The 5 Outdated Summer Beauty Trends We're Ditching This Year

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As you prepare for summer 2023, don't get so caught up in updating your wardrobe to reflect the most recent seasonal fashion trends that you forget to assess your beauty products and routines. Changes in beauty trends may be a bit more subtle in nature than those in the fast-moving world of fashion, but keeping up with them can play a major role in ensuring that your overall look doesn't take on an outdated, unintentionally vintage vibe.

If you're feeling a little bored, unsure, or stuck in your ways when it comes to your approach to beauty as the summer approaches, take a moment to scroll through our guide to this year's most outdated summer beauty trends. Just a small tweak here and there to your daily regimen can keep you looking sleek and modern this season without necessarily needing to overhaul your whole look or spend a ton of money. 

Single-purpose products

This summer, easy, breezy, and more sustainable products that can be used for multiple purposes — like Honest Beauty's 2-in-1 Creme Cheek Blush + Lip Color — will be all the rage. Get outside and play while the weather is nice, and save your complicated, single-purpose products for the dull, boring days of winter. 

Matte finishes

The threat of shiny summer sweat can sometimes result in the urge to overcompensate by applying all your makeup products in ultra-matte finishes. Unfortunately, this approach can leave you looking chalky in the sunlight. This summer, matte is out, and natural-looking cloud skin is in. Embrace the dew. 

Signature scents

As the first summer officially post-pandemic, summer 2023 is going to be all about experimentation. Rather than sticking to your signature scent, it's time to embrace fragrance as another way to express yourself on any given day. Test out a wide array of summery scents and then choose a few to wear alone or combined with others based on your mood. 

Harsh contour lines

Summer is for glowing, natural beauty that mimics the glow of Mother Nature herself. In 2023, there is no room for harsh, heavy contour lines in the summer. If you can't bear to break up with contouring for the summer, try TikTok's underpainting trend for a more subtle, blended look. 

Full coverage foundation

Full coverage? Never heard of her. This summer, let your skin breathe with a serum-based foundation or tinted moisturizer that lets your natural flush shine through. In 2023, we're working with the summer weather, not against it. Prepare to thrive in all conditions, including being by the beach or poolside.