Youthforia Has Come A Long Way Since Its Shark Tank Pitch (Seriously, It's Everywhere)

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We want makeup that makes our skin look good, and most importantly, we want our skin to feel good too. On those nights when we fall asleep in our makeup, no one wants to wake up with a breakout. This is what inspired CEO Fiona Cho Chan to create her own skincare-infused makeup brand called Youthforia. She wanted to sell makeup that was both healthy and universal, and it's safe to say she has achieved these goals. 

Finding the right shade of blush can be a challenge, so Fiona created a product that can work for everyone. It all started with her Byo Blush, a color-changing blush oil that reacts to the skin's pH and gives you a natural flush. Youthforia uses naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, and all products are certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program. This ensures that the makeup contains healthy ingredients, rather than microplastics and fossil fuels often put in other products on the market. 

Since the brand's launch in 2021, Youthforia has been a hit. Fiona was able to land a deal on Shark Tank this past year, which has helped the brand gain more exposure and new customers.

Shark Tank recap

Fiona Cho Chan appeared with her innovative makeup products on Shark Tank last year during its 14th season, and the episode aired back in March. But even before Shark Tank, the company was doing amazingly well, with $2 million in sales since its initial launch in 2021.

As seen in her pitch, Fiona was seeking $400,000 for 5% equity. She gave a compelling presentation and impressed the sharks, demonstrating how her blush worked. While they were blown away by her sales numbers, not all of the sharks could understand her vision. Kevin O'Leary offered her $100,000 plus a $300,000 loan at 20% equity, which she countered and asked for a royalty deal. 

Fiona's patience and calm negotiation skills pulled Mark Cuban in, and he offered her $400,000 for 10% equity, but Fiona was able to secure the deal at 8%. This was Cuban's very first makeup deal ever on the show. He said his daughters and wife would understand the product, which allowed him to see the brand's potential.

How is Youthforia doing now?

When Fiona came to Shark Tank, she was selling direct-to-consumer from her website, Amazon, and at over 300 Ulta Beauty stores. Since the episode's airing, Youthforia is stronger than ever. The brand gained a lot of exposure on social media, with almost 65,000 followers on Instagram and 135,000 followers on TikTok

Youthforia has put out even more products beyond the blush oil, including a tinted blush oil with three different shades, a dewy lip gloss, primer, setting spray, and face wash. They also sell tools and accessories like makeup brushes, sponges, and magnetic makeup stands made of recycled plastic. The brand released the Shark Tank Bundle, which includes the primer, setting spray, lip gloss, and blush all in one.

Youthforia was also featured in Vogue, Glamour, Nylon, and Fiona was recognized by Byrdie Eco Awards in 2022 as an Eco Beauty Hero for her clean and sustainable ingredients. You can find Youthforia products on their website, Amazon, Ulta Beauty, as well as in smaller shops like Credo Beauty, Soko Glam, Thirteen Lune, and Revolve.

What customers are saying

Youthforia products have 5-star reviews across the board on its website. Regarding the Byo Blush, one customer wrote, "I love this blush and use it daily at work. I work in a hospital and work overnight shifts and am always wearing a mask and have not had a breakout."

You may have also seen the blush oil go viral on TikTok, with lots of people posting video reviews. One TikTok user @talkswithjewlz admitted she was "a hater" at first because she wasn't convinced the blush would look good on brown skin. She asked the brand for a free sample and was "gladly proven wrong." "It's so hard to find a natural, everyday blush, and this looks so good on brown skin," she says. If you're unsure whether to get the Byo Blush or the tinted blush oil, the consensus seems to be that the Byo Blush offers a natural and subtle flush to the face, while the tinted blush offers more pigment and color.

The setting spray has also received some love as well. TikTok user @thegabriellealvarez left a positive review saying, "It really regulates my makeup, and it doesn't make it more matte or dewier. It keeps it the way that I finished it. It really locks it in all day." And Youthforia's face wash had @thelalaglow's skin feeling soft and not stripped down, unlike other cleansers. Obviously, people are raving about Youthforia, and you just might fall in love with them, too.