmation will help singles find their soulmates. It will also help anyone stuck in a toxic relationship realize that it's time to let go.

I am the healthiest version of me right now.

Manifesting a clean bill of health is such a serious thing to think about and do. No matter what your health status looks like at this moment, you can start shifting your body into a state of perfect well-being with positive affirmations. 

My happiness is unlimited.

There is no limit to how happy you can be in your lifetime. Just when you start thinking things are a little too perfect, more good things can come your way. For this reason, never get in your own way when it comes to your unlimited happiness. 

My love life is like a fairytale.

Jot down "My love life is like a fairytale" as an affirmation in your journal if finding true love is your number one goal. When manifesting genuine love, don't lower your standards for anyone along the way. Expect a fairytale romance, and watch one come your way. 

I find enjoyment in the mundane.

Instead of thinking of the mundane as boring and repetitive, do your best to find magic in your day-to-day life. Each daily experience doesn't have to feel like mindless repetition with an affirmation like "I find enjoyment in the mundane" floating around your head. 

I have the freedom to take control of my life.

We have much more power in our lives than most people realize. We can control our happiness, our unlimited potential, and our destinies. When you focus on this particular way of thinking, it should help you feel far stronger and more dynamic.

I am the loveliest version of me right now.

An affirmation like "I am the loveliest version of me right now" reminds you that your self-esteem and confidence levels should be topping the charts right now. Over the years, you've gone through physical changes and transitions. Affirm that where you are right now with your appearance is better than any of your past phases. 

I find joy in the simplicity.

If you're capable of finding joy in the simple things of life — like a child's laughter, the sighting of a butterfly, and the smell of freshly baked cookies — you're on track to be a very happy human being. If you struggle with this, repeat this affirmation often and watch how joyous the simple things become. 

I find ways to have fun everywhere I go.

You should be capable of having fun wherever you go. This includes places like dentist offices, DMVs, and boring waiting rooms. The reason why? It's all in your head! Be wary of the thoughts you're having in different environments and repeat positive affirmations that keep you in a high-vibrational mindset wherever you are.

I feel gratitude for each morning I wake up.

Not everyone gets the chance to wake up each morning. If you're blessed to see another day when you lean up in your bed each morning, express your gratitude for that. It sounds simple, but it isn't something that should ever be taken for granted.

I am actively creating the reality of my dreams.

Knowing that you have the power to create the reality of your dreams should make you feel divine and strong. Use "I am actively creating the reality of my dreams" as an affirmation to remind yourself that you're getting closer to your goals each day.

I am the happiest version of me right now.

In the same way you would affirm that you're the healthiest and loveliest version of yourself right now, make sure you're saying the same things about your happiness. An affirmation like "I am the happiest version of me right now" keeps you in a high-vibrational head space. 

I am satisfied and content.

Affirm that you're completely satisfied and content with your current circumstances, especially if you're feeling pretty lousy or low. The best way to get out of a rut is by repeating affirmations that go against whatever rut you're in. Don't get stuck on your lack of satisfaction or contentedness when you should be focusing on the opposite. 

I am fulfilled in all areas of my beautiful life.

Remember that you don't have to feel perfectly fulfilled with your life at this moment to affirm with yourself that you are. The more you affirm something like "I am fulfilled in all areas of my beautiful life," the more realistic this phrase becomes in your day-to-day experiences.