The Viral Eye Makeup Hack That Uses Temporary Tattoos For An Extra Look

With the rise of social media in recent years, makeup has truly become a form of art. From everyday makeup to crazy, over-the-top FX makeup, you can find a tutorial for everything in between and more on the internet. More and more people are experimenting with makeup in creative and unique ways every day.


In the past year, we saw a plethora of makeup trends come up. Some examples include the controversial lollipop lips trend, using gemstones to accentuate eye makeup, vinyl lips, and even a rise in goth-inspired makeup. Underpainting and bleached brows also became popular, and social media platforms were full of creators putting their own spin on these trends.

Similarly, there's a creative new eye makeup trend that involves temporary tattoos making the rounds in social media makeup communities. This is a great look for those wanting to experiment with their eye makeup. You can really go to town with it, or keep it simple and everyday friendly. Either way, you're sure to make a statement.

Temporary tattoos as eye makeup

Temporary tattoos are exactly that. They typically last on your skin for a short period — like a day, two days, or maybe a week. A variety of temporary tattoos are available, such as temporary decal tattoos, henna, and black henna. However, for the purpose of the eye makeup trend, creators have been seen using temporary decal tattoos.


Temporary tattoos come in so many shapes, designs, and colors, so you really can have your pick. If you're thinking of a specific design that you want, chances are it's probably out there in temporary tattoo form. Or if you're feeling really creative, you can even have it custom-made.

Incorporating a temporary tattoo into your eye makeup is a great way to give it an extra, unexpected look. It also saves you the time of having to create the design by hand, using traditional makeup products like eye shadow.

Here's how you do it

The technique is actually pretty simple. You start by deciding where you want to place your tattoo. You can choose to apply the whole tattoo onto your eyelid or cut off a piece of the design you like best and apply it to the corners of your eye. There are no rules here! Have fun and experiment with your look. After placing the tattoo, make sure you dampen the back of it and leave it until the tattoo transfers to your skin. This typically takes around 30 seconds. However, your temporary tattoo will likely come with instructions, so make sure you read them carefully. Also, make sure your eyelids are dry to the touch and free of any oil before applying the tattoo. This will make sure your tattoo stays on and transfers smoothly to your skin.


You can then go on to do your eye makeup, incorporating the tattoo into it. We recommend planning out what you want the finished look to be before trying it on.

Eye makeup trends

Eye makeup is a vast subject, and there are almost no limits to what you can do with it. The great thing about the temporary tattoo trend is that you can mix it up with other trends to create a totally new look. Some other popular eye makeup trends we've had our eye on include the viral eyeliner bandage technique and the sleepy eyes trend. These looks are quite the opposite of each other but are both beautiful in their own ways. There is also the upside eyeshadow technique, which involves applying eye shadow on the bottom lashline and leaving the eyelid and upper lash line bare. If you like a subtly dramatic look, this might be the one for you.


There has also been a rise in the grunge glam makeup look, which is a brand-new take on gothic, emo-inspired makeup. Pastel eyeshadow, the opposite of grunge glam, is another great trend you can try out.