Botox Eyebrow Lifts: What To Know About The Noninvasive Procedure

When considering facial procedures, the idea can sometimes be intimidating. The permanence of the work you get done can be just as scary as it is exciting. Recently, brow lifts have been one of the beauty treatments poised to be on everyone's radar. According to Cleveland Clinic, a surgical brow lift is a procedure that reduces wrinkles in the forehead. This involves creating incisions on different parts of the head and face, depending on the technique, in order to create a youthful appearance. While over 88,000 of these procedures occur each year in the United States, people still find themselves looking for other options.


Botox is a great alternative for those who are not looking to go under the knife. Botox helps stop the signals that are sent to your brain that allow your muscles to contract. By doing this, it stops specific muscles from moving (per Plastic Surgery Source). Embarking on Botox can create the brow lift look you want, without heading into surgery.

What is a Botox eyebrow lift?

What makes a Botox eyebrow lift work is the substance is injected into the muscles in your face in order to relax the eyebrows and stop them from pulling downward. This creates a subtle, lifted look that helps the patient get similar results to the procedure's surgical counterpart. The procedure also eradicates the look of frown lines found on the face. This is a great alternative for someone who is new to facial procedures.


There are so many benefits to Botox eyebrow lifts. One thing to look forward to is the newfound facial symmetry that comes with the procedure. "When we think of classical proportions in terms of eyebrows, typically the greatest point of elevation of the arch of the brow is between the medial iris of the eye and the most lateral aspect of the hairy part of the brow," Vanessa Coppola, the founder and CEO of Bare Aesthetic, explained to Byrdie. With Botox brow lifts, your entire look can possibly change for the better.

What does aftercare look like?

There is plenty to know about Botox aftercare and certain things to expect. According to Coppola, within the first 20 minutes, you might see small red bumps or bruises around the places you were injected. "Anytime a needle pierces the skin, there is always the risk of a bruise; however, if bruising does occur, it is usually minimal and can be covered with makeup the next day," she told the publication. She continued on to say that there might be some activities that should be refrained from for a few hours to a few days. These can include exercise, lying down for a massage, or getting a facial.


While specific instructions should be given by the practitioner doing your Botox, this is a pretty easy procedure. For the most part, you are allowed to continue on with your life as usual. It is important to note that it should take two weeks to see the huge difference that Botox makes.