The Dated Beauty Trend That's Out Of Style If You Have Red Hair

Redheads have long been proving that they can pull off any style or makeup look. From Disney princesses to our favorite actresses, the bold-haired beauties regularly show that rocking fiery hair is ... well, absolute fire. 

But though redheads have served as models for some of beauty's most iconic trends, some of these classics are ready to be left behind. Notably, the sassy cult classic of red lipstick is no longer en vogue. 

Don't get us wrong — redheads who are loyal to their tried and true tubes don't need to give up red on our behalf. With its longstanding history and attention-grabbing pigment, it's easy to feel as though red lipstick is always a good idea. But you should never have your makeup choices constrained by the color of your hair! As trends change and new products emerge, redheads shouldn't be afraid to explore the whole rainbow. Widening your lipstick horizons could help reinvent your signature style, while incorrectly assembling a red-on-red look could result in a full-blown fashion red alert. 

There's no need to match your lipstick to your hair

Red lipstick has a rich and bold history that emerged far beyond its debut on the lips of Marilyn Monroe. The look was favored as a symbol and a style for women participating in the suffragettes movement, per WYRL Beauty. Red conveys strength and power to onlookers, while its use in makeup refuses to shy away from traditional femininity and womanhood. 

The use of lipstick to convey a feminist message has persisted to this day. At the 2018 Golden Globes, Emma Stone rocked purple lipstick alongside a black gown in support of the Time's Up movement, as reported by People. Purple has long been associated with women's suffrage — and when displayed through red-head Emma Stone's makeup look, it was a stunning statement. 

This isn't to say that Emma Stone (or you) couldn't equally pull off a red lipstick look. However, meaningful looks can still be achieved when branching beyond the classic shade. Avoiding red as a redhead also helps you to skip some of the fashion faux pas that an ill-suited shade can create. As Ginger Parrot notes, choosing the wrong hue can result in the wearer being outshined by their bold look.

The perfect makeup looks for redheads

If you're a redhead who's ready to leave the outdated red lipstick behind, never fear! There are still plenty of other lipstick shades that can step in and ensure that a bold lip is still an option for your future looks. It's worth noting that everyone has distinct skin undertones and precise hair colors, which means there's no one-size-fits-all solution. If you're looking to try something fresh, however, we have a few recommendations. 

For classy occasions or readying you face for fall, we recommend deep, metallic shades. Leaning into colors like bronze and gold will allow you to create a glimmering, lustrous look, without competing against your glossy locks for attention. For brighter occasions, pale pinks help to elevate a look, but leave space for your hair or eye makeup to be the true star of the show. 

When in doubt, there is always a plethora of stunning redheads on the red carpet to draw inspiration from! And, if you're not interested in abandoning your favorite red lip, don't let us dissuade you! Trends are notoriously cyclical, and you look most beautiful when you feel confident.