Tips For Treating Every Wrinkle Type (Because What You Embrace Is Up To You)

Aging is a natural part of life that we must all come to terms with. Numerous changes occur in the aging human body and mind, both visible and invisible, that can sometimes be difficult to deal with. One such change is how our physical body looks and feels, including the way our skin wrinkles as it ages. Wrinkled skin is beautiful in its own way, for it is proof of a life full of experiences.


However, in today's digital world, we are bombarded daily with the trendiest beauty standards and what we should look like. This can often make many of us feel inadequate or like we're doing something wrong. This is certainly not the case, and it's important to remember that we're all beautiful in our own ways. It is, however, perfectly natural to want to slow down this aging process, and there is nothing wrong with wanting unwrinkled skin if that will make you happier.

What causes wrinkles?

Human skin, by nature, tends to lose its elasticity and vigor as it ages. This is because as your skin matures, it slowly loses its ability to produce the natural oils that keep it looking youthful. However, certain factors can cause your skin to age more rapidly, and knowing what they are and being aware of how they can impact your skin can help you slow down its mature appearance. Who wouldn't want that?


One main contributing factor to aging skin is its exposure to UV rays. UV rays can cause certain compounds in the skin responsible for its elasticity, such as collagen, to break down quickly. Smoking is another critical element that promotes accelerated skin wrinkling, as it can affect collagen production. Additionally, certain facial expressions, when repeated, can cause folds and lines to appear in the skin, making it age and lose its luster rapidly.

Types of wrinkles

You'd also be interested to find out the names of the various types of wrinkles on your face. The first is dry wrinkles, which cause your skin to appear dry and textured. They are most pronounced in the forehead and decolletage areas. Expression lines are also another evident type of wrinkle. They are the folds that stick to our skin when we use certain expressions repeatedly, such as smiling or frowning. Another type of wrinkle is gravitational folds. As the skin ages, gravity does what it does, causing it to sag.


Elastic wrinkles are also commonly seen due to aging skin losing its youthful elasticity. Also, compression lines are another type of wrinkle you should look out for. Compression lines are caused by your skin being repeatedly squeezed against your pillow during sleep. While there are general causes that promote wrinkles, each type of wrinkle is compelled by a unique reason. As such, there are also solutions for each of these wrinkles to help you slow down your skin's aging process.

Dry wrinkles

Dry wrinkles are caused primarily by your skin's inability to keep producing the same amount of natural oils to keep it hydrated and looking youthful as it ages. While this is a natural part of aging, and you cannot fundamentally change the makeup of your skin, you can help ease this process by regularly moisturizing your skin.


You must keep in mind, however, that moisturizing your skin won't stop wrinkles from forming; it can only make them look less pronounced and support your skin by contributing some of the oils it's unable to produce. This is why you must regularly moisturize your skin before wrinkles form so that it can be as hydrated as possible. Hydrating dry skin will give it the youthful appearance you're looking for, plumping it and keeping it fresh and healthy. This might be a sign to invest in a good moisturizer compatible with your skin. Don't forget to drink lots of water, too!

Expression lines

Expression lines are a type of wrinkle caused by repeated facial movement. As humans, we go through many emotions every day, and this is reflected in the expressions we make with our faces. After a lifetime of doing this, the folds stick to our skin like creases on paper. Expression lines themselves appear in many forms, such as frown lines, lip lines, forehead lines, and smile lines. As with dry wrinkles, there's no way to prevent expression lines from developing. However, there are small steps you can take to ease their appearance and prevent them to a certain degree.


Some tips for tackling expression lines include moisturizing and exfoliating. This will help keep your skin hydrated and remove any dead skin cells that may have collected on it. Also, you must remember to cleanse your face gently when you wash it daily, which means only patting it dry and not rubbing it vigorously. You can also try various face masks, perform facial exercises and gently massage the face.

Gravitational folds

Another type of wrinkle, gravitational folds, is also not preventable. They happen as gravity tends to pull on our skin, and as we age, with reduced elasticity, gravity has more of an effect on the skin. There are certain procedures you can undergo and combat this type of wrinkle. For example, a facelift can drastically help in this regard. If you decide to go down this route, consult with a qualified surgeon and do lots of research into all the possible side effects of the procedure. 


There are also other ways to help without going under the needle — as with any other type of wrinkle, a good skincare routine that includes moisturizing can do wonders for your skin. Facial massages can help with gravitational folds too. Another interesting approach is face yoga. Combining these tactics and giving your skin the attention it deserves will yield beautiful results and keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.

Elastic wrinkles

Elastic wrinkles are another form of wrinkles caused by exposure to UV rays, smoking, and even pollution. They are most commonly noticeable on the cheeks, neck, and upper lip region. To help reduce their appearance, there are a few things you can do. As they are caused by UV exposure and smoking, you should try and do your best to reduce your skin's vulnerability to these conditions. Invest in a good sunscreen with high SPF protection for when you can't avoid sun exposure, and if you smoke, consider quitting. Of course, stopping smoking will also help in many other areas of your health. 


As with other wrinkle types, moisturizing is critical here, too. You can also incorporate more products into your routine that help encourage collagen production. Some ingredients you should look out for include vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Remember to introduce new products into your beauty routine gently and with caution, taking steps to prevent irritation from occurring.

Compression lines

Finally, compression lines are another common type of wrinkle. Also sometimes referred to as sleep wrinkles, they are caused when your skin is repeatedly compressed against your pillow when you sleep. You may have noticed folds on your skin soon after waking up, and while they do fade as the day passes, the repeated mechanical force on your skin daily can cause these wrinkles to become more permanent. 


To help combat this issue, consider sleeping on your back. This will prevent surfaces from coming into contact with your face and keep compression lines to a minimum. Remember, however, that this isn't a perfect solution as we tend to toss and turn in our sleep. Hydrating your skin is also crucial with this type of wrinkle, so make sure you also invest in a good nighttime moisturizer. Some especially hydrating ingredients to look out for are shea butter, argan oil, and grape seed oil.