'Jelly Skin' Is The Blush-Forward C-Beauty Trend Creating A Sunny Glow

In recent years, K-beauty trends have become a wild hit in Western beauty markets. But these aren't the only fads from the Far East worth watching. C-beauty, which hails from China, has been gaining steam with its alluring and feminine styles. For instance, if you're looking for a makeup technique that emphasizes your skin's youthful bounce, look no further than the signature C-beauty look known as "jelly skin."

First and foremost, don't get this confused with skincare that uses actual jelly products. This has nothing to do with techniques like skin slugging. Rather, C-beauty's jelly skin aesthetic is all about the way you apply your blush. So what makes this style so unique? Instead of focusing on contouring and bone structure, jelly skin radiates a cute, plump glow that screams summertime abundance.

To achieve jelly skin, first select your favorite shade of light pink or coral blush. Then apply the blush front and center in a soft circular motion, creating a round shape slightly above the apples of your cheeks. It can also be complemented with a hint of color on the tip of your nose and the point of your chin to accent the cuteness of your features and face shape. It's okay if it looks a little babyish — in fact, that's kind of the point. Rather than serving expensive diva, jelly skin offers precious doll vibes with a sweet, sun-kissed look.

This technique is common in other overall aesthetics like the e-girl trend or douyin makeup, a super-girly style named for its popularity on China's Douyin video app. But you don't have to adhere to any one trend to incorporate jelly skin into your look. This fresh and flattering blush technique can be tweaked to suit any style.

Try jelly skin to embrace a girlish femininity

The go-to use of jelly skin has got to be for a soft, girly look that makes you look naturally pink-cheeked. Apply your blush with an obvious tint, but be sure to blur it thoroughly. Imagine that you're mimicking the gradation of a perfectly ripe peach. This delivers a gentle, airbrushed look that's sweet beyond compare. Try this finish with a floral sundress, off-the-shoulder top, or clean white ensemble for an innocent look that hearkens back to the endless summers of your childhood.

Apply jelly skin for an adorably elfin vibe

If you're in love with cottagecore or fairycore trends, then the jelly skin technique is an ideal addition to your makeup arsenal. Accents of blush along your cheeks and nose can make it look like you've been frolicking among the wildflowers all afternoon, especially when paired with a naturally pink lip and the subtle shine of shimmery white eyeliner or eyeshadow. Try this look with a peasant blouse to evoke a magical woodland feel, or wear it with something free-spirited and unfinished around the hems to bring mischievous, Ferngully-esque vibes.

Jelly skin adds sweetness to a preppy aesthetic

Is there anything more wholesome than a preppy ensemble? Maybe you're pulling on sweater vests and loafers to wear to class, or perhaps you love capping a sharp button-up with a kitten bow for work. This classic style suits women of all ages, and nothing compliments its too-pure vibe like the natural flush of jelly skin. Try using pretty pink cheeks and a feminine lip gloss to elevate a preppy outfit without making it into a cartoonish Clueless homage.

Jelly skin can complement modern beauty

Jelly skin isn't just for adorable, pastoral looks — you can also use it to breathe life into more modern and understated aesthetics. Make your blush a focal point of your daily summertime makeup routine for a healthy glow that goes wonderfully with the weather outside. Paired with a little chic eyeliner and a pink or nude lip, jelly skin is even appropriate for the office or a night out on the town.

Jelly skin sneaks a cute edge into any glam look

Many people love a minimal makeup approach during warm weather months. But if you adore a classic, full-face makeup look, even mainstream glam can get an injection of summery sweetness from jelly skin blush. Feel free to go big or go home with eye-catching false lashes and pillowy lips, because sunny blush across your cheeks and nose will add a fresh playfulness that brings your glamorous summer vibe back down to earth.

Use jelly skin to achieve ageless beauty

Not everyone wants to relive their tween years with a girlish look. But who says that sunny, blush-forward makeup can't also deliver elegance? Pairing your jelly skin blush with dark lashes and perfectly sculpted brows will leave you looking and feeling like a timeless masterpiece. When the cultivated beauty of your flawless eye makeup is balanced against a bit of youthful color in your cheeks, you can add vitality and make your actual age a mystery without veering too childish or too matronly.